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January 1, 1799 A Man of Much Honor & Integrity Charles Carroll Alexander Hamilton Carroll reaffirms his recommendation of the Count de Moelien, a man of honor, integrity, and good sense.
March 5, 1798 Knox defends the integrity of Henry Jackson Henry Knox Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Knox cautions Wolcott to refrain from calling into question the integrity of Henry Jackson for accounting irregularities.
April 1, 1800 Requesting an increase in wages Samuel Armin James McHenry In expectation for the time in which wages for clerks will be determined by the War Department, Samuel Armin - a single parent of four children - writes McHenry asking to please consider him for an increase in pay. Cites his integrity, good character, and two letters of recommendation.
January 19, 1793 Statement of Craig's Character Henry Knox Isaac Craig Acknowledges receipt of letter. Supposes that some hasty omission has been highly blazoned. Considers Major Craig's experience, industry and integrity as highly useful and valuable to public service.
April 26, 1796 Recommendation of Thomas Lewis Anthony Wayne James McHenry Major General Anthony Wayne recommends Captain Thomas Lewis to Secretary James McHenry for service with Lord Dorchester.
December 20, 1798 Defending reputation against political charges William Smith James McHenry Smith responds to what he considers "erroneous" political charges against him, claiming that he is uninfluenced by British or French politics, only believing in the politics of independence. Smith is exceptionally worried about his reputation as these alleged charges of misconduct seek to undermine his integrity. Smith defends himself against charges from William Burrows and William Constable.
February 21, 1790 Jackson recommends Moses Hayes to Knox Henry Jackson Henry Knox Letter, recommends Hays for Collectorship.
August 1, 1796 Reports Abrupt Departure of Mr. Dandridge George Washington James McHenry Reports sudden departure of Mr. Dandridge, based on unworthy motives, although he considers him a character of integrity.
January 20, 1790 Richard solicits appointment from Knox William Richard Henry Knox Letter, asks for appointment in the Revenue department; mentions Constitution.
October 20, 1791 Errors in Returns Henry Knox Isaac Craig Noted receipt of letter addressing mistakes in ordnance returns and Craig's integrity in reporting errors.
February 18, 1799 Public Work for Mr. Vanderherchen James VanHusen Samuel Hodgdon The bearer, Mr. Vanderherchen, is believed to be an honest and industrious man with a family to support. He is out of work and, if given public work, he will do whatever he undertakes with integrity.
September 8, 1795 Integrity of Ensign Remington Discussed William Eaton William Simmons Remington put under civil arrest by creditors for debts, and Eaton had the ensign in close confinement. Man who arrested the ensign deserve no thanks from his country due to the debauchery and dissipation that tainted his personal record.
April 1, 1797 Certification of John Howell as a Practicing Physician Doctor Belleville [not available] Dr. Belleville certifies that John Howell has studied physic and surgery with him for four years with zeal and diligence and has conducted himself as a young man of honor and integrity. He has no doubt that Howell will practice with satisfaction to the public and credit to himself.
November 15, 1786 Recommendation for John White John Pierce John White The Commissioner of Army Accounts informs John White that he can with pleasure recommend him and attest to his good character.
October 26, 1795 No Malice in Charges Against Kalteisen William Cox Lewis Tousard William Cox affirms his honor and integrity and denies that his charges against Captain Kalteisen proceeded from malice, despite allegations of otherwise.
February 7, 1795 Strength of Character, Quality of Pay Timothy Pickering Abraham Kirkpatrick Pickering stated pay should be fixed, pay should be equal to that they received from previous contractors. Mentioned integrity of Major Craig. Requested list of men employed under Kirkpatrick.
July 25, 1798 Recommendation of Mr. Whitney for the Corps of Artillery Constant Freeman Samuel Hodgdon Mr. Whitney has a great desire to enter the Corps of Artillery and Freeman recommends him to Hodgdon as an honest man who has faithfully discharged his duty to his country and possesses a heart filled with sentiments of honor and integrity .
January 17, 1793 Requests Capable Assistant for Dr. Strang to Deliver Pay Money John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War requests a man of integrity and confidence to accompany Dr. Strang to Pittsburgh. Strang bears a considerable amount of money to pay the army. Requests someone completely mounted on horseback and armed.
June 21, 1798 Recommendation of Captain Thomas Robinson Benjamin Walker James McHenry Walker has learned that his brother-in-law, Captain Thomas Robinson, is a candidate for appointment as a commander of one of the vessels to be fitted out for service. Walker is unable to judge Robinson's nautical abilities but can attest to his character as a gentleman of honor and strict integrity. He believes him imminently qualifed for command.
May 21, 1789 Bauman solicits a federal appointment from Knox Sebastian Bauman Henry Knox Letter, asks for appointment in Federal Government.
May 16, 1800 Filling the Vacancy of Master Armorer Joseph Cranch Samuel Hodgdon Because he has suffered from a sickness for four months, Cranch will not be able to fill the vacancy of Master Armorer. He recommends a man who has been in his employ for ten years and can be depended on for his knowledge of the business and integrity and attention to the public interest.
August 15, 1800 Approval of Quartermaster General Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Fearful Hodgdon will not be able to make necessary purchases in a timely manner. Described current relationship Secretary of War as amiable, and that he (Hodgdon) seeks only to fulfill his position with integrity.
September 12, 1787 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Pierce Joseph Clay The Commissioner of Army Accounts writes that in light of the Treasury Board's durations, he has transmitted acknowledgments of a receipt.
December 4, 1793 Auditors Conclusions Caleb Swan Joseph Howell Well founded complaints caused auditor to be employed, but no deficiencies were found in pay made to 4th sub Legion.
November 21, 1791 Recommendation of John Davis, Etc. Thomas Bonds Samuel Hodgdon Relative to Dr. Bond's friend John Davis, he notes that if Hodgdon will take him by the hand it will be gratefully remembered. Hodgdon may feel confident in Davis's industry, sobriety, and integrity so Bond hopes that he can find something for him to do in this flourishing country. Bond is interested in whatever advantages may be in this part of the world as he holds a great deal of valuable...