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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
June 8, 1797 Advice on Returned Information & Armaments Samuel Hodgdon Josiah Fox Letter, encloses list re information requested; mentions guns.
November 6, 1797 Request for Information on Indian Settlements James Wilkinson Col. Edgar Letter, asks for information re indian settlements; asks for information re river navigation.
May 21, 1800 Request for Additional Information on Accounts William Simmons William S. Smith Simmons requested additional information on the accounts of Dayton in order to pass information to the credit of Smiths account.
October 1795 Request for Information on Planks for Shipbuilding Joshua Humphreys Josiah Fox Letter, asks for information regarding planks.
December 14, 1792 Knox thanks Morris for information provided Henry Knox Robert Morris Letter, discusses the purpose of Smellie's information.
February 12, 1796 Promises to Gather Information John Park Samuel Hodgdon Park writes in absence of Craig, noted receipt of letter regarding Mr. Ro. Ground. Information requested to be gathered immediately.
July 12, 1794 Request for Information on Guidelines for Travel Frederick Dalcho Joseph Howell Request for information regarding rules for travel expenses. Galcho traveled often to obtain information as pay master and the distance between posts on the frontier was extensive and through savage country. Galcho cant obtain receipts for his travels because the inhabitants of the frontier are largely illiterate.
August 4, 1800 Request for Additional Account Information William Simmons George Fleming Simmons repeatedly requested account balance information from Mr. Betterton, clerk at Office, but he can not offer information on accounts due to the previously settled accounts with Treasury. Simmons requested information on accounts current in Fleming's possession in order to settle accounts.
July 25, 1793 Information & Opinion Relative to the Creek Indians Henry Knox George Washington "I have the honor to submit the information and opinion of General Pickens relatively to the Creek indians. If there should be any other points on which it would be necessary to request his information or opinion, he will be ready to afford the same."
December 11, 1797 Request for Information Regarding Frigate Armament Josiah Fox Tench Francis Letter, asks for information regarding the arming of frigates.
January 20, 1799 Encloses Information about Appointments James McHenry Robert Oliver Encloses information about an appointment.
April 11, 1799 Encloses Information for Officers James McHenry Isaac Hays Encloses information for captains and lieutenants in the provisional army.
August 9, 1798 Information Respecting McDonnel, Etc. John Jacob Rivardi William Simmons Rivardi expresses his gratitude for the information regarding McDonell but he had already been released for want of evidence.
September 21, 1799 Seeks Information James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Seeks information.
June 27, 1800 Information to be tranmitted to Caleb Swan for action Peter Hagner James Maddock Information to be transmitted to Caleb Swan, paymaster general, who will provide information based on the muster rolls in his office.
December 5, 1797 Information Regarding Receipts Rolls Ferdinand L. Claiborne William Simmons Clairborne neglected to include information in last letter regarding receipt rolls. He expounded on the travel of an officer.
June 28, 1799 Seeks Information about Bell Tents Samuel Hodgdon William Cobbett Reports new supply of bell tents for the army for the first time. No true sense of dimensions yet. Requests information about British bell tents. Also seeks information about material and the amount of arms the tents are to house.
September 16, 1784 Information request John Pierce Judge Brearly Requests information as to when Brearly considered himself "out of the service."
January 14, 1790 Officer information Samuel Toms George Thatcher Information on various officers, from an exchange (the same day) with Joseph Howell.
January 4, 1784 Questions on an Officer's Status Joseph S Carth Samuel Hodgdon Requests information from Col. Hodgdon as to whether Captain Emes is to be continued the station he currently fills or be removed. Information either way will be satisfactory. Reference to letter from Mrs. Emes.
July 29, 1796 Request for Information on Pay of Soldiers Constant Freeman William Simmons Freeman requested information on Christopher Keppard, of Porteis Company, 9th battalion of artillery, discharged from Fort Wayne and John White of Peine's company of the same corps. Requested information on payment of soldiers for apprehending deserters. Mr. Whitney, Conductor of Military Stores at Fort Fidius made paymaster by Freeman due to sickness of Ensign McCall.
July 27, 1796 Request for Navy Yard Information & Discussion of Budget Forman Cheesman Josiah Fox Letter, asks for information regarding Navy yard; discusses budget.
August 12, 1799 Requests Information about Clothing Shipment; Land on Little Miami Samuel Hodgdon Return Jonathan Meigs Has heard that Meigs has retired as Clothier for the Army, but has received no official word. Requests information about retirement and business as it stands. Asks about quantity of clothing sent to Fort Massac as a deposit for special needs; requests information about how shipment was dispersed. Hodgdon and Pickering own land on the Little Miami, surveyed by Col. Anderson. Requests information.
October 16, 1798 Information about Approval of Majors General James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Confidential. Encloses steps taken and information on approval process of Major Generals. Expresses uncertainty at outcome. Seeks corrections.
June 1, 1795 Explanation for Muster Roll of Artillerists and Engineers Staats Morris William Simmons No documents exist that show the payment of Lieut. David Hale's recruits, therefore their information was omitted. Information on Major Roberts account requested.