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December 24, 1798 Renting One Half of Pennsylvania's Magazine Samuel Hodgdon Tench Francis Hodgdon discusses the terms by which the United States has rented one half of the powder magazine of Pennsylvania, including additional terms if more than one half of the magazine is needed.
March 14, 1799 Reports Payment for Houdin's Magazine Samuel Hodgdon Robert Gates Received letter about the magazine occupied by Captain Houdin. The Secretary of War will make an immediate payment for the amount due.
October 26, 1798 The Powder Magazine at Old Fort Clinton George Fleming Samuel Hodgdon Fleming is forwarding to the Secretary of War a sketch of the rebuilt north wall of the powder magazine in old Fort Clinton. After having viewed the side wall taken down and the ends of the timber of the bomb proof, he believes that with some small repairs, it should last 12 or 15 more years. It would be expensive to build a new magazine of masonry large enough to contain the amount of powder now...
February 4, 1795 Return of Public Powder in the Magazine William Nickels [not available] Stores, return of public powder in the Magazine
September 14, 1792 Expenses for Erecting the Magazine and Barracks Henry Knox Isaac Craig Expenses for erecting the magazine and barracks are to be paid by the Quarter Master General.
August 2, 1799 Preventing Incendiaries from Blowing Up the Magazine George Fleming Samuel Hodgdon Fleming discusses the precautions he has undertaken to protect the magazine at West Point from blowing up due to incendiaries.
March 15, 1799 Payment of Rent for Magazine Samuel Hodgdon Michael G. Houdin Received letter about rent due for the magazine, which the Secretary of War will discharge immediately. The accountant will produce a warrant for the amount needed. Seeks to fully understand the business.
November 10, 1794 Permission for Federal Arsenal and Magazine Henry Knox James Wood Secretary Knox informs Lieutenant Governor James Wood of Virginia that President Washington intends to establish a federal arsenal and magazine in his state. The consent of the Virginia legislature is necessary, however, for the purchase of land - approximately 640 acres - on which the arsenal and magazine might be built.
April 29, 1799 Promises to Remedy Embarrassing Situation with Rent for Powder Magazine Samuel Hodgdon Michael G. Houdin Reports that the Secretary of War will assist in remedying the embarrassing situation regarding the rent due for powder magazine. Through the multiplicity of business this has been overlooked until now.
June 10, 1799 Requests Adjustment of Embezzled Powder Samuel Hodgdon David Poe Calls for an adjustment of the powder account, previously embezzled by the keeper of the magazine. Hopes that the missing powder will be returned in kind. Outlines the repercussions.
January 12, 1784 Orders to Superintend a Magazine Samuel Hodgdon Mr. Clark Orders to proceed to a public magazine and superintend it. Pay for such services.
February 17, 1787 Update on Shay's Rebellion Benjamin Lincoln Henry Knox Lincoln assures Knox that the magazine is secure and that the rebellion itself seems to be on the wane. (Shays' Rebellion)
November 14, 1794 Establish Magazine and Arsenal in South Carolina Henry Knox Governor William Moultrie Proposed purchase of land to build arsenal and magazine. Requested Moultrie obtain the necessary permission from the state legislature.
June 27, 1798 Powder at the Magazine on the Schuylkill Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon describes the limited amounts of powder available at the magazine on the Schuylkill River and notes that much more should be ordered from New York to fill the uses most applied for.
June 6, 1800 [COPY: Powder lodged in Magazine of Pennsylvania]. Jeremiah Fisher [not available] Delivery of powder in the state magazine to the credit of Tench Francis, some powder delivered by Daniel Smith was damaged, he will remanufacture the quantity damaged.
April 29, 1799 Recommends General Schuyler to Adjust Claim for Magazine in Albany Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Recommends consultation with General Schuyler about the magazine at Albany. Requests that he be empowered to adjust claim as he has assisted well in the past.
1785 Ordinance and military stores in the magazine and arsenals at Springfield Henry Knox John Bryant Orders to maintain current position until Congress passes a law stating otherwise. Instructions for maintaining magazine and arsenal.
September 16, 1793 Presidential Orders to Erect Arsenal and Magazine at Trenton Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Washington gives detailed instructions for the creation of a magazine and arsenal at Trenton.
April 9, 1788 Receipt for American Magazine subscription Noah Webster Samuel Hodgdon Receipt for Hodgdon's subscription to the American Magazine, costing him two shillings.
March 30, 1786 Estimate of expenses in removing stores from a magazine Quartermaster General's Department [not available] From Quartermaster General's Dept. and Commissary of Military Stores Dept. Account Book. Estimate of the expenses attending the removal of the military stores deposited in the magazine in Philadelphia.
June 11, 1800 Inventory of Powder Samuel Hodgdon Israel Whelen Discussed storage of private powder in a public magazine.
November 7, 1794 Wheelin & Miller's Magazine at Frankfort John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Tench Francis informs the Secretary of War that Wheelin and Miller will receive in their magazine at Frankfort, free of expense, the [illegible].
June 23, 1797 Condition of Old Fort and Storage of Powder Isaac Craig James McHenry Status of magazine at old fort no longer appropriate for storage of powder. Advised the storage at Fort Fayette and notified McHenry he will attempt to sell the old magazine and its building materials.
October 20, 1789 Regarding Burglary at Public Magazine Henry Knox Jeremiah Olney Letter, discusses burglary at public magazine.
March 9, 1793 Transportation of Arms Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Directs arms & accoutrements for Georgia magazine; directs cleaning muskets & bayonets. States muskets should not come from Charlottesville manufacturer.