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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
April 13, 1799 List of Officers Assisgned to Different Sub-Districts Alexander Hamilton Colonels Ogden & Moore Hamilton wants a list of the principal officers being assigned to each sub-district.
February 21, 1800 Arrangement of Officers of the Western Army Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton encloses his arrangement of the officers of the Western Army in which he tries as much as possible to prevent the dislocation of Officers from their men. Requested McHenry to review list. Included list of officers appointed to position of Inspector along with an enclosure of the previously mentioned list of officers.
November 9, 1789 Knox writes to Robert Aitken Henry Knox Robert Aitken Letter, discusses list of officers of the late army.
August 3, 1798 Request for Information on Enclosed List of Officers Alexander Hamilton Unknown Recipient Hamiliton requested recipient (possibly McHenry) offer his opinions on list of officers enclosed.
March 10, 1797 List of Deranged Officers James McHenry [not available] List of officers deranged in pursuance of an "Act to ascertain and fix the military establishment of the United States," passed the 13th of May 1796.
February 28, 1800 Officers of the Four Regiments of Infantry James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry enclosed the list of the Officers of the four Regiments of Infantry arranged by relative rank.
April 14, 1798 Printed List of Officers Horatio R. Dayton William Simmons Enclosed is a receipt for $2 for bounty paid. Dayton requests a list of officers in the Army. He did have one but gave it to Ensign Glynn at Schenectady.
August 3, 1799 RE Administration of Individual Officers and Soldiers James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Routine correspondence concerning the appointment, transfer, promotion, discharge, desertion, leave, and assignment of individual officers and soldiers
August 5, 1798 Request for List of Officers from Southern States James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Request for list of officers from the southern states and noted that Wolcott was withholding the order for clothing.
1799 List of Officers for the Eleventh Regiment Unknown Author [not available] A list of those officers designated for the 11th Regiment of Infantry.
1798 List of Officers in the Late Army to End of War James McHenry [not available] Illegible list.
January 31, 1798 Abstract of Payments to Deranged Officers James McHenry [not available] List of deranged officers who have received six months pay and subsistence at the Accountant's Office agreeably to the Act of Congress of March 3rd 1797 and a list of deranged officers who not yet received their six months pay and subsistence.
March 31, 1800 Request for List of Officers Appointed During Congressional Recess John Adams James McHenry Adams requests that McHenry send him a list of all army officers appointed during the Congressional recess, that he may present their names to Congress.
February 14, 1788 Letter to the Secretary at War Samuel Huntington Henry Knox Letter, discusses list of officers appointed in Rhode Island; discuesses recruiting service.
April 14, 1784 List of officers in the Southern Hospital John Pierce Doctor David Oliphant Requests a list of officers in the Southern Hospital with their dates of service and charges against them, so their accounts can be settled.
October 19, 1789 Request for List of Invalids Henry Knox John Collins Requested list of invalids to follow enclosed format.
May 9, 1799 Officers Proposed to Fill Regimental Vacancies James McHenry John Adams McHenry submits a list of officers proposed to fill vacancies in Colonel Ogden's regiment; the list is appended.
May 8, 1800 Officer Recommendation for Mr. Martin, & Comments on His Non-Appointment as a Slight to the President William Grove James McHenry Grove, of North Carolina, returns a list of officer nominations, and professes his belief that the omission of a Mr. Martin's name from the list was not meant by McHenry or anyone else as a slight to Martin, to Grove, or to the president. He gives his recommendation of Martin, and supposes that his name might have been transposed to a list of officers for the provisional army.
May 8, 1800 List of officers for the Provisional Army William Grove James McHenry Concerning a list of officers for the Provisional Army, particularly the omission of Mr. Martin which he discusses in detail.
April 13, 1799 Assigning Officers to Sub-Districts Alexander Hamilton Thomas Lloyd Moore "Relying that you will lose no time in assigning your Officers to the different subdistricts--I request that you will transmit me a list showing the name of the principal Officer of each sub-district and the particular sub-district to which he is assigned. You will also...forward a duplicate to the Secretary of War."
April 5, 1797 Printed list of the officers of the army enclosed John Stagg David Henley Clerk John Stagg submits list of officers of the army for Colonel David Henley. Requests that Henley deliver or forward accordingly.
March 5, 1799 Requested Information Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton refers to a number of letters from McHenry regarding regulations, recruiting, supplies, and officers for which he currently has insufficient information to write an informed reply.
May 28, 1799 Approval of Amendment to List of Officer Appointments John Adams James McHenry Adams approves of the changes to the list of officer appointments for Taylor's regiment proposed by McHenry in a recent letter.
October 2, 1800 Completion of List of Proposed Officer Appointments Samuel Dexter John Adams Apologizes for delay in sending the completed list of proposed officer appointments, due to illness; plans to present it to Adams when he arrives.
December 7, 1789 [Copy] List of Soldiers Eleazer McComb Joseph Howell List of soldiers assembled from documents available. Many documents stolen during Battle of Camden. New list was assembled with assistance from officers.