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July 26, 1787 Petition of the Inhabitants of Post Vincennes. Inhabitants of Post Vincennes [not available] Petition comes from French settlers at Post Vincennes who profess their loyalty to the United States. Petitioners ask for 500 acres of land and that a public district be established.
November 5, 1796 Muster and pay rolls William Simmons Joseph Guimpe Muster roll returned for swearing before a magistrate. Pay roll must be made out.
April 11, 1796 Return of Muster and Pay Rolls William Simmons Lieut. Simon Geddes Returns the muster and pay rolls for Geddes' detachment which must be attested to before a magistrate before the War Department will pay the troops
April 14, 1794 Enclosed Receipt Rolls, Late Due to Illness Nicholas Hannah Joseph Howell Encloses muster rolls. Hannah has been confined to bed and the magistrate neglected to call on him.
August 18, 1795 Inquiry on status of the payroll, which has not been received John Posey Henry Barry Posey informs Barry that so far he has only received the Muster Roll for his detachment, but still needs information regarding how and when to pay his men as he has not yet received the payroll.
February 14, 1792 Wilkinson discusses crimes in the village of Cincinnati James Wilkinson Henry Knox Letter, discusses violence against civil magistrate in Cincinnati.
June 2, 1797 Captain Sparks' pay William Simmons David Henley Simmons tells Henley that Capt. Sparks should be paid but in order for Sparks to receive the payment, he must produce a certificate specifying the amount due him or attest to same before a magistrate.
October 10, 1794 Homicide during Whiskey Rebellion Alexander Hamilton Jared Ingersoll President Washington has directed Hamilton to write to Jared Ingersoll, Attorney General of Pennsylvania, regarding two murders against the insurgents of the Whiskey Rebellion. Washington wants the guilty parties to be placed under the charge of the civil Magistrate.
September 14, 1797 Discontinued Claims Submissions William Simmons Stephen Rochefontaine Claims of pecuniary nature sent from West Point to the Office may be discontinued as Simmons nor any civil Magistrate are not vested with powers to satisfy Rochefontaine's claims.
October 4, 1797 Request to be Furnished with Account Information William Simmons Joseph Hiller Simmons received Hiller's letter enclosing his account current with the receipt of Samuel Dale for $90.00 for gun carriage. Before Simmons can pass the account, Simmons should be furnished with Dale's account with oath annexed by a Magistrate.
May 4, 1796 Rules to be observed by Persons Entitled to Lands James McHenry [not available] Rules regarding land ownership. Approval needed by notary or magistrate to certify ownership.
August 27, 1796 Delayed Recruiting Account & Receipt Rolls Alexander Gibson William Simmons Gibson apologizes for the delay in submitting his account which is due to the poor state of his health. He had recruited most of his men before he learned that he needed a certificate from the magistrate for each one attesting to their good health. He presumes they are in good health except for James Moss who deserted.
October 21, 1800 Simmons Informing Russell that his Method of Reporting his Accounts is Incorrect William Simmons Benjamin Russell A letter dated October 7th, with an account for printing, was given to Simmons by Secretary of War Dexter. Before this type of account can be settled it must be stated in a particular form. The extent of each advertisement and the period it was inserted must be noted in this account, with the affirmation of a magistrate. The oath to set forth that the printing was done by the order of...
December 13, 1800 Regarding Transfer of Provisional Army Lieutenant to Permanent Regiment John Jay Samuel Dexter Discusses the transfer of a lieutenant, Joseph C. Cooper, in the 12th Regiment of the provisional army to a permanent appointment in one of the "established" [old or permanent] regiments.
May 28, 1790 Certificate of Robert Lemen, Jacob Seulan, & William Price William Price [not available] Certification of Indian attacks on frontier settlements listed by date, with details. Given under supervision of magistrate.
April 27, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Alexander Buchanan Simmons confirms receipt of copies of pay rolls sent by Buchanan. These rolls concern pay of the Pennsylvania Militia during the Whiskey Rebellion.
December 5, 1795 Regarding Legality of Colonel Reed Selling Liquor to Captain Bissell's troops William Rawle Timothy Pickering Rawle outlines what legal proceedings may be taken against Colonel Reed for selling liquor to Captain Bissell's troops at Presque Isle. The action does not seem to be covered by Section 13, Article 23, of the Articles of War. However, Reed is liable on a number of points: violating an act of the Pennsylvania assembly regarding the sale of rum and spirits; he violating an Act of Congress...
May 12, 1800 Update on Accounts and Payment William Simmons Constant Freeman Simmons received letter regarding account of postage, sum will be paid.
June 3, 1794 Balance Due James Glenn Joseph Howell James Glenn An examination of Glenn's account is enclosed and, if he will subscribe before a magistrate as to its accuracy, the balance due him will be paid.
January 30, 1797 Vouchers required William Simmons John Cummins Simmons requests vouchers required to credit him with the amounts in his account.
December 17, 1798 Two Receipts William Deveaux William Simmons Enclosed are one receipt for money to aid a magistrate and one for a recruit enlisted since Deveaux's last letter to Simmons.
November 13, 1786 Account of Benjamin Darrell John Pierce Jere Hill The Commissioner of Army Accounts briefly discusses the account of Benjamin Darrell.
September 20, 1797 Invested Authority Stephen Rochefontaine William Simmons Rochefontaine was invested with any authority outside that of an average individual; he notified Simmons that in the future he would send those seeking to make an oath to "claims of a pecuniary nature" to a magistrate.
July 5, 1796 Muster and pay rolls Peter Hagner William Wilson Acknowledges receipt of muster roll and pay roll. Muster roll returned.
June 24, 1794 Interests of the Union vs. Those of the States Thomas Mifflin Henry Knox Governor Mifflin lectures Knox on the discretionary powers of the President in relation to the State governments. He acknowledges that it is the duty of the President to act in the interests of the whole Union even if an action might be perceived as contrary to the interests of an individual State. However, it his duty as Executive Magistrate of Pennsylvania to act in its best interest unless an...