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July 12, 1792 Orders to March to Trenton New Jersey, then Pittsburgh Henry Knox Captain Jedediah Rogers Letter, discusses recruiting, directs march to Pittsburgh. Captain Mills will muster and inspect Rodgers' recruits. Apply to Mr. Bray for wagon and transport. Inform Knox at every opportunity while on the march.
April 1, 1796 Estimate of Expenditures for March 1796 David Ames James McHenry "Estimate of expenditures on account of the United States in aid and on account of the Armorers employed at Springfield in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in making public arms from the first of March to the first of April 1796."
July 12, 1792 Orders to March to Frontier, Pittsburgh Henry Knox Captain Jedediah Rogers Orders to march recruits with due haste to Pittsburgh. Knox requested a journal be kept of events to be submitted to War Office.
April 3, 1794 Account of Samuel Love Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Samuel Love, late private in the 4th North Carolina Regiment
July 28, 1791 COPY: Troops to March for Fort Pitt, Enclosures for Gen. St. Clair John Stagg Major General Richard Butler In absence of Secretary of War, Stagg transmitted info 2nd Regiment to march for Fort Pitt, shortly followed by recruits.
December 26, 1794 Account of Jesse Rowel Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Jesse Rowel, late private in the 1st North Carolina Regiment
September 17, 1794 Supplies for troops responding to Whiskey Rebellion Alexander Hamilton Thomas Mifflin Letter to the Governor of Pennsylvania on the question of whether the corps responding to the Whiskey Rebellion ought to be equipped previous to their march or not. Hamilton believes they should be provided a competent supply of essential articles previous to the march, but the march ought not be delayed on account of a partial deficiency.
July 26, 1793 Orders to March to Frontier Henry Knox William Winston Reiterated orders to march to frontier post of Major General Anthony Wayne so as to accept the command of a cavalry squadron recently vacated by Major Rudolph.
March 14, 1799 Requests March through Pennsylvania James McHenry William MacPherson Requests march on short notice from Philadelphia through Pittsburgh. Requests promptness.
July 31, 1795 Orders to suspend march to West Point Timothy Pickering Alexander Thompson Pickering notes that the troops at West Point are sickly and therefore orders Captain Alexander Thompson to suspend the march there. Expresses a hope that measures taken will produce favorable change in health of men.
February 17, 1792 Two Wagons John Stagg William Knox Knox is asked to make two wagons available for Capt. Hughes who has been ordered to march the following day.
May 18, 1795 Detachments Formed While on March John Parker Hale John Stagg Adjutant Mr. Lowell put another detachment under command of Hale during march from Boston, at Newport Hale received a second detachment. Muster and pay roll for all men enclosed.
September 15, 1794 Furnish a Detachment to March Immediately William Kersey Samuel Hodgdon Kersey has been ordered to furnish a detachment of forty men, with a proportion of non-commissioned officers, and be ready to march them immediately.
July 3, 1794 Refusal to Pay Capt. Howe's Detachment Joseph Howell Bezaleel Howe Howell refuses to pay Howe's detachment during their dilatory march. If it had not been more than two months since Howe received his marching orders, his men would not have been in arrears more than the necessary time for such a march.
September 25, 1794 The Coming March James Mentges Samuel Hodgdon Mentges discusses preparations for the coming march.
March 22, 1799 Quelling the Insurrection in Pennsylvania James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry discusses possible military responses to the apparent insurrection in Pennsylvania.
December 5, 1795 Account of Hugh McCulloch William Simmons Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for the estate of Hugh McCulloch, late private in the 3rd South Carolina Regiment.
August 12, 1794 Fortifications at Annapolis John Vermonnet Henry Knox Informs the Secretary of War that progress on the works at Annapolis is very much advanced and should be finished this year, if the march of the militia towards Hagerstown should not cause any delays. All of the materials are mostly supplied.
March 17, 1800 March to Harper's Ferry, Etc. Alexander Hamilton George Ingersoll Hamilton directs Ingersoll to make the necessary preparations for his company to march to Harper's Ferry in two or three weeks. Requested the number and calibre of field pieces at West Point which were modeled after the French plan.
March 14, 1799 Requests Immediate Removal to Reading, Pennsylvania James McHenry Peter Shoemaker Requests immediate removal of all troops under his command to Reading, PA. He should request any necessary transportation from the contractor, but should carry sufficient provisions for the journey. Lieut. Wilson will accompany him on the march. Has directed money to fund march.
February 28, 1793 Payment to Peter Kelly Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Peter Kelly, late Corporal in the 5th South Carolina Regiment.
June 4, 1792 Recruits to Lancaster John Stagg William Knox The Secretary of War has directed that the recruits currently In Philadelphia should march to Lancaster immediately. Knox is directed to furnish a four-horse wagon to transport their baggage.
June 8, 1793 Balance Due a Detachment of Captain Slough's Men Joseph Howell Caleb Swan Enclosed is a continuation of payments made until March 1st. Also forwarded is a packet of payrolls for payments made to detachments previous to March. There is a balance due Captain Slough's men which should be paid. Those men have been settled with except for Marcus O'Donald.
April 19, 1800 Length of the Pace Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Rice goes into considerable detail on the measure of the pace during a march. The average length of a pace for four classes of men, based on their height, is 30 & 3/4 inches. Discussed how certain pace is graceful, proper pace for duty/service, and utility of gait.
January 28, 1786 Settlement with Hazen's Continental Regiment John Pierce Stephen Gorham Discusses details of the settlement of the pay of Moses Hazen's Regiment from the Revolutionary War