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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
July 30, 1800 Enclosed List of Invalid Pensioners for Pennsylvania Samuel Dexter Stephen Moylan List of pensioners and warrant for their payment, request for list of deaths to remove names from list.
July 1, 1790 Invalid Pensioners List Henry Knox Benjamin Lincoln After receiving a list of invalid pensioners from the Sec. of Massachusetts, Knox enclosed a list to Lincoln that contained names absent from list.
September 29, 1798 Enclosed List of Receipts John Hancock William Simmons Request for list of receipts received and answered.
June 8, 1797 Advice on Returned Information & Armaments Samuel Hodgdon Josiah Fox Letter, encloses list re information requested; mentions guns.
October 19, 1789 Exact List of Invalids Henry Knox Thomas Mifflin Request for exact list of military invalids that received or are due a pension. States. Additional list of widows and orphans who have received pay.
April 25, 1789 List of Pensioners Received Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Acknowledged receipt of list pensioners Virginia can charge the United States.
August 9, 1793 Invalids and the Pension List Edmund Randolph Henry Knox The Attorney General is trying to work with the Secretary of War to deal with the issue of invalids and the Pension List. Suggests writing a letter to some of the invalids to make them aware of the present situation.
October 19, 1789 Request for List of Invalids Henry Knox John Collins Requested list of invalids to follow enclosed format.
April 13, 1799 List of Officers Assisgned to Different Sub-Districts Alexander Hamilton Colonels Ogden & Moore Hamilton wants a list of the principal officers being assigned to each sub-district.
August 12, 1798 List of Recruits George Washington Duncan William Simmons Duncan sends Simmons the list of recruits and their receipts for bounty.
1798 List of Officers in the Late Army to End of War James McHenry [not available] Illegible list.
May 28, 1799 Approval of Amendment to List of Officer Appointments John Adams James McHenry Adams approves of the changes to the list of officer appointments for Taylor's regiment proposed by McHenry in a recent letter.
July 29, 1798 List of vouchers sent to accountant. Constant Freeman [not available] List of payments made to Wylie Pope, Paymaster of the Militia in Georgia, at Savannah.
1800 List to the Keeper of Military Stores Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Illegible document.
February 4, 1800 Notification of Mailed List Edward Wright John Harris List of required materials mailed, request for blank books.
March 17, 1790 Replacement of Invalids to Pension List Henry Knox Benjamin Lincoln President authorized the return of invalids to pension list after being struck due to refusal of service at Castle or through the governor's proceedings at council.
November 9, 1789 Knox writes to Robert Aitken Henry Knox Robert Aitken Letter, discusses list of officers of the late army.
January 18, 1797 List of Invalid Pensioners and Compensation Amount James McHenry [not available] List of names, rank, state, and amount of compensation pensioners should receive.
March 8, 1793 Awaiting List of Promotions & Appointments, as Essential to Legion Morale Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne is anxiously awaiting the list of promotions and appointments in the Legion. He warns that the list is needed as a matter of morale and discipline.
November 10, 1800 Records Lost Due to Fire; Request List of Invalids Samuel Dexter John Pierce Reports destruction of all paper files by fire. Requests an official list of invalids from the last half of the year.
May 8, 1790 List of Invalids Henry Knox John Haywood Knox requests a list of the invalid pensioners that Haywood has paid the first installment of their pensions
March 19, 1800 Request for List of Contractors for New York William Simmons James McHenry Simmons did not have complete list of contractors for New York, inconveniencing his office and officers seeking reimbursement. He requested a list of contractors' names to expedite the reimbursement of accounts.
August 1, 1797 Encloser of Absentees from Role Thomas H. Cushing William Simmons List of absentees who were struck from the roles of troops. Believe the list was inaccurate.
August 24, 1784 List of articles for commissioners Richard Butler Samuel Hodgdon List of articles for the commissioners traveling to Fort Schuyler to negotiate with the Native Americans
February 1, 1794 Pension list and warrants from Secretary of War from September 1793 to March 1794 Henry Knox William Imlay Transmits list of invalid pensioners for state of Connecticut