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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
1794 Speech to the Senecas Henry Knox Cornplanter, Chief of the Senecas Letter, advises Cornplanter of the President's continued confidence and friendship.
November 9, 1792 Your Confidence in My Administration George Washington Senate of the United States Washington expresses his gratitude for the Senate response to his annual address.
June 27, 1799 Half-Confidence is Bad James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry approves the creation of a troop of horse as a model to ascertain the improvements needed in cavalry tactics. He affirms that Wilkinson's promotion should first be approved by General Washington and, most importantly, Wilkinson's commercial pursuits with Spain must be dissolved before he can gain the confidence required for a promotion.
February 17, 1792 Confidence in Craig's Promotion of the Public Service Henry Knox Isaac Craig Expressed unwavering confidence in zeal of Craig in promoting the public service.
July 25, 1797 Unlocking the Mystery James McHenry John McKee The author cites suspicions respecting an unnamed person. He believes that examining his correspondence might unlock the mystery and confirm either his innocence or guilt. Considering his high station and the confidence placed in him, it would be satisfying to find him innocent.
January 7, 1800 Midshipman Edward Bennett James McHenry William Bennett Bennett is told that he will receive a letter from the Secretary of the Navy for his son Edward that includes a Midshipman's warrant. McHenry hopes that Edward by his conduct will prove himself worthy of the confidence placed in him.
January 27, 1792 Updates on Construction at Fort Pitt Henry Knox Isaac Craig Extract Letter, discusses works being built at Fort Pitt; mentions delays in sending troops.
October 13, 1793 Knox writes to Sargent about commercial impact of fever in Philadelphia Henry Knox Winthrop Sargent Letter, discusses the impact of the small pox illness in Philadelphia, the disorder it caused, and its impact on commerce; mentions meeting of Congress, and Army's march from the Ohio.
October 29, 1792 Sargent Discusses Indians Treaties with Knox Winthrop Sargent Henry Knox Letter, discusses Indian treaty.
August 24, 1792 Wayne's Legion Ready in the Spring Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne declares his readiness to confront the full force of Indians by the following Spring [1793] and expresses more confidence in his ability to defeat the Indians than in an inconclusive peace.
September 3, 1790 Expresses Confidence in Supplies for Upcoming Expedition Henry Knox Robert Elliot Expresses confidence in ability of contractors to provide appropriate materials for the upcoming expedition.
May 29, 1800 [PRIVATE] The President's Unfortunate Conduct James McHenry Hugh Williamson McHenry laments the changes in the Executive officers and other steps the President has evidently taken to secure his election. [Adams] is acting in a manner to break up the federal party and will destroy any remaining confidence they have in him. He cannot hear Washington praised without intolerable pain and hates with inconceivable acrimony those who consider that great man to have outstripped...
January 27, 1792 Orders to Supply Block House Henry Knox Isaac Craig Discussed works being built at Fort Pitt; mentions delays in sending Cass's troops.
March 21, 1796 Seeks Approval of President William Pickney James McHenry Refers to influence and confidence of the President and values his good opinion.
July 13, 1798 Washington's Appointment as Commander in Chief George Washington John Adams Washington discusses his appointment to the post of Commander-in-Chief of the Provisional Army and how pleased he is with the public's confidence in him. He will accept the commission with the understanding that he will not be called into active duty unless the army absolutely requires his presence in the field.
January 31, 1793 Wait for Word from Indian Allies & An Appointment to Adjutant General Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Col. Proctor will remain in Legionville until he hears from the Indian allies and will occupy his time in making improvements on the new carriage for one of the howitzers. Regarding the appointment of Colonel Sproat to be Adjutant General, Wayne professes not to know him and would prefer to have someone he knows and trusts in that important post.
August 13, 1799 Confidence should be placed in agents of the government... Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton explains five points he considers essential in dealing with contractors. He stresses that the choices that affect the health and happiness of the army should be made by government agents and not by contractors.
June 7, 1800 Enclosed papers James McHenry General Dickinson The former Secretary at War encloses papers to General Dickinson, which he hopes Dickinson will receive in confidence and return to McHenry tomorrow.
December 1798 William Cuming Seeks Employment James Steele Samuel Hodgdon The bearer William Cuming has a large family with seven or eight children. He has no business and wants to be employed in the public service. Steele hopes that Cuming's conduct will inspire Hodgdon's confidence.
January 14, 1790 Reply of President Washington to Congress George Washington Congress of the United States Receives with pleasure, the assurances of Congress. Expresses confidence that Congressional deliberations will be directed by enlightened and virtuous zeal for the happiness of our country.
September 10, 1798 Relative Rank of Major Generals James McHenry George Washington Washington has asked to be kept apprised of developments respecting the relative rank of the major generals and the enclosed letters should achieve that purpose.
January 12, 1800 Condolences Alexander Hamilton Martha Washington Hamilton expresses to Washington's widow the depth of his grief at the loss of the General and his debt to him for the confidence and friendship he was shown throughout his life.
November 16, 1791 Positive Report for Captain Hudang Joseph Shaylor Samuel Hodgdon Reports attention of Captain Hudang to the duties of his command.
January 17, 1793 Requests Capable Assistant for Dr. Strang to Deliver Pay Money John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War requests a man of integrity and confidence to accompany Dr. Strang to Pittsburgh. Strang bears a considerable amount of money to pay the army. Requests someone completely mounted on horseback and armed.
April 3, 1800 Salaries of Clerks to Secretaries James McHenry William Simmons The salaries of Chief Clerks to department Secretaries should be higher than those of any branch of a department. The nature of their business and the confidence in them justifies their higher salaries.