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November 17, 1791 Pierce Butler estimate for a brigantine of 14 guns equal to about 200 tons Henry Knox Pierce Butler Estimate for Brigantine construction, supplies, and crew. He recommends using live oak; white oak, cedar, and locust for the trunnels.
December 4, 1796 Request to select locust wood out of the ship yard for delivery to ship yard at Portsmouth New Hampshire [not available] Foreman Cheeseman Request to naval constructor Forman Cheeseman to select locust [wood] in the shipyard and send to James Hackett, naval constructor at Portsmouth New Hampshire.
January 12, 1797 Regarding Lumber Shipment & Weather Effects on Shipping Forman Cheesman Josiah Fox Letter, informs re shipment of locust trunails; discusses effects of weather on shipping.
April 2, 1798 Letter from the War Department to Congress on Naval Armament James McHenry Representative Edward Livingston This letter is the cover letter to the Secretary at War's 55 page submission to the Committee for Naval Armament. The committee is chaired by Edward Livingston.
December 27, 1794 Report respecting frigate construction Henry Knox Congress of the United States Report on the progress of constructing the Frigates authorized by Congress by the Act to Provide a Naval Armament.
December 29, 1794 Report on the Construction of Frigates Henry Knox House of Representatives Report by the Secretary of War to the House of Representatives, regarding the frigates authorized by the "Act to provide a naval armament." Knox insists that the vessels be "equal, if not superior, to any frigates belonging tto any of the European powers." The largest ships will be of 44-guns; the others will be 36-gun ships. The frigates will be built of live oak and red cedar. Goes into other...
December 7, 1797 Inventory following construction of USS Constellation [not available] [not available] An inventory of all the timber, plank, and other materials remaining in the Navy Yard at Baltimore, after the completion of the frigate Constellation, December 7th, 1797.
September 16, 1796 Discussion of Different Woods for Different Ship Components, & Placing of Guard at Shipyard Joshua Humphreys Josiah Fox Letter, directs yellow pine for quarter deck forecastle; discusses timber for Frigates; discusses guard hired to prevent theft & fire.
December 22, 1794 Letter from the Revenue Office concerning naval armament Tench Coxe Henry Knox This letter notifies the Secretary at War that public advertisements have been issued for the procurement of naval armaments. The letter also outlines the contractual relationships for the construction of frigates in six port cities.
November 30, 1796 Discussion of Construction & Craftwork on Frigate, & Possible Suspension of Construction Colonel James Hackett Josiah Fox Letter, discusses progress on Frigate; asks for money to retain employees at yard; discusses suspending operations on Frigate; mentions British Navy; discusses payment for iron & iron work furnished.
January 13, 1796 Report on the State of Naval Equipment and Frigate Construction to House Committee Tench Francis Josiah Parker Estimate is signed by Humphreys, Francis, Truxton and Fox. Exclusive of men and provisions, estimate $453,272 to complete six frigates. Estimate $120 per ton. Quantities listed as most essential and already delivered and what is deficient, by locations of the six ship yards: Philadelphia; New York; Boston; Norfolk; Baltimore; Portsmouth New Hampshire;
October 30, 1790 Estimate of Expenditures for Construction of Frigates of Various Tonnage John Foster Williams Henry Knox Knox solicits an expert to provide one of many estimates for the cost of constructing frigates of various tonnage for Navy. Foster notes that Knox may be a better judge of the cost of the guns and the warlike stores. Recommends that timber be cut in the fall of the year of construction.
[not available] Dimensions and Sizes of Materials for Building a Frigate of 36 guns. Joshua Humphreys [not available] Detailed list of the materials needed for building a 36 gun frigate and the dimensions and sizes for those materials.
[not available] Dimensions and Sizes of Materials for Building a Frigate of 44 guns. Unknown Author [not available] Document, describes material dimensions for a 44 Gun Frigate.
May 2, 1791 A Report on Travels Through the Creek Country, 1791 Caleb Swan [not available] Document, report describes the Creek country, people, culture, and government. Refers to horse theft and trials.
March 13, 1791 State of the Creek Nation James Casey Henry Knox Comprehensive treatment of every aspect of the culture and lives of the Creek Nation of Indians in 1790-1791. Includes transcript of a journal. 132 page document.