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November 4, 1796 Soldier's claims invalidated William Simmons William Munson Possible arrearages of pay due to soldier William Peck foreclosed by Acts of Congress invalidating all claims not presented before 26 March 1794.
January 24, 1784 Pay Request John McGowan John Pierce McGowan - soldier in the Invalid Corps - is requesting pay. McGowan was not paid because he was not in the field with the rest of the troops.
April 16, 1790 Morrow's Account and Wolfe's Demands William Price Henry Knox James Morrow has submitted the enclosed account for repairing the carriages and camp kettles. The invalid soldier called Christian Wolfe, who departed earlier without permission, has returned claiming that he is owed provisions and clothing.
August 14, 1795 Warrant for Payment of Invalid Pensioners Timothy Pickering Matthew Clarkson Authorized payment of invalid pensions.
September 26, 1791 Request to Place Names on Invalid List Henry Knox Thomas Smith Knox requested William Scott and John Witram to be placed on invalid list. Includes pay.
February 1, 1794 Invalid Pension List Henry Knox William Tinley Secretary Knox encloses the Invalid Pension list.
August 1, 1799 Invalid Pensions for New Hampshire James McHenry John Pierce McHenry encloses a list of invalid pensioners for the state of New Hampshire with a warrant for the sum necessary to pay those pensions for six months.
April 8, 1790 Discussion of Pension Payment to Rhode Island Invalids (6) Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Letter, discusses payment of Invalid pensions in Rhode Island.
January 18, 1797 List of Invalid Pensioners and Compensation Amount James McHenry [not available] List of names, rank, state, and amount of compensation pensioners should receive.
February 4, 1795 List of invalid pensioners for Massachusetts Timothy Pickering Nathaniel Appleton List of invalid pensioners for Massachusetts.
February 17, 1793 Act to regulate the claims of invalid persons Henry Knox Congress of the United States Discusses adjudication by Supreme Court on the validity of the rights claimed by invalids under the act entitled "An Act to provide for the settlement of the claims of widows and orphans, barred by the limitations heretofore established, and to regulate the claims of invalid pensions."
April 30, 1793 Power of Attorney to Samuel Shannon from John Burton John Burton Samuel Shannon Power of attorney given by John Burton to Samuel Shannon regarding service rendered as soldier. Documents signed by John McCluster, Thomas Woods, and John Burton.
January 29, 1795 Payment of Invalid Pensioners Stephen Moylan Alexander Hamilton Every quarter Moylan has sent the accounts of all money given to invalid pensioners, and the balances of money in hand.
December 31, 1791 Regarding wounded soldier Henry Knox Richard Butler Letter, discusses wounded soldier.
June 4, 1790 Regarding Payment of Invalid Pensions (2) Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Letter, discusses payment of Invalid pensions.
August 13, 1792 Invalid Pensions in Massachusetts Henry Knox Nathaniel Appleton Secretary Knox directs payment of Invalid Pensions in Massachusetts. The total sum is $5,970.
May 4, 1793 Power of Attorney Zebulon Fuller Samuel Shannon Power of attorney given by Zebulon Fuller to Samuel Shannon.
February 25, 1785 Officers of the invalid Corps Jonathan White Joseph Howell Asks about the pay of officers of the invalid Corps.
February 7, 1800 Requests Information about Disabled Soldiers & Officers on the Pension List Benjamin Stoddert James McHenry Requests information about proof needed for an officer or soldier wounded in the line of duty to be put on the invalid pension list.
January 17, 1797 Enclosed List of Invalid Pensioners James McHenry John Adams Cover letter enclosing list of Invalid Pensioners who were reexamined by doctors and the amount of pension they would receive.
August 1, 1798 List of Virginia invalid pensioners James McHenry John Hopkins War Secretary encloses a list of invalid pensioners belonging to the State of Virginia, with the monthly allowances to each, to the Virginia Commissioner of Loans.
February 1, 1793 List of invalid pensioners from Connecticut Henry Knox William Imlay Imlay transmits list of invalid pensioners from Connecticut.
January 16, 1798 List of Virginia invalid pensioners James McHenry John Hopkins War Secretary encloses list of invalid pensioners to the State of Virginia, with monthly allowances, to the Commissioner of Loans in Virginia.
August 14, 1798 Paying Pennsylvania's Invalid Pensioners James McHenry Stephen Maylon Enclosed is a list of Invalid Pensioners for the State of Pennsylvania with a warrant for their payment for the period from March 5th to September 4th, 1798. The Secretary of the Treasury will provide the funds to make these payments.
August 5, 1794 Pay of Invalid Pensioners Henry Knox John Cochran Orders to pay invalid pensioners named on attached list. Allowance amount included.