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April 25, 1796 Pay of Private John Lease, Captain Porter's Company William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $19.74 is due John Lease, late a private in Captain Porter's Company of Artillery, being his pay from Jan. 1 to May 29, 1795, the day of his discharge.
July 18, 1796 Discussion of Location & Lease for Navy Yard Josiah Fox James McHenry Letter, describes location for Navy yard; discusses lease for Navy Yard; mentions Frigates.
March 3, 1797 Regarding Navy Yard, Rents & Lease, And Weather Effects Foreman Cheeseman Josiah Fox Letter, informs re yard at Corlear's Hook; informs re rent and terms of lease; mentions former navy yards; discusses severity of weather.
August 17, 1791 Disavowal of the Conduct of Said Commissioner Henry Knox George Clinton Knox disavows the ratification by Commissioner Pickering of a lease of lands belonging to the Cayuga Indians to John Richardson and the certification of an assignment of the lands of the Seneca Indians to the daughters of Ebenezer Allen.
February 14, 1794 Your Word as Your Bond Samuel Hodgdon John Steinmetz In order to end the business between him and Steinmetz, Hodgdon consents to receive all the stores comprehended in their first agreement. To commence the rent already mentioned after the present quarter is settled.
September 13, 1798 Balance of military appropriations B. Wood [not available] Balances of appropriations for the general account of the military.
February 12, 1794 Reach an agreement on rental property John Steinmetz Samuel Hodgdon Steinmetz assures Hodgdon that he has fixed the rent lower than he by any means intended so he expects an answer from Hodgdon because he has it in his power to make more of the property if he has the opportunity to do so.
February 8, 1794 Future Rent Samuel Hodgdon John Steinmetz Hodgdon explains that he expected the rent on the house would be higher for a new contract so he wants to know how Steinmetz calculated the rent he offered. He wishes to retain the stores for the use of the public at a reasonable rent. He is willing to commence a new rent at such time as may be agreed on at fifty percent above the current rent for one year only.
September 30, 1793 House & Stores on Water Street John Steinmetz Samuel Hodgdon Since the lease that Hodgdon currently holds on Steinmetz's house and stores on Water Street will expire at the end of the year, he wants Hodgdon to know that the current rent of 250 pounds per annum will continue if he chooses to maintain possession. Payments will be made on a quarterly basis and Hodgdon should know that the rent is not higher than that on other property of equal value.
April 27, 1797 Regarding rent of storehouse for public interest [not available] John Blagge Naval Agent John Blagge is advised that If proprietor appears disposed to rent the storehouse, then proposed terms are 6 years at $62.50 per year. if not disposed, suggests proposing a three year lease. Should be in naval constructor Foreman Cheeseman's name.
August 13, 1799 Public Claim of the Channel on the Spring Richard Parker Samuel Hodgdon The deed is not currently recorded in this county so it would be proper to have it forwarded for that purpose. Both Colonel Postletwait and Colonel Alexander believe that a survey is needed to ascertain the public claim on the channel of the spring so Hodgdon should make every effort to forward the draft and the survey as soon as possible. Wilson's heirs would sell the land they claim on the...
February 25, 1800 Court Martial of Uriah Stafford Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Rice describes the circumstances leading to the Court Martial of Uriah Stafford, a soldier of the 16th Regiment, charged with disobedience of orders and striking an officer. He was found guilty and sentenced to 100 lashes on his bare back. Discussed rations and supplies and entitlement to certain quantities of subsistence. Enclosed extracts from Court Martial hearing.
October 8, 1787 Joseph Howell discusses army accounts with Doctor Thomas Bond Joseph Howell Dr. Thomas Bond Joseph Howell issues a pay certificate to Thomas Bond.
May 31, 1789 Henry Jackson discusses politics with Knox Henry Jackson Henry Knox Letter, discusses Capt Vose's departure; discusses election results.
August 16, 1791 Inducements to ratify Indian treaty Timothy Pickering Henry Knox Report describing what is necessary to induce the Indians to ratify certain provisions of a recent treaty.
October 22, 1796 Speech By Joseph Brant Concerning Indian Lands at Grand River Captain Joseph Brant Claus Entitled "Speech from Captain Jos. Brant to Captain Claus Agent of Indian Affairs for and behalf of the Five nations inhabiting the Grand River, 22 October 1796." Discusses grievances relating to Indian land along the Grand River; apparently after the Revolution the Indians were promised legal protection of their lands there by the British government, which was not given. Accuses the British of...
February 25, 1791 Relations with the Five Nations Captain Joseph Brant Superintendant of Indian Affairs Captain Brant discusses the Indian treaty, fraudulent Indian representatives, corruption, and land sales.
December 6, 1791 A Plan to Civilize the Indians Reverend Samuel Kirkland Henry Knox Kirkland described the plan to civilize the Indians. Details of the duties of the Indian Superintendent and school masters, and discussed the means to support the school house. He also mentioned the education of Indian boys and recommended a school for Indian girls. Specifically noted the success of the villages will depend upon the exclusion of liquor from the trading posts.
October 20, 1792 Estimate of War Department expenses for 1793 Henry Knox Unknown Recipient Estimate of War Department expenses for 1793; describes personnel salaries and location of arsenals.
February 20, 1791 Jackson writes to Knox regarding Indians, militia, and appointments Henry Jackson Henry Knox Letter, discusses Indian aggression; mentions pioneers and frontier life; discusses militia establishment; alludes to Revolutionary War; recommends Joseph Williams to appointment; letter contains an addendum that pertains to the appointment of Mr Bruce.
March 6, 1790 Doctor Eustis discusses invalid pensions with Knox William Eustis Henry Knox Letter, describes proposal for paying Invalid pensions.
June 2, 1789 Grievances from the Five Nations to Congress Chiefs and Warriors of the Five Nations George Washington The Five Nations address grievances pertaining to land sales to Congress.
May 4, 1800 Recommendation to Establish National Foundry James McHenry John Adams The Secretary at War writes President Adams concerning an act passed by Congress in 1798 titled, "An act to enable the President of the United States to procure common arms and ammunition." Pursuant to this act, McHenry recommends the purchase of a site to establish a national foundry for cannon.
July 13, 1787 An Ordinance for the Government of the Teritory of the United States, North-West of the River Ohio Congress of the United States [not available] Land rights of decedents of property owners in the territory north-west of the Ohio River. Outlines duties of governor, commissioner, election of assembly, civil and religious liberty.
March 21, 1799 Answering the Charges Against Me John Jacob Rivardi Alexander Hamilton In exhaustive detail, Major Rivardi answers the charges against him by Captain Bruff and laments the hardships and ill health he and his family have endured in the service of the United States.