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June 5, 1795 Improvements to Frigate Design. Joshua Humphreys Timothy Pickering Recounted the process of making molds and improvements to the design of frigates being built at the navy yard in Baltimore. Thought that J. Fox did not follow directions for improvements relayed details of ship construction.
September 5, 1799 Improvements in Manufacturing Arms David Ames Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War has asked Ames to prepare a statement of the price of arms manufactured at Springfield including possible improvements in the business. Ames suggests sending a small chest of sample arms so that Hodgdon can see what improvements have been made and how they compare with other arms made for government service. It might be useful also for membersof Congress at their next session...
February 2, 1796 Changes to Policy Regarding Indian Land James McHenry George Washington Cover letter enclosing opinions of Attorney General regarding the threatened intrusions on Indian land (as stated in Gov. Blount's letter). Noted additions to 5th section, but the AG has added additional improvements.
May 18, 1795 Improvements to Ship Design Timothy Pickering David Stodder Notification that Pickering has asked all builders to submit new ideas for improvements to frigate design. Noted Mr. Humphreys possible protests to the changes, Pickering mentioned that he would remind Humphreys of his place and that Stodder was the owner of the navy yard and master builder. Requested Stodder's ideas for improvements.
March 20, 1800 Report on Improvements to Military System William Pinkney James McHenry Glad to hear he was included on the Report to the President regarding Great Britain's military system. Believed the improvements suggested by McHenry would foster improvement within the system. Compliments on good explanation, requested McHenry write him in friendship when time allows correspondence.
October 24, 1798 Repairs and Improvements to Ports John Jay Alexander Hamilton President authorized the use of money for repair and improvements to forts in New York and appointed Hamilton to superintend the execution of it. Jay requested all information required to commence repairs be gathered and given to President before next session of New York Legislature.
May 4, 1798 Request to Pay Workmen Employed to Repair the Ship, Ganges James McHenry Willings & Francis Willing & Francis are hired as agents to pay workmen and acquire supplies for the alterations and improvements on the ship Ganges.
April 28, 1791 Poor Condition of Fort and its Structures Isaac Craig Henry Knox Repairs and improvements to magazine complete, Gen. St. Clair believed it more appropriate to erect new store houses than repair the dilapidated structures. St. Clair ordered road built then left for Kentucky.
July 30, 1799 Organization of Messes and Construction of Barracks Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton reports on improvements in the construction of chimneys, the arrangement of officers in messes, and the provision of fuel and straw in garrisons and quarters.
July 3, 1796 Expressing a Desire for Minute Details Zebulon M. Pike James Wilkinson Pike writes of issues affecting Fort Massac and the western part of the Northwest territory. He acknowledges receiving Wilkinson's letter of May 6th. He will not make any improvements to the post.
December 1, 1794 New Specimens of Gun Carriages John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Mr. Carmaubs [?] has conferred with the Secretary of War concerning improvements in gunnery. Knox wants Hodgdon to furnish him with artificers, a shop, and tools so that he can produce new specimens of gun carriages.
May 22, 1798 Ship Building Locations, Charges of Major David Stodder Captain Thomas Truxtun Livingston Truxton (Truxtun) noted that Stodder made improvements to the shape of ships bow, but his accounts were in question. He also stated the cost of building Southward of Philadelphia would cost more than going north for construction.
May 1, 1785 Monthly return of the Pennsylvania troops at Fort McIntosh, and removal of vagabonds Josiah Harmar President John Dickinson Lt.Colonel Josiah Harmar send to President John Dickinson a return of Pennsylvania troops in the service of the United States. Harmar recommends David Duncan to Dickinson for the job of taking charge of Fort McIntosh after the retrograde of 1st American Regiment. Reports on the detachment of an officer and party to remove and destroy the improvements of squatters. "Understanding that several...
August 10, 1799 Acknowledged Receipt of New London Land Deeds for Forts; Importance of New London's Defense James McHenry Jonathan Trumbull Acknowledges receipt of the deeds of cession for two parcels of land on which to build forts protecting the harbor of New London, Connecticut. Affirms the importance of the defense of this harbor, for Connecticut and the nation.
December 1799 Proposed Revisions to Policies Regarding Courts Martial Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton believes that the Articles of War need to be completely overhauled, which would take some time, and suggests improvements for the interim. There should be greater clarity relating to the power to appoint a general courts martial, specifically giving the President discretionary authority to empower officers other than those designated by the Articles of War to declare a general courts...
November 27, 1798 Proposed Canal at Harpers Ferry Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon believes that the canal at Harpers Ferry should be supplied with water from the Potomac River.
January 5, 1800 A Report on the Secretary of War, On certain measures which appear to him to be necessary for the improvement of our Military System. James McHenry [not available] Report detailing necessary improvements to the current military system. Advocates for a standing army and necessary fortifications and education systems to produce and maintain said military.
May 28, 1795 Recommendations for Design of Frigates Joshua Humphreys Timothy Pickering Discussed naming and changes to frigates. Mentioned naming one "the Revolution", sterns to be crested with eagles surrounded by a constellation and supported by the figures of Liberty and Justice.
July 30, 1800 Expenses of Canon Foundry Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Samuel Dexter Details on agreement between Mr. Foxall and the Government regarding building a cannon foundry near Philadelphia. Request for settlement of expenses accrued by Foxall.
May 17, 1795 Discussing Ship Construction David Stodder Timothy Pickering Stodder is discussing ship modeling and ship construction with Pickering. He recommends improvements in design and structure as well as evaluating the state of the timber being used for shipbuilding.
August 16, 1791 Inducements to ratify Indian treaty Timothy Pickering Henry Knox Report describing what is necessary to induce the Indians to ratify certain provisions of a recent treaty.
June 28, 1798 Suggested Improvements for the Military James McHenry Samuel Sewall Extract from a longer letter. McHenry lays out reasons why it would benefit the armed forces for the officers to receive education on certain aspects, and suggests hiring teachers for specific subjects. He suggest raising the pay of cadets and the establishment of an Inspector of Artillery to correct the deficient state of ordnance in the nation.
January 13, 1800 Message from the President of the United States, transmitting a Report of the Secretary of War, On certain measures which appear to him to be necessary for the improvement of our Military System. John Adams [not available] Official report addressing recommendations for improving the U.S. military. Argued for a well funded standing army.
August 28, 1799 Forwarding of Correspondence Regarding Fort at Salem, & Its Naming James McHenry John Adams Forwards correspondence with Jonathan Waldo, representative of Salem, Massachusetts, regarding funds for the defenses there, as well as the renaming of the fort. McHenry notes that forts have generally been named by their construction engineers or commanding generals, not requiring the approval of the Secretary of War.
January 2, 1800 Report on Military Establishment James McHenry Harrison Gray Otis Conveyed pleasure with reporting that McHenry was nearly finished with his report on the military establishment along with his propositions for its improvement. Other requisitions will require time to prepare, but McHenry will furnish Otis with an answer as soon as possible.