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March 24, 1800 [Account of Halsted's losses] John Halsted [not available] Lists losses sustained by Halsted during his service in American Army. He was forced to abandon his home and property
March 12, 1800 The Case of Benjamin Wells Alexander Hamilton Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Since Benjamin Wells distinguished himself during the disturbances in the western part of Pennsylvania and the losses he sustained in support of the government were considerable, he should be indemnified by the government.
February 18, 1800 Assurances of Rights to Claims John McGowen James McHenry Recounts evidence of support for American cause in Revolutionary war and property losses sustained entitling McGown to compensation for refugees.
February 28, 1792 Compensation for Losses Sustained During the War Officers of the Massachusetts Line Alexander Hamilton In a Circular Letter, the Officers of the Massachusetts Line argue that they and their soldiers should be compensated for the losses they incurred during the war for independence.
March 7, 1800 [John Starr Depostion fav.r of John McGowan] John Starr [not available] Certified residency of John McGowan and his service with American troops in fighting against British during American Revolution. His subsequent losses described.
April 2, 1800 Documents Supporting Location of John Halsted John Halsted James McHenry Enclosed depositions of Aaron Burr and Mathias Halsted supporting John Halsted's residence in Canada during American Revolution. These and other documents support his claim for losses sustained as a refugee.
August 31, 1795 Balance Due Samuel Lewis Clark William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $61.00 is due Samuel Lewis Clark due him for expenses to and from Oneida County with the sum of five thousand dollars which was distributed among the Oneida and Tuscarora Nations as compensation for their individual losses and services during the late war, and the sum of $300.00 paid to James Dean for erecting a saw mill on the Oneida lands, agreeably to 1st and 2d Articles...
September 27, 1799 Statement of William Maxwell William Maxwell [not available] Statement of "sufferings and losses in the Cause of American Liberty." Maxwell, originally from Rhode Island lived in Nova Scotia, but moved from the British Province due to his patriotism.
1792 Payment for St. Clair's horses killed during the Expedition of November 4, 1792 [not available] Arthur St. Clair General Arthur St. Clair documents the horses killed during the fighting with the Indians of November 4th, 1792. Three horses killed were his private property. Losses amounted to $600. One horse was killed under him. Another was killed as the servant brought him up to mount. Third was killed under one of his aides. A fourth was killed, but it belonged to the public.
October 14, 1795 Discussion of Commissioners' Powers to Settle Damage Claims Arising from Jay Treaty Negotiations John Jay Timothy Pickering Letter, discusses the powers and aims of commissioners in deciding claims for losses or damages relative to the Treaty of Peace [apparently referring to the Treaty of Paris which ended the Revolutionary War; these commissioners are probably those for the Jay Treaty, which resolved issues left over from the prior treaty]. Illegal seizures of American ships are mentioned; the main issue appears to...
October 13, 1800 Cover Jacob VanderHeyden [not available] Requests information on the value of land.
December 29, 1788 Request for compensation Abraham Dehuff Joseph Howell Dehuff discusses settlement of his accounts. He informs Howell that he was a prisoner and requests the same compensation that others were entitled to. He also makes claims for his recruiting, and losses while a prisoner.
November 7, 1796 Recommendation for John Lee Elias Boudinot Samuel Hodgdon John Lee, late of New Jersey, has the character of an honest man. He has endured many losses recently and makes a living by his industry and labor. He has good handwriting and is familiar with business. Boudinot believes he would be useful in any department for which Hodgdon feels he is qualified. He has good recommendations from many of the first gentlemen of New Jersey.
June 12, 1794 Officer Recommendations & Resignations Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Recommendations for officer promotions, and losses due to resignation (speeded in one case by alcoholism).
October 14, 1795 Draft Letter [not available] [not available] Letter, discusses the powers of the commissioners appointed to examine cases of loss and damage due to illeagle capture or conedmnation of vessels under Treaty of Peace.
December 8, 1789 Hazen seeks the assistance of Knox Moses Hazen Henry Knox Letter, Hazen asks Knox for aid in settling his accounts.
August 31, 1792 Expenses and Responsibility of Leased Horses Alexander Hamilton George Nicholas Cost of horses killed during Gen. Harmar's expedition should not be admitted based on previous cases heard in court of law. Debates law and responsibility of losses.
May 23, 1799 Defer the Report of Condemned Shot David Ford Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon's letter to J. J. Laeschky has come to hand but he is so ill that there is no expectation of recovery but Ford and Brinkerhoff are still interested in the contract with the public.Therefore, they are surprised at the lack of acquiescence in Hodgdon's report of condemned shot in New York and Elizabeth Town. They want him to defer his report until they have an opportunity to answer more...
June 6, 1799 Regulations Respecting Supplies and Accounting Alexander Hamilton [not available] Hamilton discusses regulations regarding sundry supply and accounting matters.
September 22, 1792 Disappointment Over Lack of Remittances Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Expresses disappointment over lack of remittances. Has borrowed money from friends. Reports that pack horseman named Gettimy is asking for pay.
October 9, 1790 Regarding loss sustained by robbery from public officers during late war Richard Harison Alexander Hamilton Regarding loss sustained by robbery from public officers during late war, Harison is of opinion that officers are not chargeable on that account unless negligence can be imputed to them.
May 17, 1794 Discusses Pack Horses; Encloses Returns James O'Hara Henry Knox Refers to request for pack horses by General Wayne. Explains estimates with potential casualties and savages. Discusses use of horses. Encloses general returns.
March 30, 1791 Davis solicits an appointment from Knox William Davis Henry Knox Letter, asks for appointment to Inspector of Excise.
March 17, 1800 New Book Keeper and Status of Furs for Transport Edward Wright John Harris Mr. Elliot's travel plans. Opinion of Wright - that Elliot was acceptable but would have preferred a man who could keep accounts in a more agreeable manner. Updates on shipment of furs via waggon.
May 16, 1795 Payment of Indian claims for Revolution Samuel Lewis [not available] Payment to Oneida and Stockbridge Indians to satisfy claims for services and losses in late Revolution; to James Dean, Westmoreland, near Oneida; to Lewis, for expenses between Oneida, New York and Philadelphia.