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March 26, 1799 Explains Efforts to Put Down Insurgents James McHenry Robert Goodloe Harper Speaks of possibility of government enforcement against insurgents. Presumes organization of volunteer militia. Hopes to surprise insurgents with troops from Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
August 8, 1794 [No. 26] Protection of Western Counties Henry Knox Isaac Craig Assured Craig that the residents of the western counties were protected by the law from the insurgents, who recently staged an uprising. Noted governments attempts to pacify the insurgents.
April 15, 1799 On the subject of commissions and Northampton insurgents Uriah Tracy James McHenry Tracy recommends certain officers for commission and assures McHenry that the Northampton insurgents (those who participated in Shays' Rebellion) do not have the capacity to start another insurrection.
July 27, 1798 Expedition Against the Insurgents Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon discusses the operations of the War Department during the expedition against the insurgents in 1793 when the Secretary of War was absent and Colonel Hamilton was in charge.
August 9, 1798 Receipt for Arms & Cartouche Boxes Samuel Hodgdon Elias Langham Confirmation that Elias Langham has received arms and cartouche boxes to replace those loaned by the State of Maryland to the United States and lost during the expedition against the insurgents in the Fall of 1794.
May 30, 1799 Pay as assistant quartermaster against the insurgents Thomas Fisher [not available] Fisher payed as assistant quarter master general on the Northampton expedition against the insurgents.
August 23, 1794 [No. 30] Safety and Threats of Insurgents Alexander Hamilton Isaac Craig Will not send money to finance additional fortifications at Fort Fayette for fear the money will fall into the hands of the insurgents. Urged confidence in the strength of the United States to enforce its laws.
February 7, 1787 [No. 69] Protection of the Loyal Citizenry from the Insurgents Benjamin Lincoln Jonathan Grant Lincoln assures Grant that he will address his complaint regarding Col. Badlam but the protection of the loyal citizenry from the insurgents currently takes precedence over other matters. (Shays' Rebellion). Troops marching for Berkshire Mountains to protect citizens from insurgents therefore stopping march for a trial is impossible.
April 22, 1795 Payments for Services in Suppressing the Insurgents William Simmons Timothy Pickering The admissable claims enlcosed in this letter should be paid by Presley Neville, Paymaster of the Militia Army. Payments to those who served in the suppression of the insurgents should also be paid by the same Paymaster through the same channel and made part of one general settlement.
January 25, 1787 Suppression of Insurgents Henry Knox Gouverneur Morris Knox tells Morris of the actions of General Sheppard and General Lincoln's forces as they sought to confront the insurgents during Shays' Rebellion.
August 25, 1794 Orders to Command Militia Alexander Hamilton Henry Lee Militia called up from Virginia to deal with insurgents in Western Pennsylvania.
August 9, 1788 Report on the insurgents in Pennsylvania Timothy Pickering Peter Muhlenberg Pickering reports on the insurgents in Pennsylvania. At present, the country is at peace and those who have not surrendered or been taken into custody, have fled to neighboring states. Suggests that John Franklin is the instigator of all the disorders. The inhabitants have long been bickering with Pennsylvania on the basis of lies and artifices of a few designing men. Recommends establishing a...
November 21, 1794 Delivery of Contracted Goods, Suppression of Insurgents Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Notification that Craig drew on Hodgdon in favor of contractors, and others to settle accounts. Noted militia successfully convinced "deluded multitude" that the army has enough strength to "chastise them when necessary." Several insurgents in confinement awaiting transport to Philadelphia for trial, other evaded capture. Request for more money to settle accounts and needs of garrisons added...
August 13, 1794 [No. 27] Scouts Intelligence Alexander Hamilton Isaac Craig Scouts intelligence forwarded to Hamilton because of Secretary of Wars absence. Details on movement of insurgents, and advised on importance of conveying information on their activities.
August 13, 1794 Arms and stores at fortifications Alexander Hamilton Isaac Craig Letter from the Treasury Secretary to Major Isaac Craig, stressing that the keeping of arms and stores out of the hand of the insurgents is a matter of great importance at the fortification he resides at.
March 20, 1799 Request for Issue of Weapons, Clothing & Equipment for Use on Expedition Against Northampton Insurgents James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of weapons, equipment & clothing for use on an expedition against the Northampton insurgents [unrest in PA in 1799].
September 4, 1794 Letter from the Governor of Maryland Thomas Sim Lee Alexander Hamilton The Governor of Maryland writes Secretary Hamilton, informing him that he will comply with the President's desire that the Eastern Shore part of the militia immediately march to Baltimore, from Georgetown. Also mentions that the people of Maryland vary in their sympathies for the insurgents.
August 5, 1788 Regarding the insurgents who apprehended Pickering and the need for military force Peter Muhlenberg Timothy Pickering Requests that Pickering give opinion as to whether armed force is necessary to restore order and good government.
September 29, 1795 Account of advances made by Samuel Hodgdon esquire to the Wagoners employed by the militia on the expedition against the insurgents. Samuel Hodgdon [not available] A list of names made by Hodgdon and yet to be accounted for who were employed for the militia on the expedition against the Insurgents in the Western Counties of Pennsylvania. Advances were charged to General Henry Miller, Quarter Master General of the Militia Army, who made the stoppages.
April 22, 1795 Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Timothy Pickering William Simmons Timothy Pickering William Simmons discusses pay settlements for militia involved in "suppressing the insurgents" [Whiskey Rebellion] with Secretary at War, Timothy Pickering.
August 17, 1794 Mustering Troops for the Whiskey Rebellion Alexander Hamilton Abraham Hunt Refers to militia detachment assembling in New Jersey to march against insurgents in Western Pennsylvania. Requests supplies and transportation be provided and to locate points of rendezvous.The militia of Pennsylvania and New Jersey are to assemble at Carlisle.
June 6, 1799 Troops May Be Corrupted Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Refers to Mr. Patterson's letter. It is not Hamilton's intention to withdraw more than Cochran's and Henry's Companies. The other troops should remain on the insurgents' scene although he is concerned that some of the troops may be corrupted by staying too long in a disaffected scene.
February 2, 1796 Referring to Statement of the Military Force Employed Against Insurgents Timothy Pickering John Adams Settlement of pay due militia still in the process of being closed due to the departure of the men before receiving money due them for their service.
June 20, 1799 Certification of payment; Doctor John Jones for attending sundry sick soldiers under command of Captain John Henry while stationed at Spring House Tavern on the expedition against insurgents, Northampton County 1799 William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $30 to Doctor John Jones for attending sundry sick soldiers under command of Captain John Henry while stationed at Spring House Tavern on the expedition against insurgents, Northampton County 1799.
August 9, 1798 Arms Provided to the State of Maryland Samuel Hodgdon Elias Langham Hodgdon instructs Elias to provide the State of Maryland with one thousand muskets and cartouche boxes to replace those lost during the expedition against the insurgents in the Fall of 1794.