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September 13, 1794 Muster Rolls of the Eastward Detachment Cornelius Lyman Joseph Howell Enclosed are Lyman's muster rolls of the detachment which he marched from the eastward.
April 23, 1795 Pay of the Men who Marched from Lancaster to Pittsburgh William Simmons Isaac Craig Doctor Joseph Philips has charge of the pay of those men of Lieutenant Muhlenberg's detachment at Lancaster who marched from there to Pittsburgh with Lieutenant Hutchins. This pay is for the period from the time of their enlistments through December 1794.
September 25, 1784 Lieutenant Colonel Harmar reports that the Artillery and an infantry company of his command have marched for Fort Pitt Josiah Harmar President John Dickinson Harmar reports that the Artillery and an infantry company of his command have marched for Fort Pitt. Lt. Col. Josiah Harmar to Pres. Dickinson, 1784 Philadelphia, September 25th, 1784 Sir, I have the honor to inclose [sic] to your Excellency & the honorable Council a weekly return of the troops under my command, & at the same time to inform that last Wednesday, the Artllery & captain...
September 9, 1795 Enclosed Receipts Yelverton Peyton Timothy Pickering Receipts for the supply of Peyton's detachment that marched to Winchester, Pennsylvania.
June 29, 1792 Troops are Marched as Fast as They are Recruited Henry Knox Anthony Wayne In order to alleviate Wayne anxiety, Knox reports on the recruitment and transportation of men and supplies to support Wayne's expedtion against the western Indians.
November 12, 1788 William Knox writes to his brother William Knox [not available] Letter, discusses shipping uniform suits of clothing.
July 12, 1788 Request for payment by Oliver Hanchett Oliver Hanchett John Pierce Hanchett was a Captain in Colonel Wyllis's Regiment in 1775. He marched with his company from Roxbury Massachusetts to Quebec under Colonel Arnold. In storming the city he was taken prisoner on 31 December 1775 and was paroled. Did not receive pay and wages or rations while paroled. Asks how he can be reimbursed.
October 1, 1784 Copies of enlistments of the troops raised in Pennsylvania Josiah Harmar President John Dickinson Harmar transmits copies of the enlistments of the troops raised in Pennsylvania and reports two companies of his command have marched for Fort Pitt. Lt. Col. Harmar to Pres. Dickinson, 1784 Philadelphia, October 1st, 1784 Sir, Agreeably to Instructions received from your Excellency & the Honorable Council, I have the honor to transmit you Copies of the several Inlistments [sic] for the...
June 29, 1792 Troops, Recruits, and Stores to Pittsburgh Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox assures Wayne that his troops, recruits, and stores are moving with dispatch toward Pittsburgh and discusses the movement of specific units. Although the President wants the troops trained at Pittsburgh, it is left up to Wayne as to whether that is the appropriate location.
April 4, 1797 Charges to MacRea's Account William MacRea William Simmons MacRea expresses his surprise that he is charged with monies from 1792 and 1793 related to his own pay and that of a detachment he marched to Pittsburgh. He has always been careful about transmitting his receipts and arranging for the proper deductions from his account.
June 28, 1793 Block house at Wheeling; Shipments of Clothing; Movements of Troops Henry Knox Isaac Craig Has directed Colonel Clarke to proceed with the erection of block house at Wheeling. Asks that Craig lend support. Captain Pratt marched from Trenton with about 100 men. Captain Pike marched from Carlisle. Clothing and stores are to descend the Ohio. Mentions plan to consult Treasury on Indian Department expenses
June 17, 1793 Shipment of Clothing for Troops Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Requests immediate shipment of clothing to Pittsburgh for troops under Major General Wayne. Troops which marched this year have received clothing at their rendezvous.
November 27, 1794 Settle My Recruiting Accounts with Major Craig Cornelius Lyman Joseph Howell Because of the difficulty of settling his recruiting accounts from Pittsburgh in the winter, Lyman suggests that it would be more convenient to settle with Major Craig, the acting paymaster at that place. He has paid most of the recruits that he marched from Trenton excluding those who were left on the road and have not found him yet.
November 1, 1797 The Wood is Dry and Tolerably Good Peter Hunt Samuel Hodgdon The wood on the wharf, being dry and tolerably good, is being sent to Hodgdon and debited to his account. Lieutenant Marschalk marched through on Sunday on his way to Reading. The stores are gone to Brunswick.
July 26, 1792 Report from Captain William Faulkner on status of company and receipts from the recruits for their bounty William Faulkner Joseph Howell Captain William Faulkner, reporting from Headquarters at Pittsburg, notes that he has not made settlement with Goudy. His company is complete; mustered and marched to Pittsburg. Will procure receipts from recruits for bounties. Asks that letters be forwarded.
May 11, 1791 Certifying the Service of Major Finley Christian Lebiger Joseph Howell Lebiger certifies that when he took command of the troops at Cumberland Courthouse after the surrender of Yorktown, he directed Major Finley, then posted at Penn's Tavern in Amherst County, to join with his detachment. Finley was Major at the post until March 1782 when he marched with the battalion under command of Lieutenant Colonel Rawlings to join the southern army under General Green and...
September 27, 1791 Knox writes to Mrs Warren regarding her son Henry Knox Mrs Warren Letter, discusses letters recommending Warren's son.
October 13, 1793 Knox writes to Sargent about commercial impact of fever in Philadelphia Henry Knox Winthrop Sargent Letter, discusses the impact of the small pox illness in Philadelphia, the disorder it caused, and its impact on commerce; mentions meeting of Congress, and Army's march from the Ohio.
June 28, 1799 Seeks to Provide Musket Balls Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Seeks suitable supply of musket cartridges under care of Col. Stevens. Reports debt to the state when troops marched under Captain Henry. For payment, recommends sending box of musket balls. Suggests that Stevens's men put them together at Fort Jay. These guns will be called for when the army takes the field.
October 7, 1797 Expediency of Suit Delivery Nathan Jones Samuel Hodgdon Orders to deliver infantry uniforms etc. and arms and accoutrements for recruits for immediate march to Westward territory.
July 15, 1791 Status of Offensive Troops Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Troops will rendezvous at Fort Washington for offensive action North-West of the Ohio River. Requests input from Randolf to increase efficiency of calling up troops from Virginia.
November 1, 1793 Letters will be Answered; Forward Information on Army; March of Lieutenant Whistler Henry Knox Isaac Craig Letters will be answered next post. Forward any important information from the Army. Lieutenant Whistler marched from Hagers Town Maryland for Fort Pitt with 50 recruits.
March 7, 1791 Regulating the Military Establishment Henry Knox George Clinton Letter, directs recruits for Continental army service.
November 4, 1785 Recruiting suspended during winter as cost saving measure Henry Knox Benjamin Franklin Henry Knox, Secretary at War, informs Benjamin Franklin, President of Pennsylvania, that authorized recruiting has been suspended over the winter as a cost saving measure. Recruiting will resume 1 March. At this time, newly raised troops can be promptly marched to the frontier without incurring the cost of subsisting them over the winter.
April 23, 1795 Pay of Lieutenant Henry Muhlenberg's Non Commissioned Officers and Privates William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that the sum of $85.50 is due two non-commissioned officers and ten Privates, under the command of Lieutenant Henry Muhlenberg of the Artillerists and Engineers, who marched with Lieutenant Thomas Hutchins to Petersburg.