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October 30, 1799 Lists of Ensigns Elected, 17 June 1780 R. D. Howell [not available] Copy of a minutes from a council and assembly meeting,17 June 1780. Lists ensigns elected.
April 12, 1799 Discusses Old Lists of Regiments with New Ones; Instructions for Lieut. Col. Butler James McHenry Alexander Hamilton After referring to lists of officers in old regiments, encloses a list of new officers. Reports instructions for Lieut. Col. Butler in Tennessee.
September 9, 1800 [General Orders] Major T.H. Cushing [not available] Lists fuel allowances for officers, men and camp followers in the jurisdiction of the City of Washington; lists all forts, posts and garrisons in this jurisdiction (with caveats concerning fuel in certain cases). Appended is a Battalion Orders concerning applications for discharges, by a Major D. Jackson.
March 16, 1795 Lists Payments by Edward Carrington; Requests Advances Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Timothy Pickering A letter and documents transmitted by Edward Carrington, agent for procuring supplies for the militia army, lists the sums paid by him to sundry officers with the expectation that it will govern Pickering's estimates in making advances.
July 16, 1799 Discusses Appropriate Carriage Types to Deliver Items Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Reports that sea coast carriages are not made for the type of guns they need to carry. Lists prices for garrison carriages. Recommends common carriages as their workmen are more familiar with them. Lists items for delivery.
July 26, 1794 Mass of supplies for the War Department Tench Coxe Alexander Hamilton The Commissioner of the Revenue encloses an extract from a letter of his to Secretary Knox regarding the mass of supplies for the War Department, together with his answer. Also encloses five several lists this day received of articles which are likely to be wanted. Believes it to be expedient that measures be taken for the importation of many of the articles.
June 2, 1793 Lists Accounts and Requests Payment; Reports Purchase of Horses and Teams James O'Hara Samuel Hodgdon Lists accounts received and requests payment. Has worked to find 300 horses and 20 teams locally. Has loaded horses with corn and the teams are loaded with limestone. Plans to come down the Ohio River. Refers to money left out of the last advance which is absolutely necessary at Pittsburgh.
May 30, 1798 Preparation to Set Sail to Meet French Privateers James McHenry Captain Thomas Truxtun Reports French privateers invading coasts and trade requiring them to defend themselves at sea. Hopes for a speedy departure, and requests that if articles are needed, to seek for them at various ports along the route. Requests Lieut. Triplett to be on board and Lieut. Dyson to furnish recruits. Lists cruising orders along the US coast. Lists hospital stores, utensils, stationary, cabin...
August 21, 1798 Submission of Bill from Cutter Under Command of Chapman Jonathan Chapman James McHenry Letter, encloses quarter bill, watch bill, boarding, and mess lists of the officers and crew of the United States Cutter Pickering; mentions the vessel will sail with the Herald at the first fair wind.
1796 Conference with Cheroenhaka James McHenry [not available] Lists supplies, etc.
January 10, 1791 Dragoon Appointment List War Department Solomon Van Rensselaer Document, lists officer appointments in Dragoons
October 24, 1793 Describes Indian Attacks; Lists Vouchers James O'Hara Samuel Hodgdon Refers to attack by Sergeants Rowland and Michaela's dragoons on Indians with one fatality, and another defeat under L. Lowry and Mr. Boyd with loads of corn. Lists vouchers. Refers to orders from the Commander in Chief to purchase horses in Kentucky.
November 10, 1800 Announces Fire in Office, Destruction of Records; Requests Lists of Invalids Samuel Dexter Commissioners of Loans Announces destruction of office by fire. Requests forward of lists of invalids for the last six months.
August 10, 1799 Appropriations for Fortifications and Expenditures War Department [not available] Lists "Monies Paid on Account of the Fortifications" by city, state, and amount; also lists appropriations by month, "repayments" by individuals, and the balance on hand of the Treasury allotted for this purpose.
June 13, 1799 Concerning Records of Officers at Court Martial, & the Appointment of Southern Officers James McHenry John Adams Responds to Adams' inquiry about the commission status of the officers comprising the court-martial of Richard Hunt -- McHenry believes that at least some of them are from the new regiments and thus without commissions, but cannot confirm this, as he sent Adams the only record of the court-martial proceedings. McHenry assures Adams that he has the files (lists of appointments, letters sent to...
August 17, 1799 Barracks Calculations Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Lists number of rooms, how many soldiers can be accommodated in each, as well as other buildings on the the premises which could be converted to barracks.
August 31, 1799 Submission of Proposed Appointments & Promotions for 12th Regiment James McHenry John Adams McHenry submits a list of proposed promotions and appointments in the Twelfth regiment of Infantry, for Adams' approval. Two lists follow, compiled separately and contingent on whether a certain officer has resigned; the lists account for 5 first lieutenants, 6-7 second lieutenants, 1 surgeon, and two surgeon's mates.
August 2, 1799 RE Army Recruiting Aaron Ogden Alexander Hamilton Routine instructions and correspondence concerning Army recruiting
July 30, 1799 Appointments to Fill Vacancies in the Sixth Regiment James McHenry [not available] Lists officer names and positions.
April 30, 1799 Lists of Names and Appointments James McHenry [not available] List of names and appointments.
October 6, 1800 Transfers of Sundry Officers and Men Thomas H. Cushing [not available] This General Orders lists a number of officers and men and indicates the posts to which they are to be transferred.
November 14, 1798 Lists of Candidates and Their Qualifications James McHenry George Washington Washington will soon be furnished with a book containing a list of all the candidates and an abridgement of their qualifications with the original letters of recommendation. Included is a list of candidates for army appointments from General Hamilton and letters from other officers with similar lists.
September 3, 1798 Relations between War and Treasury Departments James McHenry Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Requests additional infantry. Lists several [illegible] figures with the Treasury.
April 1797 Pay Roll James Bruff [not available] Abstract of the pay roll of the troops at the garrison of Fort Niagara. Lists amounts of pay given to each officer's detachment.
December 20, 1792 Accounting Document Summary Joseph Howell John Rutherford Lists documents and account details given to Colonel White.