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May 29, 1795 Discussion of Use of Live Oak Timbers in Frigate Construction, Especially for Gun Decks Colonel James Hackett Timothy Pickering Refers to reviewing Mr. Humphreys' table of dimensions concerning the limbers for the 36-gun frigates, finding that their scantlings [the dimensions of the framing and structural portions] were too large, and discusses how they will be reduced in size. Discusses the differing sizes of gun-deck beams in different classes of ship (36-gun, 60-gun, 90-gun). Notes that much of the large live oak...
May 16, 1795 Letter Describing Timber Types & Cuts for Frigate Construction & the Merits of Oak and Red Cedar Joshua Humphreys Timothy Pickering Letter, describes timber cuts regarding Frigate construction. There is difficulty in procuring the top timbers of red cedar. The top timbers and half timbers that form the sides of the ports should be of oak.
September 30, 1796 Request that live oak frigate timbers be exposed to air and protected from elements [not available] William Herbert Request goes out to clerk of shipyard at Norfolk [Gosport] Virginia to remove live oak timbers from the ground, separate the bolted timbers, gather all the remainder of timbers and ensure they are exposed to the air. If stem and floor are bolted, leave them as they are. Protect from sea and rain.
May 26, 1796 Comparison of schooner invoice of frigate timbers requires some alterations Josiah Fox Foreman Cheeseman By order of the Secretary of War, Josiah Fox notes that by comparing the invoice of the cargo of schooner carrying frigate timbers, he must make some alterations
May 20, 1796 Request to send timbers to Philadelphia [not available] John Blagge Blagge is asked request that Foreman Cheeseman, naval constructor, send top timbers and other timbers to Philadelphia.
March 1, 1796 On the manner of securing floor timbers to the frigate keel using copper bolts [not available] David Stodder Discusses methods of securing floor timbers to the keel with large copper bolts.
May 28, 1796 Request to identify those timbers moulded and dressed in the yard at Boston [not available] George Claghorn Letter requests naval constructor George Claghorn that as soon as live oak brought by Schooner Rachel is worked up, to make a statement of frigate timbers moulded and dressed at the ship yard. Mark with "x" timbers that are bolted to frames. Purpose is to take measures to procure timbers still wanting. Report defective timbers as well.
May 11, 1797 On dimensions of gun carriage, directions to Mr Sheaffe and maple timbers for frigate Josiah Fox Captain Thomas Thompson Will forward dimensions of gun carriage. Has given directions to Mr Sheaffe on forwarding materials available at navy yard and to deliver maple timbers for frigate launching. If maple timbers damaged, Hackett will be held for value.
August 21, 1795 Colonel George Claghorn's letter regarding dimensions and type of frigate timbers Joshua Humphreys Timothy Pickering Joshua Humphreys reports that he has considered the letters of Colonel George Claghorn, naval constructor of Boston. He discusses the dimensions of frigate timbers, and the merits of oak timbers and pine timbers. He concludes that there is no impropriety in reducing the timber size by a small margin.
July 12, 1796 Discussion of Shipbuilding Timbers & Lost Statement Josiah Fox David Stodder Letter, discusses timbers for shipbuilders; discusses lost statement.
May 29, 1795 Forwarding of Suggestion for Obtaining Lumber Timothy Pickering Josiah Fox Letter, describes Humphreys' idea regarding the procurement of timber.
July 15, 1796 Request for Live Oak Timbers for Frigate Construction Captain Thomas Truxtun Josiah Fox Letter, asks for live oak to complete Frigate frame.
February 15, 1796 Discussion of Frigate Timbers, Strength, Dimensions, & Performance Josiah Fox James McHenry Letter, discusses cedar toptimbers re Frigates; discusses Frigate performance; describes strength of Frigates; describes dimensions of Frigate.
July 18, 1796 Discussion of Location & Lease for Navy Yard Josiah Fox James McHenry Letter, describes location for Navy yard; discusses lease for Navy Yard; mentions Frigates.
1795 Timbers Josiah Fox Timothy Pickering Enclosed list of timbers molded for use in ships keel.
August 10, 1796 Direction on the proper use and sizes of bolts for frigate construction [not available] George Claghorn Appears to be guidance on the appropriate sizes of bolts for frigate building. If no copper bolts of the proper size can be found, they may be made from the cuttings of the large bolts.
April 27, 1795 Discussion of Frigate Bolting Timbers Josiah Fox Joshua Humphreys Letter, discusses bolting timbers in 44 gun Frigates.
August 8, 1796 On the selection and forwarding of live oak frigate timbers to Boston and Baltimore [not available] John Blagge McHenry requests shipment of live oak frigate timbers to Baltimore and Boston. Notes that naval constructor Forman Cheeseman will point out the specific timbers to be forwarded.
September 12, 1796 Orders to proceed to Norfolk Virginia to examine timbers [not available] George Claghorn Secretary of War directs naval constructor George Claghorn to proceed to Norfolk Virginia ship yard to select frigate timbers. Secretary of Treasury informed relative to transportation of timbers.
[not available] Dimensions of Timber John Stagg [not available] Document, describes proportions of beams re Frigates.
June 1, 1796 Request for statement of live oak frigate timbers at New York navy yard [not available] Foreman Cheeseman Naval Constructor Cheeseman is to provide a statement of live oak frigate timbers moulded and dressed in the navy yard at New York. Distinguish by name and mark with "x" those bolted on the frames.
March 15, 1796 Instructions on the manner of securing floor timbers [not available] George Claghorn Instructions provided on the manner of securing the floor timbers with copper bolts.
August 17, 1796 Discussion of Timber Needed for Frigate Frame Josiah Fox George Claghorn Letter, discusses timber for Frigate frame.
September 1, 1796 Request to deliver timbers to James Hackett for construction of frigate for Mediterranean service [not available] Jacob Sheafe McHenry requests that naval agent Jacob Sheaffe deliver timbers for James Hackett construction of frigate for service in the Mediterranean. Outlines requirement for two disinterested persons who will assess the value of timbers on oath.
July 23, 1796 Discussion of Timber for Ship Masts & Spars; Discussion of Navy Yards Josiah Fox James McHenry Letter, describes timbers available for masts & spars; discusses Navy yards.