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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
October 30, 1796 Regarding Frigate Inspection Appointment Josiah Fox Captain George Turner Letter, discusses appointment to inspect Frigate.
February 13, 1798 Appointment to Inspect the Clothing Offered by the Contractor Samuel Hodgdon Stille & Ewing Letter, directs inspection of clothes for Army; advises re appointment to inspect clothing.
September 3, 1794 Call to muster and inspect militia Alexander Hamilton Henry Lee Secretary Hamilton requests that the Governor of Virginia appoint someone to muster and inspect the militia called out by order of the President, and that the records be transmitted to the War Office as early as possible.
November 28, 1798 Suitable Person to Inspect the Arms Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon recommends Colonel Stevens as the most qualified person to inspect the arms at York.
June 26, 1794 Announces Engagement of Alex White to Inspect Mines Tench Coxe Henry Knox Announces the intention to engage Alex White to inspect the mines. White will work with Mr. Zane in Winchester.
May 12, 1798 Request to Inspect Medical Supplies on the Ganges and the Hamburgh Packet James McHenry Doctor George Gillaspy Gillaspy is to inspect the medicine chests and instruments on the ships Ganges and Hamburgh Packet and report on their state. He should also get an estimate of medicine, instruments and hospital stores for three months for the Ganges from the surgeon of that ship.
January 2, 1799 Orders for Elijah Robinson James McHenry William Simmons Elijah Robinson, who resides a few miles from Windsor, has been requested to muster and inspect Lt. Leonard's recruits at that place. The necessary rolls and instructions should be forwarded to him.
February 26, 1798 Inspecting Shoes Presented by Case & Baldwin Samuel Hodgdon John Rupp Letter, discusses contract for shoes; advises re appointment to inspect shoes.
May 12, 1798 Inspect Medicine Chests; Requests Estimate of Medical Stores James McHenry Dr. Gillaspy Asks that Gillaspy inspect medicine chests and instruments belonging to the ships Ganges and Hamburgh packet. Requests an estimate of medical stores from the Ganges surgeon.
February 28, 1798 Oath of Office of Benjamin Scott Samuel Hodgdon Nathan Jones Letter, encloses oath for hat inspector Benjamin Scott; discusses contract to provide hats to United States.
November 27, 1798 Inspecting the Troops James McHenry William Simmons General Matthews has been ordered to inspect the recruits that have been enlisted by Lt. John Hancock at Kempsville, Virginia. Major William Alexander is ordered to muster and inspect the recruits enlisted by Capt. Callendar Irvine at Carlisle.
July 12, 1792 Orders to March to Trenton New Jersey, then Pittsburgh Henry Knox Captain Jedediah Rogers Letter, discusses recruiting, directs march to Pittsburgh. Captain Mills will muster and inspect Rodgers' recruits. Apply to Mr. Bray for wagon and transport. Inform Knox at every opportunity while on the march.
September 28, 1796 Travel Expenses of Francis Mentges William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $38.82 is due Francis Mentges, being his traveling expenses going to West Point New York to inspect and muster the troops, and to Albany New York to inspect the stores.
November 29, 1792 On the appointment of a shoemaker of reputation to inspect shoes furnished by Billington and Young John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon John Stagg reports to Samuel Hodgdon that he has suggested to the Secretary of War and Secretary of Treasury what Hodgdon had mentioned respecting the inspection of shoes. Recommends appointment of a reputable shoemaker to inspect shoes under contract by Billington and Young.
May 24, 1800 Order to Appoint Person to Inspect Shoes James McHenry Israel Whelen Shoes delivered from Mr. Jones Wade must be inspected for uniform quality.
September 24, 1794 Inspecting the Iron Ball John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Someone in New York should be appointed to inspect the iron ball that is to be delivered by Mr. Faesch of New Jersey.
September 22, 1794 Iron Ball Inspection Tench Coxe Henry Knox A suitable person at New York is needed to inspect the iron ball which are to be delivered there by Mr. [John Jacob] Faesch of New Jersey.
June 4, 1798 Concerned about New York Harbors James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Plans to depart for New York, where he will inspect the harbor. Refers to the time when the British held New York with apprehension from the French fleet.
December 28, 1795 Request for Inspection of Accounts Nehemiah Freeman William Simmons Freeman requested Simmons inspect amount handed to him by the Temporary Pay Master for expenses accrued at New York during the execution of a mission ordered by the Commanding Officer of West Point Garrison.
June 13, 1798 Military Inspection Trip to New York James McHenry John Adams McHenry describes his trip to inspect defenses in and around New York, and correspondence with the New York military committee.
February 18, 1799 Inspection of Clothing John Steele Samuel Hodgdon Having nearly completed the inspection of the clothing contracted for by Mr. Billington, Mr. Francis wants Steele and Ewing to inspect that previously sent for by the United States. The compensation is understood to be proporitional to that agreed on for Billington's contract.
June 5, 1795 Letter of Introduction for Josiah Fox Joshua Humphreys Timothy Pickering Advises that Mr. Fox might need a letter of introduction on his trip to Baltimore to inspect the frigates being built.
December 3, 1800 Arms manufactured at Hagerstown Maryland Samuel Dexter Joseph Perkin Dexter authorizes Perkins to inspect arms manufactured at Hagerstown Maryland by Mr. Claggett.
January 19, 1786 Inspection of Soldiers' Clothing Robert Pemberton Nicholas Fish Requesting that Major Fish inspect clothing intended for the soldiers on the Ohio frontier.
November 5, 1796 Duties of A Superintendent of Construction For A Frigate Captain Thomas Thompson James McHenry Letter, describes superintendent's duties in the construction of Frigate.