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January 13, 1801 Crediting Crocker for Items Furnished to Forts Johnson and Moultrie William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Simmons asks Hodgdon to add a credit of $51.02 to Dodridge Crocker's accounts for items furnished to Forts Johnson and Moultrie.
July 6, 1798 Deliver of Pistol for Pattern James McHenry John Harris Letter, directs issue of pistol barrel, stock & lock for pattern pistol.
December 10, 1799 Specifications of Defects in the Muskets Joseph Williams Decius Wadsworth Williams encloses a list of specifications of the defects in the muskets fabricated by Mr. Peck of Hartford.
December 13, 1798 Recommendation for constructing a canal Tobias Lear Samuel Hodgdon Letter of recommendation for Morris Delaney, whose service will be used to built a canal on the Potomac for Harper's Ferry. Recommends Delaney for his "fidelity, sobriety, and attention to his business."
August 12, 1796 Horse, bridle, and saddle James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon Letter, mentions horse, bridle and saddle for Stephen Hillis
April 18, 1798 Supply Order for Fort Fayette in Pittsburg James Wilkins [not available] Request for two large padlocks and a key to the stock lock. Signed by Lieutenant James Wilkins
August 5, 1799 Delivery of Sword James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver serjeant's sword -- to be returned.
July 11, 1794 Proposal for Cleaning and Repairing Muskets Jonathan Nicholson Samuel Hodgdon Nicholson presents his proposal for cleaning and repairing brass mounted muskets and bayonets and putting them in complete order.
December 14, 1798 My Superior Musket Patterns, Etc. Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Williams disputes the assertion that the Charleville muskets he delivered as patterns are inferior by two dollars to Mr. Ames' pattern. In fact, they are better by two dollars due to the superior workmanship of the lock and being better finished in other respects.
August 7, 1794 Cannon with Carriages in Need of Repair John Bryant Samuel Hodgdon Bryant has sent on the cannon and carriages to Chauncey Whittlesley to be transported to Hodgdon in Philadelphia despite the carriages' want of repair. He describes the repairs that are needed.
November 19, 1800 Request for Purchase of Carpenter's Tools for Artificers at Schuylkill Samuel Hodgdon Israel Whelen Directs purchase of carpenter's tools for use of artificers employed at the Schuylkill laboratory.
March 6, 1793 Ordnance & Military Stores John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is directed to examine the enclosed additional requisition for Ordnance and Military Stores and make a return for such articles that are on hand and make an estimate of the expense of those that are deficient.
October 5, 1793 Williams writes to Knox about Yellow Fever Jonathan Williams Henry Knox Letter, discusses yellow fever.
September 23, 1798 Inquiry on the Date of Arrival of Gunsmithing Tools Joseph Perkin Samuel Hodgdon Perkins informs Hodgdon that he and Mr. Small arrived in Harper’s Ferry on Friday. Mr. Mackey met them and provided them with the letter from Hodgdon. Perkins replies that the gunsmithing tools from New London have not arrived yet, unfortunate because their shop is almost ready to begin business. Perkins suggests that he will come to Philadelphia soon to pick up other vital tools as well. ...
October 18, 1799 Improvement in the Work of the Armory, Etc. David Ames Samuel Hodgdon After reporting that the chest of arms has been forwarded to New York, Ames assesses the operation of the Springfield Armory. He sees improvement in that the work is better executed with more dispatch and less labor than had previously been the case. Of particular importance is the improved mode of boring the barrels, it now being done in less time and with less expense.
March 18, 1795 Certificate of Howell on account of Jonathan Haskell to pay deceased soldiers Joseph Howell [not available] Howell notes that list of deceased men, there is sufficient balance of pay due them respectively to cover payments to each by Major Haskell.
February 2, 1792 Keeping the Horses Well John Smith Samuel Hodgdon Smith announces that he has purchased the blades of five acres which when added to what he has at home will, with corn, keep Hodgdon's horses well. The stable will be satisfactory for the prime horses and Smith would like to be furnished with a horse for his own use. The horses should be sent immediately and the pack horses will be provided for as well. He has nothing to say about prices but...
March 25, 1795 List of Quarterly Returns Robert Quarles [not available] List of quarterly returns of the ordnance and military stores at Point of Fork arsenal.
April 11, 1796 Route from Albany to Fort Erie Henry Glen Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Describes the 995-mile route from Albany to Fort Erie.
November 15, 1794 Apprehending Suspects from the insurgency Alexander Hamilton George Washington Hamilton names those who have been apprehended for their part in the insurgency in western Pennsylvania and one who has escaped. He believes that a permanent military presence will be required in the area.
August 30, 1800 Update on Accounts and Payment William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Elijah and Simon House, contractors for CT received credit for articles purchased for the garrison at Fort Trumbull. Articles delivered to Lieut. William Steele. Simmons requested Hodgdon make the necessary updates to the books of the Superintendent of Military Stores.
September 7, 1799 I protest against the arms... William S. Smith Alexander Hamilton Smith feels obligated to warn that many of the arms and horseman's tents supplied to his regiment are not fit for service.
April 26, 1800 Settlement of Account, with details William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Settlement of John Boss' account for supplies furnished to the troops in Rhode Island. Details of what Boss was paid for certain expenses.
November 21, 1800 Request for Issue of Carpenter's Tools for Artificers at Schuylkill Laboratory Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Directs issue of carpenter's tools for the use of artificers employed at Schuylkill laboratory. Two notes are appended -- one, presumably from Hodgdon, states that the purveyor has been directed to purchase the above supplies, and one presumably from Harris confirms that the items were delivered on November 25.
March 26, 1800 Armorer's Tools Necessary for a Regiment John Nicholson Samuel Hodgdon A list of armorer's tools essentially necessary for a Regiment.