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April 23, 1800 Bill for the regulation of public arsenals and magazines James McHenry Uriah Tracy Writes that he has examined the bill "An Act for the Regulation of Public Arsenals and Magazines," approving of the bill and concluding that it will likely be passed.
April 23, 1800 Enclosing a bill on the regulation of public arsenals and magazines Uriah Tracy James McHenry Encloses the "Act for the Regulation of Public Arsenals and Magazines," desiring McHenry's opinion on the bill.
March 19, 1800 The Need for Magazines Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton asserts the need for smaller magazines in the great military districts so it is not necessary to resort to traveling, for all articles of military supply, to the seat of government.
September 29, 1797 Obtaining Guns for the Algerian Frigate Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon The guns on board the revenue cutter will be returned unless they are taken for the Algerian frigate. Worries it is possible that in all the public magazines no six pounders can be found in Philadelphia. There appears to be an improved possibility of obtaining guns from Mr. Hughes so that prospect should be investigated.
August 21, 1794 Letter to the Governor of Virginia Alexander Hamilton Henry Lee Secretary Hamilton writes the Governor of Virginia, praising him for his patriotism and loyalty to the United States government and its laws. Concludes the letter by stating that if a requisition for the marching of the militia shall be made - an action which may be unavoidable - measures will be announced for supplying the deficiency of arms from the magazines. The militia may need to be called...
March 8, 1793 Intends to Prove Ordnance; Request for Three Pound Balls Thomas Procter Samuel Hodgdon Proctor intends to prove some ordnance and says he needs 25 three-pound balls.
August 25, 1800 Request to Investigate Drawing of Rations William Simmons Joseph Williams Simmons received letter from David Ames, superintendent that lead Simmons to inquire about the drawing of rations at the armoury at Springfield. Simmons requested Williams investigate and report back to him. P.S. Enclosed a copy of an Act for the Regulation of Public Arsenals and Magazines for Williams' government.
July 31, 1799 Concerning the erection of permanent magazine buildings James McHenry Heads of the Departments States that three permanent magazines - for the safekeeping of military stores - will suffice for the United States, located in Springfield, Massachusetts; Harper's Ferry, Virginia; and Rocky Mount. Suggests that a fourth one be in Philadelphia.
November 8, 1799 Estimates of Construction Costs at Loftus's Heights James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry informs Hamilton of General Wilkinson's estimates of the costs of the Water Battery, Barracks, and Magazines which have been undertaken at Loftus's Heights.
December 8, 1798 Our Lack of Laboratory Preparations Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon worries that no provisions have been made for the buildings or materials needed for the preparation of the laboratories. The lack of all kinds of stores for the magazines will soon be felt if immediate steps are not taken.
October 21, 1794 Letter to the Secretary of Treasury Ephrain Blaine Alexander Hamilton Ephraim Blaine writes that, as the army is to march and the Quartermaster General to take immediate charge, he concludes that his services will no longer be necessary. Blaine will thus conclude his business in a few days. He will lay in sufficient supplies at the encampment, and take charge of the magazines of forage at Timothy Ryan's estate upon the Pennsylvania road to Carlisle. There are 3000...
August 5, 1792 Report from Fort Washington James Wilkinson Henry Knox Wilkinson reports on the operations of the Kentucky Rifle Corps and Cavalry, his plans for establishing supply magazines, letters sent to General Wayne, and plans for his future movements.
May 17, 1785 Lack of adequate military stores Nathaniel Irish Samuel Hodgdon Nathaniel Irish sends to Samuel Hodgdon a letter in which he offers his opinions on the lack of adequate arsenals and magazines for military stores in Virginia.
December 12, 1795 Report of the Secretary of War on the measures which have been taken to replenish the magazines with military stores. Timothy Pickering [not available] Delivery of saltpetre detailed.
January 3, 1784 Debts Due to Ironmasters Samuel Hodgdon Robert Morris Discusses the possibility of discharging the debts due to ironmasters by allowing the ironmasters holding public stores of shot and shells to sell a portion of the shot and shells equal to their claims. Discusses the value of the shot and shells. Notes that demand for bar iron is high asnd it is a good time to sell.
September 23, 1799 Sites for Winter Quarters Alexander Hamilton George Washington Hamilton reports on the proposed sites for winter quarters: the southern regiments will be near Harpers Ferry, the mid-Atlantic regiments will be at Scotch Plains, and the northern regiments will be near Uxbridge.
July 28, 1796 Return of Iron Nine-Pounders Nathan Jones Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War wants Hodgdon to provide a return of the iron nine-pounders at the various posts, magazines, and fortifications of the United States. He should include an account of the several lengths.
August 17, 1792 Deserters, stores, and recruiting Henry Knox Anthony Wayne The troops are obviously not ready for active warfare but Knox knows that Wayne will prepare them well. The problem of deserters and cowardly sentries is addressed. It appears that most of the stores that Wayne wants are well on their way and his earlier complaints about delays don't seem to be warranted because the wagoners have the receipts showing that they made their deliveries. Recruiting is...
January 3, 1787 Report on Ordnance & Stores William Price Henry Knox Price informs Knox that he has forwarded the returns of ordnance and quartermaster stores for the month of December 1786. Omitted from the November order were five bundles of nail rods and seventy five camp kettles which are included in the current order.
April 12, 1787 Returns of Specie due to Virginia officers John Pierce [not available] Pierce sends returns of specie due to the men who served on the Virginia line, with two abstracts detailing the accounts.
November 3, 1792 Provisioning Needs of Western Garrisons Henry Knox Alexander Hamilton Knox provides Hamilton with a detailed assessment of the provisioning needs of all the posts on the frontier. Posts such as Fort Knox and Fort Franklin will be isolated during the winter and therefore will need additional stores. Advanced posts Forts Jefferson and St. Clair will also need additional provisioning.
January 22, 1800 Reinspection of Muskets & Bayonets, Etc. Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed are the returns of the Armory and Military Departments for the last quarter of 1799. Williams asks that if they are found right, the deliveries and expenditures should be passed to his credit. If the muskets and bayonets received from private factories and deposited in the public magazines are to be reinspected by the Superintendent of the Armory, directions for doing so should be...
October 16, 1798 McHenry Expresses Embarrassment James McHenry George Washington McHenry expresses embarrassment about being presented papers from a subject he wished to avoid renewing.
August 16, 1798 Request for Dimensions Samuel Hopes Samuel Hodgdon Discusses order for ordnance stores, requested dimensions of cartridges;
May 1797 Services & Materials Needed for Algerine Frigate Unknown Author [not available] Appears to be a list of services and materials needed to construct a frigate for the Dey of Algiers.