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March 10, 1800 Keeping Col. Smith Out of Jail Alexander Hamilton William Burrows Hamilton applauds Burrows for not forcing the issue on Col. Smith's debt to the extent that he would have gone to jail, which would have ruined Smith. Hamilton seconds Col. Troup's advice to use anonymous names for the bail of Smith.
September 20, 1799 Supplies, Quarters, and Pay James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Illegible letter mentioning a judge and possibly jail.
June 6, 1795 Certificate of Jailer Nicholas Robertson Refering to the Escape of James Chamber. Nicholas Robertson [not available] Certificate, Nicholas Robertson's report regarding James Chambers escape from jail.
June 10, 1795 Account of Mary Weed for subsisting deserters William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that the sum of $35.67 is due Mary Weed, being the amount of her account for subsisting sundry deserters from the Army in the jail at Philadelphia Pennsylvania.
November 28, 1796 Account of William Rose keeper of the public jail at Richmond, Virginia William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $40.51 is due William Rose, keeper of the public jail at Richmond, Virginia, being the amount of his account for the maintenance of sundry deserters lodged therein by officers in the service of the US.
October 23, 1794 Directs Incident with Morgantown Jailer to the Department of State Tench Coxe Henry Knox Received letter from supervisor of Maryland about expense of jail guard at Morgantown. Suggests that such matters fall under the Department of State rather than the War Department. Will check on the contractor if necessary. Requests further instruction.
July 27, 1796 Reward of James West for apprehending deserter Peter Hagner James McHenry Hagner certifies that ten dollars is due James West, being a reward for apprehending and lodging in the Philadelphia jail Charles McIness, a deserter from Captain Thomas Hughes' Company.
August 24, 1800 Private Conference with Merchants, Etc. Benjamin Hodgdon Samuel Hodgdon Benjamin has arrived safely in Alexandria and visited a third party in jail. Relates to a vessel and business. However, no one can now talk to the imprisoned man without the jailer being present.
September 25, 1800 Regarding French Prisoners Held at New York John Jay Samuel Dexter Letter, discusses French prisoners in New York City jail and their proper treatment.
May 24, 1787 Regarding the trial for passing of altered certificates Joseph Howell Thomas Smith The trial of the person confined in Smith's jail has been postponed until July. Pierce cannot attend; therefore has requested that Howell be present a the time appointed. Asks about the date of the trial.
April 9, 1799 Certification of payments; Hector McNeal for expenses and jail fees for deserters William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; $8.14 to Hector McNeal for expenses and jail fees for deserters, Jesse McCarty, John Dougherty, John Smith, Joseph Kitty, John Haynes, payable to Hugh Barclay.
February 26, 1787 Counterfeit certificates John Pierce Thomas Smith Encloses a continuance of his register of certificates and confirms that the certificate offered for sale by Mr. Wilson is counterfeit, earning Wilson a jail sentence.
April 24, 1794 Orders to take charge of deserters John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Detachment under Ensign McClean, marching to Headquarters, to take charge of seven deserters in jail. McClean waits on Hodgdon for some iron handcuffs to secure the deserters.
March 5, 1785 Certificates issued by Colonel Hodgdon; suspect is confined for debt Joseph Howell John Pierce Refers to certificates issued by Colonel Hodgdon. Suspect is confined for debt in New York gaol [jail]. Congress has ordered several departments to be at New York.
May 12, 1795 Release of John Hooks from Confinement John Stagg Alexander Thompson Considering the long confinement of John Hooks in the jail at New York, the Secretary of War has directed that he be released and placed under Thompson's orders.
June 20, 1786 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Pierce John Winslow Pierce's intentions in regards to a forged securities and his plans for apprehending the forger (an officer) of a particular note. Also mentions a person he has confined in jail for passing forged securities.
September 3, 1796 Compensation of Benjamin Miller for appehending a deserter William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $23.07 is due Benjamin Miller as compensation for apprehending a deserter from Captain Mitchell's Company of the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers, including the cost of advertising and subsisting him for 52 days in the West Chester jail [gaol].
December 21, 1797 Certification of payments; account of Lieutenant Thomas Van Dyke, Corps of Artillerists and Engineers for expenses apprehending deserter and attending General Court Martial William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $16.50 is due Lt. Thomas Van Dyke of the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers, being his expenses pursuing and apprehending John Hall, deserter from Lt. Andrew Marschalk's detachment, who is now confined in Harrisburg Jail [Gaol] and for the hire of a Chair to go to Mud Island Fort to attend a General Court Martial by order of the Secretary of War.
June 16, 1795 Return of the recruits enlisted by Lieutenant Horatio A. Dayton at Elizabeth Town New Jersey Horatio R. Dayton Timothy Pickering Return of the recruits enlisted by Lieutenant Horatio A. Dayton at Elizabeth Town, New Jersey. Lists those sent to Governors Island, those confined in gaol [jail], and those fit for duty.
September 23, 1794 Whiskey Rebellion in Maryland ended Thomas Sim Lee Alexander Hamilton Governor of Maryland gleefully informs Secretary Hamilton that the Whiskey Rebels in Maryland have been "entirely crushed without the loss of one life." According to Governor Lee, the "alacrity" of the State militia and the "general spirit" of the citizens in support of the State discouraged the "Insurgents" and induced them to abandon their attack on the arsenal "without a trial of their...
October 4, 1799 A Most Violent Breach of Civil Authority William C. Bentley Alexander Hamilton Bentley recounts an incident in which several soldiers helped an accused horse thief to escape from the local jail. He is concerned not only about the incident itself but also about how it has been covered by what he calls the Jacobin printers, (meaning the anti-federalist press) as they continue to find fault with the "Standing Army."
September 20, 1796 Premium of John Wilson & Thomas Durnel William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that ten dollars is due John Wilson and Thomas Durnel, being the premium for taking up and lodging in the Philadelphia jail [gaol] James Wright, a deserter from Fort Mifflin where he was confined to hard labor.
July 9, 1790 Dawes recommends Thomas to Knox Thomas Dawes Henry Knox Letter, recommends Alexander Thomas for appointment.
June 19, 1787 Regarding whereabouts of Doctor Basil Middleton for purposes of pay for 1783 Caleb Swan John Pierce Informs that Joseph Howell obtained permission of the Board of Treasury to remain in Philadelphia until to trial of the person confined in jail for passing bad certificates. Encloses copy of Doctor Basil Middleton's letter to Colonel Carrington and certificate showing he was in South Carolina in 1783. Not sufficient to grant pay. He was not returned in arrangement of Virginia line 1783....
December 9, 1799 Certification of payment; Frederick Barthold, reward for apprehending L. Miller, a deserter from Captain Cochran’s Company, and Nicholas Pallerd, deserter from Captain Henry’s Company William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $97.86 to Frederick Barthold, reward, jail fees, lodging in apprehending L. Miller, a deserter from Captain Cochran’s Company, and Nicholas Pollerd, deserter from Captain Henry’s Company.