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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
April 18, 1795 Specie due the Virginia Line William Simmons Richard Harrison Transmits the estimate of specie due the Virginia Line for the year of 1783.
January 10, 1799 General Wilkinson's Report on the Western Army James Wilkinson James McHenry General Wilkinson submits his report on events in the Southern the Secretary of War for late 1798.
September 4, 1787 Georgia Line John Pierce James Wood Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts regarding the Georgia Line.
January 16, 1785 Regarding receipt of letters with certificates and settlement registers of the New Jersey line William Livingston Joseph Howell Acknowledges receipt of letters with certificates and settlement registers of the army regiments of the New Jersey line.
September 30, 1786 Specie due to officers of the Georgia Line John Pierce William Few Statement of the specie that would have been due to the officers of the Line of Georgia; discusses settlements and certificates.
October 7, 1792 Boumdary Line Between Cherokee Land and U.S. William Blount Commissioners Enclosed extract of letter to Little Turkey and other Cherokee chiefs pertaining to meeting of chiefs and commissioners to run boundary line between two nations. Specified where line should fall, according to treaty. Noted war dissolves all treaties.
February 24, 1787 Return of Monies due to the Virginia Line John Pierce Treasury Department Return of monies due to the officers of the Virginia Line.
February 25, 1790 Petitions from Men of the Virginia Line Henry Knox Joseph Howell Knox asks Howell to examine the muster rolls of the Virginia line to assess the validity of petitions from members of the line.
February 11, 1784 Settlement with Continental Regiments John Pierce A.W. Dunscomb States that the office is "retarded" in its settlement with the Line; mentions clothing accounts.
[not available] Accounts of the Georgia Line John Pierce Unknown Recipient The Commissioner of Army Accounts reports on the account of the Georgia Line.
September 8, 1796 Provisions for Ellicot and Commissioners Business Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Request to furnish Mr. Ellicot with tents. Discussed transportation by boat. Noted commissioners would run the southern line of the U.S.
November 30, 1785 Adjusts pay to Georgia Line John Pierce William Few John Pierce, Commissioner of Army Accounts, explains the adjustment of his payment to the Georgia Line to William Few. Pierce reduced his payment because the state of Georgia previously made partial settlement to the Line.
December 16, 1786 Return of money due to the Virginia Line John Pierce Unknown Recipient Return of money due to the Virginia Line, provided by the Commissioner of Army Accounts and Paymaster General.
[not available] Account of Georgia Line John Pierce Unknown Recipient Report on the accounts of the Georgia Line by the Commissioner of Army Accounts; compares to other states.
March 17, 1800 Soldiers Allowed to be Taken From the Line Alexander Hamilton [not available] General Orders: "Regulations respecting soldiers allowed to be taken from the line of the army to attend an officer."
February 2, 1790 Request to forward amount of each State Line Joseph Nourse Joseph Howell Informs the Commissioner of Army Accounts that Colonel Duer wishes that he forward the amount of each State Line.
January 6, 1785 Pay Settlements for Continental Regiments Joseph Howell William Livingston Settlement of several regiment's accounts.
April 5, 1787 Certificates for soldier of Virginia Line Joseph Howell John Pierce Encloses two certificates for soldier of Virginia Line. Letter for Mr. Pierce left at Doctor's this morning.
May 25, 1791 Running the Creek Boundary Line Henry Knox Richard Call Knox orders Major Call to march troops to Rock Landing to surpervise the marking of the boundary line established by the treaty with the Creek Nation of Indians. Three citizens of Georgia and three Creek chiefs are to be chosen to observe the running of the line.
March 12, 1800 Regulations on Soldiers Taken From the Line James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Establishes the regulations respecting the number of soldiers taken from the line and assigned to senior officers.
September 8, 1791 Provisions for Running the Boundary Line Henry Knox Spear & McLeod Spear and McLeod are ordered to provide Joseph Ellicot and his assistants the necessary provisions for establishing the boundary line between the United States and the Creek Nation of Indians.
November 19, 1791 Presidential Approval of Commissioners to Run Cherokee line Tobias Lear Henry Knox Lear informs Knox that Washington approved the names of the commissioners appointed to run the boundary line between US and Cherokee territory.
October 14, 1788 Depreciation accounts of Connecticut Line Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Joseph Howell Depreciation accounts of Connecticut Line for services before 1 January 1780.
September 23, 1785 Pay of Continental Officers John Pierce Richard Henry Lee Discusses the pay of the officers of the Continental line who served on the general staff in the Revolutionary War in regards to the case of Bryan Bruen
May 12, 1799 Marking the Indian Boundary Line Alexander Hamilton John Francis Hamtramck Hamtramck is directed to provide assistance to the Surveyor General in marking the Indian boundary line.