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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
January 10, 1799 Requests Information based on Invoices Samuel Hodgdon William R. Boote By order of the Secretary of War, urges Boote to address enclosed invoices. Requests Boote to acknowledge their receipt.
March 1, 1798 Cash Invoices on the Wagons with the Treaty Goods Samuel Hodgdon David Henley Letter, discusses cash invoices included in the wagons with the treaty goods.
June 19, 1798 Enclosed Cash Invoices for Cherokee Amenities Samuel Hodgdon David Henley Expediency of transporting goods listed in cash invoices expressed by Hodgdon.
January 24, 1799 Invoices for Missing Shipment Samuel Hodgdon John Habersham Expresses concern for recent missing shipment of Indian goods, military supplies, and cash. The Commissioner needs to know details to recoup costs. Forwards previous invoices to assist in the task. Requests that he send Indian invoices to Col. Hawkins when convenient.
August 2, 1799 Refers to Wagoner Invoices, Fever, Crops Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Wonders about how the wagoner plans to make use of the invoices. The invoice calls for a further allowance. The fever has disappeared from the city. Remarks on crops
May 15, 1795 Invoices and Indian Goods Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Plough irons to be provided for the Chickasaws. Details of invoices submitted.
July 26, 1799 Yellow Fever & Invoices Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig discusses Yellow Fever and invoices with Samuel Hodgdon.
February 19, 1800 Received Invoices for Clothing of 3rd & 4th Regiments David Henley James Miller Refers to letters received from Edgar Patterson with invoices and receipts for clothing, artillery, and cavalry and other items for Colonel Butler. Retains trunk from John S. Porter.
June 19, 1798 Cash Invoices of the Cherokee Annuities Samuel Hodgdon David Henley Hodgdon informs Henley of the cash invoices of the Cherokee annuities being transported to his address. They should be forwarded to the person responsible for the division of goods.
December 3, 1794 Invoices of Both Parcels Hill & Lenox Samuel Hodgdon In case they made a mistake in sending the wrong invoice, Hill & Lenox enclose the invoices of both parcels
June 14, 1796 Letter from the War Department James McHenry Edward Price The Secretary at War directs Edward Price to provide copies of his invoices and other records pertaining to Indian trade.
March 15, 1799 Paying an annuity to the Indian tribes James McHenry John Harris McHenry directs Harris to write up a statement of what is to be paid—in goods form—to the various Indian tribes as part of their annuity. McHenry also informs Harris to clearly separate the packages of each individual tribe and draw up invoices to be sent both to the Secretary of War as well as to the Indian tribes.
April 3, 1799 Articles Delivered Agreeable to the Invoices Mahlon Ford Samuel Hodgdon Ford has received Hodgdon's letter by the wagoner William Bass who has delivered the articles agreeable to the invoices. The quartermaster Lieutenant Meminger has received and receipted for them.
March 30, 1798 Major Craig's Needs Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig discusses his needs, including the invoices of Hamilton's loading, his application to Clinton for clothing, and an assortment files.
September 18, 1791 Bayer Dismissed Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Due to undesirable practices, Bayer dismissed. Hodgdon asked Craig to take responsibility for his safety. Complaints of stores not matching invoices noted.
July 10, 1795 Goods and Invoices Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Forwards invoices and returns and summarizes the state of the stores, particularly goods intended for Indian tribes.
January 3, 1799 Receipt for Indian Horses; Invoices for Clothing Samuel Hodgdon David Henley Acknowledges receipt of letters. Includes receipt for horses for Indians as well as invoices for clothing and other public stores sent by Herbert. Hopes they prove to be a reasonable supply.
April 25, 1800 Abstracts of Stores Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig sends abstracts of stores to Samuel Hodgdon, notes some errors in previous invoices and returns.
August 25, 1792 Shoes for the 2nd Regiment Samuel Hodgdon Commander, 2nd U.S. Regiment Hodgdon sends invoices of clothing forwarded to Pittsburgh for the 2nd U.S. Regiment. Also sends a case of shoes "containing a number equal to all deficiencies."
February 1, 1793 Reference to Invoices from Property in Philadelphia James O'Hara Samuel Hodgdon Letter from O'Hara to Hodgdon. Refers to merchants in Philadelphia and Secretary of Treasury.
April 12, 1799 Outlines Supplies for Indian Nations Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Sends invoices for annuities due to several Indian Nations. The goods have been forwarded. A wagon leaves today with medicines and hospital stores. Requests that invoices be sent on safely with supplies so the agents will know how to disburse items.
October 4, 1794 Blankets forwarded Tench Coxe Alexander Hamilton Letter from the Commissioner of the Revenue, writing that Samuel Hodgdon - Supervisor of Military Stores - assured him that up to 6,000 blankets have gone forward. Invoices of all parcels were sent with them.
April 4, 1800 Vouchers of Issues and Shipments Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig forwards vouchers of issues and invoices of shipments to Samuel Hodgdon.
August 24, 1792 Regarding Invoices, Shipments, Separation of Gun Powder; Level of Ohio River Isaac Craig Henry Knox Reports on receipt of invoices and wagon shipments. Craig is working on separating different kinds of powder. A small proportion is fine enough for rifle; not 1/4 musket powder. Mentions Captain Smith and Captain Mills detachments. Comments that the Ohio River is so low as to be impassable for any craft of burden to descend.
November 10, 1791 Accuracy of Records William Knox Isaac Craig Omission of goods from some invoices and receipts but books of Knox's office contain accurate records. Knox attributes mistakes to the amount of work he is currently engaged in. Tracks invoices and other bookkeeping.