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May 10, 1798 Return of Two Iron Pots, Etc. Caleb Gibbs Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed are the returns of the Navy Yard at Boston for April 1798. Two iron pots have been returned but they are omitted because they are not the property of the United States having been loaned to the Naval Agent by Jeffrey & Russell.
July 6, 1791 Return of Clothing Forwarded to Pittsburg William Knox Samuel Hodgdon Return of clothing includes hats, coats, vests, stocks, shirts, shoes, drilling overalls, sheeting, blankets, pouches and horns.
June 10, 1799 Clothing Was So Long in Coming Josias Carvel Hall Alexander Hamilton Discusses details of recruiting and states: "The clothing &c were so long in coming to hand that the officers were under the necessity of providing blankets, shoes, pots &c for the recruits."
June 1798 List of articles on board sloop Mayflower War Department [not available] List of articles on board Mayflower addressed to Captain Truxtun for the frigate Constellation.
December 31, 1799 Estimation of Tools and Utensils On Hand David Ames [not available] Estimation of all tools and utensils on hand at the Armory in Springfield as returned by the Superintendent per his return, December 31st 1799.
September 24, 1794 Want of Camp Kettles, Etc. Joseph Bloomfield Henry Knox The troops at Trenton suffer much inconvenience from the want of camp kettles so iron pots have been borrowed for immediate use.
May 16, 1794 Return of stores forwarded to the army, November to May 1794 handed to the War Office 16 May 1794 [not available] [not available] Inventory of stores returned to Army.
May 31, 1798 Proving of cannon and discussion on windage and accuracy [not available] Samuel Hughes Will send officers from Corps of Artillerists and Engineers to prove guns. Requests a number of ball in order to test naval gunnery for purpose of experiment, calculating windage. Technical discussion on the the manufacture of weapons, calibers, bores, issue of attaining higher level of accuracy.
February 7, 1800 Contract for pistols between McHenry and Simeon North [not available] [not available] Articles of Agreement between James McHenry and Simeon North of Berlin, Connecticut, for furnishing 1500 pistols.
August 14, 1799 Abstract of articles purchased by Joseph Williams at the armory at Springfield Massachusetts [not available] [not available] Abstract of articles purchased by Joseph Williams, paymaster at armory Springfield Massachusetts.
June 14, 1797 Letter from the War Office to the Secretary of the Treasury with statement of stores and articles for Algerine frigate [not available] Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Comprehensive list of stores for "Algerine Frigate."
May 30, 1798 Order to Arm and Stock Ship for Defense of Cape Henry James McHenry Captain Thomas Truxtun The Secretary of War wants to have as much naval force at sea as soon as possible due to the number of French privateers on the US coast. He hopes that Truxtun is ready to sail, but any articles wanting should be purchased at his present location or at Norfolk. Enclosed are letters to Lt.s Triplett and Dyson with orders. McHenry also encloses instructions for Truxtun from Congress. His cruising...
December 23, 1796 Blankets, Shoes, Etc. Elias Langham Samuel Hodgdon Among a number of supply matters, Langham notes that he forwarded to Major Craig 615 good blankets and fifteen damaged ones that he did not separate from the good ones. However, they were noted in the inventory and he did not think it proper to charge them to either Craig or Hodgdon in the returns. He also sent Craig 2035 pairs of shoes but the weather being so severe, he fears the wagons will be...
April 11, 1793 Estimate of Money wanted for Quartermaster's Department for 1793 Quartermaster General's Department [not available] From Quartermaster General's Dept. and Commissary of Military Stores Dept. Account Book. Estimate of money wanted in the Quarter Masters Department to purchase the listed supplies for the year 1793. Indicates estimated amounts of each item required for the year.
May 15, 1794 Invoice of Military and Quarter Master's Stores Samuel Hodgdon John Stagg Invoice of military and quarter master's stores forwarded to Pittsburgh for the Western Army.
July 12, 1798 Sundries for the Frigate "United States" John Harris Captain John Barry A ten-page list of sundries for the Frigate "United States," commanded by Captain John Barry.
March 12, 1800 Extracts from Henley's books for the month of December 1799 David Henley [not available] Encloses copy of entries of books for month of December 1799. Laments his workload and explains delays in getting accounts forwarded.
1798 Stores Necessary for Equipping the Frigate for Algiers Unknown Author [not available] Statement of stores necessary for the equipment of the Frigate for Algiers.
November 4, 1791 Return of Articles Lost on 4th November 1791 Robert Buntin Samuel Hodgdon The return of the articles lost during the action of the 4th of November 1791.
February 12, 1789 [Estimate of Expenses for the Treaty with the Cherokees agreed to February 12, 1789.] Unknown Author Unknown Recipient List of items and their estimated values for a treaty with the Cherokee Nation.
June 19, 1794 Articles for a 44-Gun Frigate Joshua Humphreys Unknown Recipient Document reporting on the dimensions of materials for a 44-gun frigate, and fittings and stores for same. Joshua Humphreys is a reputed shipbuilder.
May 1795 General Return of Quartermaster's Stores George Fleming Samuel Hodgdon Return of all the Public Property belonging to the Quarter Master's Department at West Point taken for May 1795.
[not available] Dimensions and Sizes of Materials for Building a Frigate of 36 guns. Joshua Humphreys [not available] Detailed list of the materials needed for building a 36 gun frigate and the dimensions and sizes for those materials.
[not available] Dimensions and Sizes of Materials for Building a Frigate of 44 guns. Unknown Author [not available] Document, describes material dimensions for a 44 Gun Frigate.
August 23, 1790 Instructions for Mounting Militia Against Wabash Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Militia to be raised in defense of frontier from raids by Wabash Indians. Politics with Great Britain addressed, regarding suspicions of US intentions toward Canadian territory.