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February 20, 1795 Plan for Efficient Mail Delivery Rufus Putnam Timothy Pickering Enclosed plan contained in this letter "promises the fairest to ensure a regular and efficient carrage of the mail between Wheeling and Preston. . ." detail for mail delivery.
November 16, 1797 Request to Hold Mail Isaac Craig James McHenry Received note from C. Freeman to retain all mail sent to McHenry until Freeman's arrival.
April 12, 1797 Pay for carrying mail Jas. Gould Matthew Brown Requests payment for carrying mail to Oswego for the Army. Lists his charges.
March 25, 1795 Peace with Indians Could Make Mail Delivery Faster Timothy Pickering Rufus Putnam Noted Pickering proposed plan for efficient mail delivery and remarked on its potential for success. Believed that once peace with Indians was achieved, mail could be carried by land with more "expedition and certainty."
August 8, 1794 Mail Returned Isaac Craig Henry Knox Packet of vouchers returned safely after being stolen from the mail carrier. Craig to forward them to the comptroller's office immediately. Mail addressed to Knox received by Craig, he will forward to Head Quarters.
September 22, 1796 Money to be Sent by Mail Agreeable to Order of Supervisor in Boston Claude P. Pourcheresse William Simmons Encloses his account for May to September 1796 and asks to be paid by mail if possible.
May 22, 1796 Frequency of Mail Delivery Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Arrival time of commissioners to Coleraine unknown. Hawkins thought it important McHenry was informed regularly on progress of negotiations with Indian tribes. He wrote contractor that carried mail to increase frequency of deliveries and pick ups with reasonable compensation.
January 16, 1795 Mail Boat Routes Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Discussed the distance of each mail boats route, consoled delivery man that appeals had been made to shorten route of No. 3. Suggested employing stout men in a canoe to take up deliveries on a forth route. Kirkpatrick waiting instructions to descend Ohio river.
January 16, 1795 Postal recommendations Timothy Pickering Rufus Putnam Making postal recommendations; sending a canoe to meet Boat No. 3 from Gallipolis. Seeking to provide constant employment for mail carriers and punctual delivery of mail. Recommendations made in lieu of the Postmaster General.
August 7, 1795 Transportation of Mail John Park Samuel Hodgdon Craig advised that mail to Presque Isle should be sent by land and ordered the immediate purchase of thirty pack horses. Advised purchase was made under the assumption that money from Hodgdon would have arrived by mail. Park uncertain of how to proceed.
August 4, 1796 Discussion of Forwarded Mail Nathan Jones Josiah Fox Letter, discusses forwarded mail.
April 25, 1797 Pay for carrying the mail Peter Hagner Matthew Brown Discusses the pay of James Gould and his assistant for carrying the mail from Rome to Oswego.
January 30, 1795 Ohio River Mail Boats and Rations Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Putnam to superintend matters related to mail system in Ohio. Crews of mail boats paid off through the end of the year. Discussed arrangements for annual pay of crew. Requested opinion on payment for repairs at Merietta and supply of rations.
February 1, 1796 Mail and Clothing John Pierce James Wilkinson John Pierce acknowledges General Wilkinson's letter of January 26th, mentions the recent arrival of mail and newspapers, remarks on the Wilkinson family's safe arrival to Greenville and health, and reports on supplies of clothing.
June 15, 1800 Temporary Position William North Alexander Hamilton North alluded to "playing a part" and is writing to Hamilton as "a plain, private Citizen, who is anxious for the wellfare of his country, & for the personal happiness of the man who under heaven, eh hopes will one day, save that country from ruin." Enclosed mail Hamilton requested before forwarded to his residence in New England.
June 26, 1795 Arrival of Mail Isaac Craig William Simmons Letter and money in possession of T. Woodson; anticipated arrival.
April 26, 1796 Discussion of Frigate Building and Mail Captain Thomas Truxtun Josiah Fox Letter, asks for info regarding the building the Frigates; discusses mail.
June 10, 1797 Conveying Dispatches for General Wilkinson John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War wants an express ready to proceed with all possible expedition until he overtakes the Pittsburgh mail so as to convey important dispatches for General Wilkinson. The mail leaves Lancaster at five o'clock in the morning.
July 1, 1796 [PRIVATE] Reliability of Mail, Visitors to Mount Vernon George Washington James McHenry Discussed speed of mail and various possible visitors to Mount Vernon. Requests McHenry to ascertain if Adet would visit.
September 27, 1799 Work Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Busy with work most likely because his assistants left city due to outbreak of yellow fever. Information to be sent by post to Craig will go out in two or three days time.
June 22, 1797 Accounts to be Forwarded by Next Post Stephen Hillis William Simmons Hillis intended to send along the accounts of W. Rickard via Lieut. Davidson, but urgent business has prevented it thus far. Intended to mail accounts by next post. Notes on the accounts and their regularity. The accounts will be sent via Col. Henley's waggons.
August 16, 1797 Lost Mail Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Draft against Hodgdon in favor of M. Castner for the payment of T. Byerson, merchant never delivered via post office. Craig requested that money be paid directly to Castner and if the draft ever comes to hand, to cancel its order.
June 26, 1800 Irregularities in the Handling of Mail Joseph Williams Alexander Hamilton The Postmaster at Springfield tells Williams that letters are now distributed by the post office at Stratford agreeable to the intentions of the Postmaster General. Of course, those routed to Boston must be attributed to their being placed in a wrong bundle or mail at Philadelphia. Should the irregularity continue, Hodgdon will be advised of it.
February 20, 1795 Enclosed Financial Documents Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Enclosed general return, statement of whisky received, abstract of expenditures of Quartermaster's Dept., and other abstracts. Vouchers for expenses of Ohio mail submitted, requested they be examined.
June 19, 1795 Invoice of Stores, Attack on Ohio Mail Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Enclosed invoice for sundry articles requested with prices list. Report of an attack on the mail boat by Indians, the commander of the boat was killed.