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December 19, 1795 Land Rights William Blount Timothy Pickering Notification that problems will arise over land rights around the territories of North Carolina due to recent influx of settlers, Cherokee land holdings, disputed boundaries, and land grants issued by the government.
March 15, 1800 Sale of Land Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Discussed property values and the sale of land warrants.
March 1800 Enclosed Certificate of Land Rights William Torrey James McHenry Certificate of land rights enclosed, as granted by Congress to refugees from Canada.
July 26, 1792 Discussions of Peace and Land Rights Joseph Brandt Henry Knox Intelligence on the murder of Maj. Trueman by an Indian boy arrived. Discussed possible routes attributes and drawbacks to transmit information. Land rights of United States and Indians discussed as issue U.S. cannot win. Brandt plans to travel to settle peace with Indians.
August 5, 1800 Promises and Land Rights Arthur St. Clair Chiefs of the Chickasaw Nation Promises made in Philadelphia by Sec of War to be kept. Currently searching for an agent through whom the Indians can communicate to the U.S. Government. Land rights addressed.
August 30, 1790 Plans to Travel, Land Rights Discussed Henry Knox Isaac Winslow Knox discussed land rights conceded in resolve of 24th july, 1785.
February 2, 1797 Discussion of Chickosaw Treaties, Surrender of Indian Land Charles Lee James McHenry Refers to Indian land negotiations over lumber and river access. Discussion of subject rights and protections. Mentions treaty with Chickasaws. Refers to Indians surrendering rights to land.
March 3, 1796 FRAGMENT: Letter to Creek Nation James McHenry Creek Nation of Indians Laid down U.S. stipulations for treaties to be considered valid. Discussed land protection and land rights of Creek Nation, hopes to establish peace b/w two nations.
March 2, 1795 Land Rights in Georgia Timothy Pickering George Mathews President received letter from T.Carnes and J.Gunn, regarding Indian rights to land inside current U.S. boundary. Discussed current unrest among Creeks and urged delicacy in pursuing this issue. State of Georgia passed legislation to investigate claims. Copy of resolution to investigate enclosed.
February 21, 1800 Warrants, Land Rights, and Drafts Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Johnston's warrant received. Fearing problems with the lottery for land, Craig delivered warrant to Messrs. Armstrong and Wells. Various accounts and drafts discussed
January 20, 1797 A Deed in the Name of the President For Lots 37 & 38 Near Waterford Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Most eligible lots for erecting barracks at Le Boeuf were lots 37 and 38 located in the town of Waterford. Land lots went up for auction by commissioners Gen Irwin and Wilson, Craig sought to purchase them from the state of Pennsylvania for the United States.
September 14, 1797 Pennsylvanians Know that They are not Entirely Governed by Military Law, Etc. William Cooke John Adams Letter concerns the land rights of Pennsylvanians and Indians.
September 10, 1792 Overtures of Peace with Indians Bloody Fellow William Blount Discussed outcome of talk with President regarding land rights and white settlers. Laid blame on white man, not on Creeks for the "effusion of blood" as the settlers were encroaching on Indian land. Hopes for peace and control of "bad people". Discussed settlement of cost for lost horses.
July 7, 1790 Opinion on Indian Attacks Harry Innes Henry Knox Stated that all warfare has been due to Indian aggression. In an effort to protect and preserve land rights, an expedition of volunteers into Indian territory will commence. Volunteers will not discriminate who they injure or kill.
April 15, 1795 Peace Treaty, Land Rights, and Recruiting Timothy Pickering Anthony Wayne Believed hostile Indians sincerely wanted peace which will "happily remove a load of embarrassment which a continuance of war has produced." Details on why Indians will pursue peace with U.S. and war over land rights. Discussed slow recruiting, and the increased bounty and pay and "prospect of service less severe" will aid in reinlisting soldiers. Plans to build post in Presque Isle.
October 9, 1792 Indian Land Rights; Alexander McGillivray James Seagrove Deterred Seagrove from listening to Bowles. Discussed boundary line, and hostilities of Indians. Treaty of New York and Spanish interests veted with Governor of Louisiana. Land rights of several Indian Nations discussed. Requested provisions due to poor harvest.
January 26, 1800 Land Warrants Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Notification that J. Bever, land surveyor, will call upon Hodgdon for military land warrant. Bever en route to Philadelphia to attend drawing of lottery and to locate several land warrants currently in his hands.
June 24, 1795 [The Creeks] Appointment of Commisioners George Washington United States Senate Pacific disposition of Creeks led Washington to accede to the request of the State of Georgia to hold treaty on land rights. Treaty will be guided by the agreements made in the Treaty of New York, and half of the costs associated with the Treaty in Georgia will be assumed by the state. Nominations for commissioners included.
August 11, 1792 Boundary Disputes Henry Knox Alexander McGillivray Mention of imposter Bowles and his "pernicious influence" on the boundary line between Creek and U.S. lands. Knox advised McGillivray to use his influence to run boundary according to treaty. Land rights, hunting grounds, and hostilities between Indians and settlers discussed.
December 18, 1786 Speech of United Indian Nations to Congress Chiefs of Wabash and Illinois Tribes [not available] The Indians are disappointed that they were not included in peace accord with Great Britain; wanted lasting peace. Indians excluded from meetings held regarding peace and property rights, desire future peace be reached with a united voice of the confederacy.
February 12, 1798 Appropriate Time to Hold Treaty with Cherokee Indians Andrew Jackson James McHenry Anderson, Jackson, and Claiborne advised McHenry on time of Treaty with Cherokee's regarding the "affair in Tennessee" that dealt with land rights of settlers and Indians.
May 26, 1788 Indian Talks Regarding Land Rights in Georgia Cowetas Commissioners Indians request removal of Georgian settlers from their land. Then there will be peace. Expressed desire for peace with all three nations (England, Spain, America). Doctor White has acted on behalf of the Indian tribes.
June 27, 1798 Act of Oneida Chiefs on Land Allocation Joseph Hopkinson Sachems and Warriors Oneida Nation Documentation of Oneida chiefs intent for the land ceded to the United States.
February 27, 1798 Oneida Intent to Sell Land Claim in New York, Appointment of Commissioners John Jay Jonathan Taylor Declaration of Oneida tribe to sell land claim with the caveat that they retain use of some of the land. Jay appointed Egbert Benson, Simeon De Witt, and John Taylor to confer with the chiefs to determine Indian land claims.
June 16, 1800 Received List of Military Land Warrants Samuel Dexter Samuel Coleman Acknowledged receipt of list of military land warrants issued by the Land Office in Virginia to officers and soldiers who served in the Virginia Line on Continental Establishment. List will assist with search required by War Department.