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October 28, 1797 Indian Deed Delivery Jeremiah Wadsworth James McHenry Delivery of Indian deed and journal. Journal contains some details, but omits Indian speeches which Wadsworth deemed unimportant.
July 30, 1784 Printing and binding Charles Thomson Jonathan Bankson Signing and forwarding of resolutions; discusses printing and binding of journals.
January 10, 1795 Enclosed Journal of Peace Treaty Council William Blount Timothy Pickering Enclosed journal of the proceedings between Cherokee chiefs and Blount which ended with peace agreement. Objective of meeting was to convince Cherokees to terminate friendship between their nation and the Creek Nation.
June 24, 1796 Travel Journal James Ross James McHenry Cited in McHenry to Ross, 07/02/1796. [Letter, asks for travel journal.]
July 2, 1796 Requesting a travel journal of western lands James McHenry James Ross McHenry requests for a travel journal that documents and describes the lands beyond Pittsburgh, including a portion of land which is to be sold under an act of Congress.
January 4, 1796 Discussion of Inflammatory Article Supposedly Published by Benjamin Stoddert Captain Thomas Truxtun Josiah Fox Letter, discusses article in the Maryland Journal regarding the raising of a Frigate, claiming Stodder [Stoddert] wrote the anonymous article.
January 16, 1799 List of Documents James McHenry Thomas Jefferson Copies of instructions given to Walton, Steele, Moore and speech given by President to Cherokees regarding sale of land. Requested return of journal kept by Commissioners.
January 15, 1799 Notification of Treaty with the Cherokees John Adams United States Senate "I transmit to you the treaty between the United States and the Cherokee Indians, signed near Tellico, on the second day of October 1798 for your consideration. I have directed the Secretary of War to lay before you the journal of the commissioners and a copy of their instructions."
March 2, 1793 Journal of the Commissioners of the United States, appointed to hold a Treaty at Sandusky for the purpose of making peace with the Western Indians Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky [not available] Cover page to the Journal of the Federal Commissioners of the United States appointed to hold a Treaty at Sandusky. Commissioners named as Benjamin Lincoln of Massachusetts, Beverley Randolph of Virginia, and Timothy Pickering of Pennsylvania. Commissioners' purpose is to negotiate a peace with the Nations of Indians northwest of the Ohio River, on principles of mutual justice and convenience. ...
August 5, 1799 Request for delivery of ledgers to keeper of military stores James McHenry John Wilkins, Jr. Request for delivery of ledgers, ledger journal, day books, folio alphabet, folio letterbook to keeper of military stores in Philadelphia.
February 8, 1793 Journal of Commissioners of United States appointed to hold treaty at Sandusky for purpose of making peace with Western Indians Timothy Pickering Henry Knox Journal of the commissioners of the United States appointed to hold a treaty at Sandusky for the purpose of making peace with the Western Indians. Commissioners: Benjamin Lincoln, Massachusetts; Beverly Randolph, Virginia; Timothy Pickering, Pennsylvania. Two commissions outlined. First gives the commissioners full power to confer, conclude and sign with such persons of Indian nations a treaty of...
May 22, 1798 Orders for Captain Richard Dale War Department Captain Richard Dale Dale to be governed by certain instructions which relate to the prevention of violations of jurisdictional rights and to self defense. Describes the range of jurisdiction of United States coast; what action to take if attacked on the high seas; cruising ground; circumstances for receiving additional orders; engaging of a pilot and requirement to maintain a journal of proceedings.
June 30, 1792 Letter Citation James Carey Unknown Recipient Cited in Blount to Knox, 11/08/1792. Journal of the Council at Estinaula.
February 7, 1796 Discussion of Newspaper References to Frigate Building Captain Thomas Truxtun Josiah Fox Letter, describes article on Frigate building at Baltimore; informs Fox re false newspaper article.
August 2, 1792 Marching orders to Point Pleasant Henry Knox William Preston Secretary Knox orders Captain Preston to commence the march for Point Pleasant, at the mouth of Great Henhawa River. Route will begin at Green Briar Court House under escort of Captain Gibson's company. Draw rations at present rendezvous and en route. Keep journal, noticing weather and distances of each day's march. At Point Pleasant, will receive further orders from Major General Wayne....
January 13, 1795 Support and Supplies to Fight Creeks General James Robertson William Blount Robertson writes Gov. Blount on behalf of the Chickasaws who seek support and supplies as they endeavor to fight the Creeks, citing treaty b/w Chickasaws and U.S. stating the Indians are now citizens of the U.S.
December 4, 1793 Instructions to the Commissioners, Etc. Henry Knox John Adams "In obedience to the direction of the President of the United States, I have the honor to submit to the Senate the instructions to the Commissioners appointed to treat with the hostile Indians north of the Ohio and their report in the form of a journal of their proceedings. And also a statement of the troops of the legion of the United States and certain intelligence from Major General Wayne."
July 12, 1792 Orders to March to Frontier, Pittsburgh Henry Knox Captain Jedediah Rogers Orders to march recruits with due haste to Pittsburgh. Knox requested a journal be kept of events to be submitted to War Office.
December 20, 1792 Treaty Signed at Post Vincennes, Etc. Rufus Putnam Henry Knox Despite poor health, General Putnam has been successful in negotiating a treaty at post Vincennes and encloses a journal of the proceedings during the negotiations and his speech to the Indians. He is still awaiting word from the Delawares regarding their intentions.
July 20, 1784 Printing and binding Charles Thomson Jonathan Bankson Discusses the status of the printing and binding of journals.
January 15, 1786 Journal of the Treaty at Hopewell Commissioners Plenipotentiary Congress of the United States PRINT document. Journal of the Treaty at Hopewell 7-15 January 1786
December 17, 1795 I Wish Nothing Unjust, Etc. David Thompson William Simmons Thompson has received the journal of his march from Winchester to Pittsburgh but has not yet had time to prepare his accounts but will transmit them soon with his muster roll. He expects to be reimbursed for legitimate expences so Simmons should call on the respectable characters of Winchester to affirm the attention and industry he paid to his duties.
April 30, 1793 Journal of the Commissioners Holding a Treaty at Sandusky Benjamin Lincoln [not available] The journal of the Commissioners of the United States, appointed to hold a treaty at Sandusky, for the purpose of making peace with the Western Indians.
June 30, 1791 Payment for Books and Ledgers William Poyntell Joseph Howell A bill for ledgers and books purchased by Howell for use in the office.
January 15, 1798 Investigating expenditures for naval armaments House of Representatives [not available] Congressional resolution that a committee be appointed to inquire into the expenditures for naval armament, along with the causes for delay in revealing that information.