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June 16, 1794 Journey to Virginia George Washington [not available] President Washington informs his cabinet that tomorrow he will commence his journey for Virginia. His absence from the seat of government will be as short as he can make it. In the interim, if an occurrence shall happen, any matter that receives unanimous opinion from the Cabinet shall be carried into effect.
January 20, 1800 Journey to Natchez James Wilkinson Alexander Hamilton Following a trip to New York to meet with McHenry and Hamilton, Wilkinson reports on his arduous journey back to Natchez in the Mississippi Territory.
October 16, 1794 Articles Needed for a Journey James Mentges Samuel Hodgdon Since Mentges will be taking a number of papers with him, he asks for a good portmanteau, two blankets, a horseman's sword and belt, and some small blank books. These articles will be returned when he gets back from his journey.
May 28, 1798 Hiring Necessary Horses Samuel Hodgdon Samuel Fisher Fisher is told to hire as many horses as he needs to expedite his journey and Hodgdon will provide the necessary payments for doing so.
December 2, 1796 Healthy Horses for a Long Journey John Wade Samuel Hodgdon Wade is certain that Colonel Hodgdon will not be backward in furnishing him with horses sufficiently strong and healthy to endure a long journey in which severe weather is likely.
February 27, 1801 Certification of payment; Uriah Tracey expenses in journey traveling from Litchfield Connecticut to Detroit William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; $730.32 to Uriah Tracey for expenses in journey traveling from Litchfield Connecticut to Detroit and back in order to examine the state of garrisons, trading house, and factories in Northwestern Territories and frontiers of Tennessee and Georgia.
November 1794 A Broken Down Carriage & Other Miseries James Jones Samuel Hodgdon Jones bemoans the need to leave the hired horses in Lancaster because of their unsuitablity for the journey which he must undertake. The horses detained him for six hours on the road from Philadelphia when they refused to pull the broken down carriage.Mr. Slough is providing a new apparatus for the journey but the Secretary of State should be notified of his new arrangements and the necessary...
January 24, 1800 Journey Cannot Be Made while Snow is on the Ground William Alexander Samuel Hodgdon Alexander has received the letter from Mr. Parker with the ten military warrants for Mr. Cutter enclosed. If they had been received earlier, they would have been forwarded by post but the journey cannot be made while snow is on the ground and they cannot find the traces of the old channel from the Spring. Even when the snow is gone, the channel will be difficult to find but Alexander will still...
December 4, 1794 A Tedious and Disagreeable Journey James Jones Matthias Slough Jones complains of his tedious and disagreeable journey due to the total incapacity of the horses hired at Lancaster. One of the horses gave out at Wright's Ferry and another one at Laurel Hill. He has had to hire a second team to draw his wagon and baggage. The bearer was offered a third horse to take the wagon home but he refused due to the state of the roads over the mountains.
February 5, 1786 Question on a Resolve of Congress William Williams Joseph Howell The author wants to know whether a recent resolve of Congress relative to the settling of Army accounts applies to his case. He has written twice and has yet to receive an answer.
October 28, 1796 Horses for Sinclair & Heth's Indian Chiefs Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Colonel O'Hara will be notifed that he needs to answer Hodgdon's letter. Three horses have been furnished to General Sinclair for his journey to Philadelphia and sixteen horses, equipped with saddles and bridles, have been provided for eight Indian chiefs and their attendants, under the direction of John Heth, for their journey to Shippensburg
November 13, 1786 Reports Journey with Lafayette; Hopes to Visit Mount Vernon James McHenry George Washington Reports the Marquis de Lafayette has spared no expense on their journey. Would like to spend a few days at Mount Vernon, when the two of them could visit about the Revolutionary history.
December 13, 1798 Certification of payments; due to James McHenry for expenses incurred on a journey to New York for the purpose of viewing the harbor of New York and the plan for its defense William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; $77 due to James McHenry for expenses incurred on a journey to New York for the purpose of viewing the harbor of New York and the plan for its defense, June 1798.
January 10, 1799 General Washington's Expenses James McHenry William Simmons A letter from Lt. General George Washington indicates that his expenses exceed the pay and emoluments provided for his recent journey from Mt. Vernon to Philadelphia and returning. It will therefore be necessary to reimburse those expenses and transmit them to the General in in the next day's post.
October 5, 1793 United States Relieved from a Heavy Expense William Blount Henry Knox After being warned of the danger of the fever at Philadelphia, the Chickasaw delegation have cancelled their trip to meet the President which saves the United States the expense of their journey.
March 17, 1798 Certification of payments; account of Capt. Mitchell William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $164.50 is due Capt. Donald G. Mitchell of the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers, being for monies expended in prosecuting his journey from Philadelphia to Detroit and returning to Pittsburgh.
April 25, 1792 Accompanying Captain Brandt to Philadelphia Henry Knox Deodat Allen Knox asks Doctor Deodat Allen if he will accompany Joseph Brandt to Philadelphia if General Chapin is unable to perform the task.
July 19, 1792 Letter to Captain Putnam One of the Wea Men Rufus Putnam The speaker calls Captain Putnam a companion, which signifies a stronger relationship than even that of a brother. The speaker admits his fears that the women and children of his tribe will die if they remain, and wishes for the Indians to be taken to the O. post [?]. Chiefs who are well-spoken will congregate there, and the speaker wishes for Putnam to travel there as well. Putnam responds...
March 23, 1801 Details of Post-Presidential Journey Home John Adams Samuel Dexter Adams relates the details of his journey home after the end of his term as president, and of the state of his home, sending respects to Jefferson, and compliments to Madison, Lincoln, Dearborn and Stoddert.
January 31, 1796 Plans for Travelling to Philadelphia James McHenry George Washington Mr. Chase is extremely pleased with his appointment and will set out by stage for Philadelphia soon. Despite a bad cold, McHenry plans to travel by horseback but his journey may be delayed as he severs his connections in two mercantile partnerships.
December 13, 1798 Certification of payments; James McHenry for expenses incurred in a journey to Mount Vernon to the present commander in chief on business related to his commission. William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; $95.90 due to Secretary of War James McHenry for expenses incurred for the month of July 1798 in a journey to Mount Vernon Virginia to the present commander in chief on business related to his commission.
June 3, 1791 Travel Plans of Hodgdon John Stagg Isaac Craig Stagg answers instead of Hodgdon, who has left for Pittsburgh.
July 31, 1786 Insufficient documentation to secure claims Joseph Howell James F. Armstrong The documentation received is sufficient to secure the recipient's claims. It is understood that poor health prevents the recipient from coming to New York to settle this matter so it can be postponed until he is well enough to travel.
December 26, 1793 Money; Journey to Philadelphia; Major Cass's baggage Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Regrets that money did not arrive this post. If so, would have been sooner prepared for journey to Philadelphia. Drew on Hodgdon in favor of John Wilkins Junior $205. Hamilton the waggoner just arrived with Major Cass's baggage.
March 22, 1798 James Carey's Account Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Letter, discusses money advanced James Carey.