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November 1, 1797 The Wood is Dry and Tolerably Good Peter Hunt Samuel Hodgdon The wood on the wharf, being dry and tolerably good, is being sent to Hodgdon and debited to his account. Lieutenant Marschalk marched through on Sunday on his way to Reading. The stores are gone to Brunswick.
May 24, 1791 Smith & Shepherd's Contract for Clothing Henry Knox Alexander Hamilton Smith & Shepherd have completed their contact for the clothing for the levies and Mr. Hodgdon has receipted to them for same. Some of the articles were not equal to the pattern and others were superior but on the whole Hodgdon judges that Smith & Shepherd have successfully executed their contract. Additional overalls have been commissioned so that the soldiers will have clean pairs.
January 14, 1799 Requests Workmen to Repair, Clean Muskets in Store Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Reports number of French muskets in store that need cleaning and repair. These muskets could then be used instead of contracting for new muskets. Seeks permission for workmen to clean and repair. Recommends building a store suitable to supply the requested seasoned muskets.
March 12, 1787 Contract to Clean French Carbines William Price Henry Knox Price certifies for Knox that James Morrow has cleaned 480 French carbines at a total cost of $75.
January 31, 1786 Contract for Cleaning Arms William Price Henry Knox Reports a contract made to clean 500 stands of arms at West Point
July 8, 1796 Maintaining the Arms in the Stores, Etc. David Ames Samuel Hodgdon Ames encloses a return of the work done in the armorer's shop for June 1796 and hopes that work will not be halted for a want of stocks. He wants to know whether he is responsible for keeping the arms in the stores clean or does the responsiblity fall to Captain Bryant. During the summer they will only be oiled over.
April 29, 1784 To be brought before Congress Hezekiah Wetmore John Pierce Discusses a matter he wishes brought before Congress.
August 25, 1799 No Jackets and Only Eight Coats Thomas Parker Alexander Hamilton "Since I had the honor of writing to you yesterday a supply of clothing and horseman's tents have come to hand which I am much pleased with. I am sorry however to find that there are no jackets amongst them and only eight coats. An additional supply will be wanting very soon as we are tolerably successful in recruiting."
April 2, 1787 Details of New Arms Cleaning Contract William Price Henry Knox Discusses new contract struck with James Morrow for the cleaning of 1000 stand of arms.
March 26, 1789 Payment for Arms Cleaned and Repaired William Price Henry Knox Following instructions from Knox from June 1788, Price delivered 500 stands of Hessian arms to James Morrow for repair. Morrow has completed the work and is owed 93 pounds 15 shillings. Per that same letter, Price paid Morrow the equivalent of 86 pounds 4 shillings in old arms, old iron, and blankets, which leaves the balance due Morrow 7 pounds 11 shillings. There are four hundred more damaged...
May 22, 1786 Discussion of Payment for Arms Cleaning Contractors William Price Henry Knox Discusses payment of men contracted to clean arms at West Point for services rendered.
August 27, 1787 Contracts for Cleaning & Repairing Arms, Provisions & Firewood William Price Henry Knox Discusses the execution of James Manon's contract to repair and clean 1000 stand of arms, and his partial payment in weapons. Advises Knox on what actions should be taken if further weapons are to be cleaned & repaired, and notes Manon's eagerness to do so, and at what price. Explains various materials needed for cleaning and repairing weapons. Refers to a contract for provisions, and a...
January 4, 1794 Estimates of expenses of building and equipping frigates Henry Knox Thomas Fitzsimmons Encloses estimates of expenses of building and equipping frigates. First one was made in Philadelphia and is described as most perfect. Second is estimate made in Boston; fairly accurate, but not comprehending all the equipment. Third is tolerably accurate.
September 8, 1786 Report on Completion of Arms Cleaning Contract William Price Henry Knox Reports the execution of James Manon's contract to clean arms at West Point, with the particulars and prices involved.
January 4, 1794 Estimates of the expenses of building and equipping frigates Henry Knox Thomas Fitzsimmons Letter, discusses three estimates of the expenses of building and equipping frigates.
January 4, 1794 Thomas Fitzsimmons submission of 3 estimates for frigate construction Henry Knox Thomas Fitzsimmons Simmons encloses three estimates for building and equipping Frigates. The first one was made in 1790 [presumably Philadelphia] and is the most perfect, although the estimate of wages is too low. The second was made in Boston and is considered pretty accurate, but doesn't include the equipment. Third is described as tolerably accurate.
March 6, 1789 Knox writes to Biddle about health Henry Knox Clement Biddle Knox relays information to Biddle regarding the health of himself and his family.
May 22, 1786 Discussion of Clothing, Arms Cleaning & Readiness, And An Armorer at West Point William Price Henry Knox Discusses soldiers' clothing available at West Point; reports that all arms at the post are now clean and ready for service, and comments on the payment of those who did the cleaning. Discusses an armorer at the post.
May 9, 1799 Appointment of Regimental Officers & Location of Rendezvouses Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton discusses the officers who have been nominated for regimental positions as well as locations that have been selected as regimental rendezvouses.
July 5, 1798 Contractor payment for services for Continental Troops [not available] Samuel Hodgdon Note by James McHenry to make payment to contractor Richard Parker for furnishing Continental troops with transportation, wood, keeping the rooms clean and in good order.
May 16, 1796 Account of Colonel James Ross William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $276.67 is due Colonel James Ross, being the balance of his account for repairing and cleaning muskets and his compensation for superintending and collecting public stores from Nov. 24, 1794 to May 12, 1796.
September 28, 1792 Report on State of Shot and Shell and Stores Not Yet Received Isaac Craig Henry Knox Discusses inventory of shells and shot. Mr. Campbell has sent a man to clean and trim the shot. Mr. Morrow, the armorer, complains about not receiving a barrel of oil. Craig lists a number of articles that have not been received. Also encloses list of damaged goods.
July 21, 1795 Guns and the Progress on the Gun Carriages John Bryant Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed in the letter is a return for ordnance and stores for June 1795. Bryant found a significant amount of extra gun parts in perfect condition. The gun carriages are nearly all complete and Bryant wishes to know if the armorers are to clean the French arms on site or if he is to hire men.
November 8, 1793 Ford's Displeasure at the Publication of Affairs Relative to the Treaty, Etc. Timothy Pickering Benjamin Lincoln Among other topics, Pickering discusses Capt. Ford's displeasure regarding the publication of information about the treaty which might cause him trouble when he returns to Canada. That situation was avoided, however, because Ford died when he choked on a piece of meat at dinner.
August 9, 1793 Delivery of Letters to Fort Washington; State of the River; Attendance on Indians Isaac Craig Henry Knox Lieutenant Tinley set of for Fort Washington with letters; he will take charge of stores forwarded there since Captain Pike's departure. Captain Pratt will set off in a few days. Makes mention of Lieutenant Reed. Ohio River is tolerably high for season. Mentions Joseph Nicholas and his account for attending to Wabash Indians.