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March 28, 1790 Knox discusses inspection of invalids with Doctor Eustis Henry Knox William Eustis Letter, discusses general inspection of Invalids.
July 17, 1799 Accounts of Captain Chisolm will be Forwarded to the War Office for Inspection David Henley William Simmons Reports closing of account for Captain Chisolm, which he will forward to the War Department for inspection.
March 19, 1799 Reports Account for Clothing Inspection Samuel Hodgdon Stille & Ewing Reports that the Secretary of War believes that the sum paid reflects the inspection for an entire year as was done previously. Consented to a different mode of settling account. Regrets that some clothing was not inspected during the fever period.
January 1, 1800 Returns of Inspection William North Alexander Hamilton North submits for Hamilton's approval his proposed forms for "Returns of Inspection" saying that he welcomes any corrections.
April 2, 1790 Discussion of Invalid Pensions, and Federal/State Disagreements on Them (2) Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Letter, discusses inspection of Invalids in Rhode Island; alludes to federal and state conflict regarding invalid pensions.
April 11, 1799 Regarding Manufacture & Inspection of New-Pattern Cartridge Boxes James McHenry Jeremiah Wadsworth Discusses the manufacture and inspection of a large number of new-pattern cartouche boxes and belts.
June 26, 1798 Barrels Lost Under the Inspection of Mr. Nicholson, Etc. David Ames Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is the return of the work done in Springfield during the month of May.The stocking is behind as a result of the stocks not coming in season. Considerable more work would have done had not the hands not taken off from their usual work to assist in proving the muskets. Unfortunately, a number of barrels have been lost while proving under the inspection of Mr. Nicholson.
January 8, 1799 Articles Ready for Inspection Simon Smith James McHenry The articles which Simon contracted to furnish are ready for inspection.
February 14, 1798 Recommended Method of Stating Your Accounts Samuel Hodgdon Stille & Ewing Letter, mentions inspection of Army uniforms; discusses mode of account statement.
February 18, 1799 Inspection of Clothing John Steele Samuel Hodgdon Having nearly completed the inspection of the clothing contracted for by Mr. Billington, Mr. Francis wants Steele and Ewing to inspect that previously sent for by the United States. The compensation is understood to be proporitional to that agreed on for Billington's contract.
February 26, 1798 Inspecting Shoes Presented by Case & Baldwin Samuel Hodgdon John Rupp Letter, discusses contract for shoes; advises re appointment to inspect shoes.
April 20, 1791 Supplies and Inspection Henry Knox Isaac Craig Suits to be delivered by Hodgdon, Knox ordered muster and inspection of Major Clarke's battalion.
September 22, 1792 Inspection of Shot and Shell Henry Knox Isaac Craig Colonel Procter has returned from inspecting shot and shells cast by Patrick Campbell at Loudon and Mount Pleasant furnaces. A considerable part is on the way to Pittsburg.
September 3, 1795 Eighteen Boxes of Rifles John Nicholson Samuel Hodgdon Nicholson has received eighteen boxes of rifles, with the enclosed invoice, and the inspection thereof is nearly complete. There are muskets, however, that are not fit for inspection so he will leave Lancaster in five days.
January 24, 1795 Allowances of Quarter Masters Stores. Timothy Pickering [not available] Allowances of Quarter Masters Stores to be furnished at the inspection rendezvous and at the garrisons established on the seacoast of United States.
January 24, 1791 Specie Claims Peter Anspach Alexander Hamilton Anspach announces that he is making his first return, enclosed for the inspection of the Auditor, based on several specie claims against the Quartermaster General's department.
May 15, 1799 Requests Inspection of Blocks for Cartouch Boxes Samuel Hodgdon John Harris The Secretary of War has requested the inspection of blocks made by Mr. Fraley for cartouche boxes. These must be distinctly boxed and free from cracks, and the must be properly sized.
September 14, 1795 Inspection & Preparation of Arms John Nicholson Samuel Hodgdon Under the direction of General Hand, the rilfes have been inspected, well oiled, papered, packed, stamped "US", and prepared for transportation. The muskets and rifles under the charge of Captain Ross were cleaned without bayonets being fitted because they are not fit for inspection or... The musket barrels and bayonets produced by the contractor have been proved and rendered fit for...
July 23, 1795 Report on inspection at Mount Hope Furnace and Elizabeth Town Lieutenant Smith Samuel Hodgdon Smith is asked by the War Department to inspect the Mount Hope Furnace and Elizabeth Town, Pennsylvania. The ore at this mine is used for the production of shot and ordnance. He forwards the results of his inspection. No signature by author.
July 22, 1795 Forwards muster rolls and inspection returns William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Forwards to Samuel Hodgdon blank pay rolls, muster rolls, and inspection returns. Simmons asks Hodgdon to send these items to David Henley.
April 9, 1790 Enclosed Letter to Governor of Georgia Henry Knox Tobias Lear Letter, encloses draft of a letter for President's inspection.
August 21, 1795 Condition of Arms at Lancaster John Nicholson Samuel Hodgdon Based on his inspection, Nicholson reports on the status of the arms stored at Lancaster. The gunsmiths appear to be making necessary repairs but he found four hundred muskets cleaned but without bayonets and not repaired. An inspection of the muskets made by Boyle & Turner shows that they are not suitable for public service because they are made of bad steel and will not stand the temper.
August 15, 1797 Account for inspection to settle debts/balance William Simmons Caleb Swan Account from Major Rivardi for inspection to settle debts/balance.
October 16, 1794 Questions Inspection of Artillery Clothing In New York, Philadelphia, and New England Tench Coxe Henry Knox Refers to letter about small parcel of artillery clothing and problems of inspection between New York and Philadelphia.
July 22, 1795 Receipt of letter and request for blank rolls William Simmons David Henley The accountant of the War Department confirms that the correspondence has been safely delivered by Captain Chisholm. Discusses request for stationary, blank pay rolls, muster rolls and inspection returns.