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November 25, 1800 Clothing and Invoice Received Joseph Williams Jonathan Jackson Williams has received an invoice of clothing and casks supposedly containing the clothing. The casks will be opened and checked against the invoice as soon as possible. Williams thinks the clothing should have been shipped via New York.
April 2, 1799 Sends Invoice for Clothing Samuel Hodgdon Ebenezer Stevens Forgot to enclose invoice for clothing shipped on Sloop Mary. Hopes that supplies arrive safely.
October 3, 1799 Missing Clothing, no Invoice of Stores David Strong Samuel Hodgdon Fears that his last letter was miscarried, so sends a duplicate. Discusses hogsheads of clothing. Requests that an invoice of stores be forwarded.
July 30, 1798 Clothing, Muskets and Accoutrements Samuel Hodgdon Lemuel Gates Hodgdon sends clothing, muskets and accoutrements, per an enclosed invoice, for 50 men. He asks to be informed when the goods arrive and if they match the invoice.
November 26, 1798 Requests invoice of the public clothing David Henley Samuel Hodgdon Requests the invoice of the public clothing; also thanks Hodgdon for advancing money to a particular individual.
January 27, 1799 Concerning military supplies and clothing Amos Stoddard Samuel Hodgdon Acknowledges that he has received an invoice of arms and clothing, including seventeen knapsacks and canteens not inserted in the invoice. Notes that some of the clothing - particularly the shirts, overalls, and blankets - got wet and may be damaged.
August 20, 1799 Instructions for Clothing for Recruits Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Received invoice for clothing at Portsmouth. The accompanying statement will provide details of shipment and disbursement, presumably by Lieut. Hale to his recruits. Remaining stores should be placed in the hands of the recruiting officer of the corps to which the clothing belongs.
October 14, 1799 Copy of Invoice of clothing forwarded to Winchester Virginia [not available] [not available] Invoice of clothing forwarded to Col Parker, Commander of the 8th Infantry Regiment. Attached document indicates a copy of invoice enclosed in a letter to Major General Hamilton.
January 12, 1798 Articles of Clothing Sent as Inserted in the Enclosed Invoice Samuel Hodgdon Peter Shoemaker By order of the Sec. of War Hodgdon sent Shoemaker articles of clothing requested. Hodgdon asked Shoemaker to receive the items and notify him if the inventory matches the invoice.
August 4, 1798 Clothing & Muskets Inserted in the Enclosed Invoice Samuel Hodgdon John Bishop Clothing and muskets have been sent to Capt. Bishop's address and a receipt should be given to the bearer confirming that the packages were delivered entire and agreed with the invoice.
February 28, 1798 Content of the Hogshead Intended for Lt. Horatio Dayton Samuel Hodgdon Peter Hunt Letter, encloses clothing invoice; directs clothing to be forwarded to Horatio Dayton. .
August 23, 1793 Money, Invoice of Clothing, Arrival of Valentine Pancake, Condition of Wagons, Additional Transportation Charges Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Received $5000 and invoice of clothing for 2d Sub Legion. Valentine Pancake arrived with cavalry clothing and suits. Mentions broken shafts and gumbrels, Mr. Culbertson's wagons. Because stores are forwarded late in season, will be additional charges. Boats cannot carry half loads. Need an assortment of files.
November 24, 1796 Men in Want of Clothing, Especially Shirts Frederick Frye Samuel Hodgdon Frye has received the hogshead with the invoice of the contents contained therein. However, he expected to receive other articles of clothing besides those in the invoice. The men are very much in want, especially of shirts.
September 14, 1795 Invoice of Clothing John McClallin Samuel Hodgdon McClallen has received Hodgdon's letter covering the invoice of clothing for the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers.
February 2, 1789 Box of Clothing Received William Price Henry Knox Informs the Secretary at War that he has received the box of clothing agreeable to the invoice.
January 15, 1799 Clothing Shipment Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Promises to send clothing at the first moment possible to the address of Melancton Smith according to the second invoice received. Will provide information about shipment so Ingersol will know when to expect it. Requests news of receipt of shipment and that it agrees with the invoice.
June 28, 1793 Indian Accounts; Shipments of Clothing Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Will advise on what will be done with Indian accounts. Encloses invoice of clothing. Mentions shipment of cavalry and infantry clothing.
January 30, 1799 Shipment of Clothing; Requests Acknowledgment of Receipt Samuel Hodgdon William McRea By order of Secretary of War, sends clothing and military stores. Requests acknowledgment of receipt and whether they agree with invoice.
[not available] Invoice of Additional Clothing for the Militia Unknown Author [not available] Invoice of additional clothing sent for the militia army from 1 November to 12 December 1796.
November 1, 1792 Clothing Received Jacob Slough Samuel Hodgdon Slough has received Hodgdon's letter along with the clothing sent by James Marsh which is agreeable to the invoice.
February 24, 1795 Receipt of Unexpected Items Horatio R. Dayton Samuel Hodgdon Dayton notes in his letter to Hodgdon that in the hogshead of artillery clothing he received there were forty pairs of shoes that were not mentioned in the invoice.
October 3, 1799 Discrepancy of 132 Shirts in the Invoice Staats Morris Samuel Hodgdon Morris complains that since he has no place to store clothing, he has not been able to compare it to the invoice until the present time. He finds a difference of 132 shirts--100 private's shirts and 32 sergeant's shirts--more than the invoice shows.
December 11, 1791 Clothing, Etc. John Armstrong Samuel Hodgdon Armstrong fears that Hodgdon will be disappointed in not receiving the clothing mentioned in his recent letter. Armstrong has some of the clothing, shirts and shoes, but it is not marked so it is impossible to tell which is for the levies and which is for the artillery. Since he has no invoice he is not willing to part with them.
June 25, 1794 Invoice for Clothing Forwarded Cornelius Lyman Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is a copy of the invoice for the clothing forwarded by Hodgdon with Lyman's receipt.
February 12, 1796 Proper Clothing for the Corps at West Point, Etc. Stephen Rochefontaine Samuel Hodgdon The inclemency of the season requires that the men remaining at West Point be furnished with the proper clothing, including woolen overalls, shoes, shirts, socks, etc. These items are exhausted in the regimental store and some of the men are unfit for duty for want of them. Captain Frye has been at West Point while checking on his family and did not know that his accounts had to be passed through...