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1792 Payment for St. Clair's horses killed during the Expedition of November 4, 1792 [not available] Arthur St. Clair General Arthur St. Clair documents the horses killed during the fighting with the Indians of November 4th, 1792. Three horses killed were his private property. Losses amounted to $600. One horse was killed under him. Another was killed as the servant brought him up to mount. Third was killed under one of his aides. A fourth was killed, but it belonged to the public.
November 4, 1790 Return of the Killed and Wounded upon the Expedition against the Miami Towns Josiah Harmar [not available] Return of the killed and wounded upon the expedition against the Miami towns, under the command of Brigadier General Harmar. Federal troops killed: 75; militia; 108. Total wounded: 31. Killed included Major Wyllys, Lieutenant Frothingham, Major Fontaine, Captain Thorp, Captain, Scott, Captain McMurtry, Lieutenant Clark, Lieutenant Worley, and Ensign Arnold.
[not available] Account of Depredations Committed in Kentucky by Savages since May 1, 1789 Unknown Author [not available] Details on murders, attacks, and horse thefts that occurred in each county of Kentucky.
June 30, 1794 Return of the killed, wounded, and missing John Mills Unknown Recipient Return of the killed, wounded, and missing, of a detachment under the orders of Major William McMahon, in the action near Fort Recovery, on June 30, 1794. McMahon was among the officers killed.
October 29, 1791 News from Camp Thomas Butler Samuel Hodgdon The previous day the Indians killed one of Capt. Edward Butler's men and wounded one other who died later. They have also either killed or taken one militia man. Our Indians have gone out with Capt. Sparks and four other men at the same time the road parties set out. Hodgdon is asked to send out one keg of whiskey.
March 13, 1790 Indian Attacks Henry Jones Jonathan Brown Details of Indian attacks and murders, fear of increase in hostilities the following spring.
November 12, 1791 List of the Killed & Wounded, Etc. Robert Barr Samuel Hodgdon Barr notes that they now have a List of the Killed and Wounded. Col. Darke is included on the list of wounded but Barr hopes that he is not mortally wounded. Mr. Duncan informs Barr that he has a large quantity of Hyson Tea that will sell well at Natchez and New Orleans.
May 6, 1791 Scouts and Settlers Killed by Indians Col. David Sheppard Henry Knox Too few soldiers led to inadequate defense of frontier and Indians killed many scouts and settlers. Captain Kirkwood to provide accurate account of incident. Request for arms and ammunition.
October 24, 1791 Indians Killed & Scalped a Man John Harris Samuel Hodgdon According to Capt. Benham, the Army is sadly lacking provisions. The idea of an army suffering for provisions in Indian Country is too much to be surmounted so an effort has been exerted to provide assistance. According to reports, the Indians killed and scalped a man by the name of Fowler seven or eight miles from the fort.
March 20, 1792 Grow Up and Then We'll Kill You! Elijah Robertson William Blount Colonel Elijah Robertson describes for Governor Blount the Indian raids on two frontier families in which all but two small children were killed.
May 12, 1790 Enclosed Affidavit Regarding Murder by Indians John Edwards Harry Innes Notification of murders by Indians, enclosed affidavit affirming murder.
July 5, 1799 Certification of payment; Estate of Ensign Aaron Higgins in Captain Bush’s Company of Kentucky Militia on General Josiah Harmar’s Expedition, killed in action 22 October 1790 William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $14.36 to estate of Ensign Aaron Higgins in Captain Bush’s Company of Kentucky Militia on General Josiah Harmar’s Expedition, killed in action 22 October 1790.
June 16, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons John Cummings Simmons forwards to Cummings the half-pay due to the widow of an officer killed in action.
July 5, 1793 Killing of Creek Indians at Spanish Creek & Detention of Indians at Seagrove's Home James Seagrove Timothy Barnard [Bernard] Seagrove recounts the incident whereby Creek Indians were reportedly mistakenly killed by whites at Spanish Creek. Points out that David Cornell was killed by same man whose brother Cornell killed past winter on frontier of Cumberland. Expresses hope that matter can still be settled peacefully. Seagrove then reports on detention of Indians at his house, including the incident whereby one Indian...
July 15, 1788 Attack on Party at Falls of Muskingum Arthur St. Clair General Butler Regarding attack on party at falls of Muskingum, two killed, two wounded. One Indian killed. States that the affair has been exaggerated in common report and fears effect on the settlements. Prospects for peace and war hang on the balance.
June 15, 1793 I think you are afraid of those bad men. Hanging Maw Secretary Smith Upon Governor Blount's departure from the country, Hanging Maw was attacked and almost killed by some bad white men. He accuses Smith of not protecting him because he fears these men.
March 8, 1784 Pay for Army Widows John Pierce Phebe Colburn Reply to a widow regarding the resolutions of Congress on pay to women whose husbands were killed in the service
September 3, 1796 Land grants to soldiers William Simmons William Keteltas Informs Keteltas that a certain soldier, Cornelius Vantassell, in the 2nd New York Regiment who died in the service during the Revolutionary War was not entitled to land, as land was only granted to those soldiers who were killed in action.
June 5, 1799 Certification of payment; Estate of Thomas Flinn, killed by Indians, for services as interpreter and guide for the late Major Alex Freeman William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $106.33 to Estate of Thomas Flinn, killed by Indians, for services as interpreter and guide for the late Major Alexander Freeman.
March 28, 1791 Friendly Indians Killed at Beaver Creek Henry Knox Seneca Chiefs Knox assures the Seneca Chiefs that the President had nothing to do with the recent murder of friendly Indians. He will ensure that Samuel Brady and the others responsible for this reprehensible deed will be brought to justice and punished. Compensation for lost horses and other property will be provided to the friends and relations of the deceased.
November 8, 1794 Contractor killed by Indians Alexander Hamilton James O'Hara Informs James O'Hara, Quartermaster General of the U.S. Army, that Robert Elliot, one of the contractors, has been lately killed by hostile Indians, and that this might hinder the furnishing and forwarding of supplies.
May 21, 1796 Account of Captain Asa Hartshorne Deceased William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that forty dollars is due Captain Asa Hartshorne, deceased, late of the 1st Sub Legion, being the balance of his account of recruiting and pay to June 30, 1794, the day he was killed.
September 17, 1788 Widow of Captain James Calderwood, killed at Brandywine Jonathan Nicholson Joseph Howell Widow of Captain James Calderwood, killed at Brandywine applies to Pennsylvania for half pay. He was Captain of an independent company, but was annexed to the 11th Virginia Regiment.
January 26, 1790 Indian Attacks Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox By note received from Louisville, details of Indian attacks of settlements located on Russell Creek, and Danville.
May 25, 1792 Appointment and Defeated Riflemen Isaac Craig Joseph Howell Appointment made to position Capt. Biggs declined, money dispensed. Riflemen defeated and some killed by Indians at Beaver Creek.