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July 11, 1797 Request for Horses Thomas Lewis James McHenry Letter, asks for horses.
September 24, 1791 Ration Order for Horses of the Light Horses. [not available] [not available] Return for two days horse rations for seven horses of the Light Horses
November 2, 1792 Return of Wagons, Horses, and Oxen James O'Hara Henry Knox Return of wagons, horses, and oxen at western posts. Distinguishes between wagon horses, pack horses, and saddle horses.
July 11, 1797 Notification of Delivery of Horses James McHenry Unknown Recipient Letter, notifies that horses will be delivered for Capt Lewis.
July 13, 1792 Proper Use of Cavalry Horses Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Letter, discusses potential misappropriation of cavalry horses: one for the aide de camp, one for a servant. Knox is apt to think this is a mistake, and asks that the horses be returned to the troop. Cavalry horses must be cherished and sacredly appropriated to the service for which they are designed.
November 18, 1794 Horses, Horses, Horses Matthias Slough Samuel Hodgdon As is his want, Slough provides a lengthy discussion of horses, one of which came from General Wayne and another was purchased for the dragoons.
February 2, 1792 Keeping the Horses Well John Smith Samuel Hodgdon Smith announces that he has purchased the blades of five acres which when added to what he has at home will, with corn, keep Hodgdon's horses well. The stable will be satisfactory for the prime horses and Smith would like to be furnished with a horse for his own use. The horses should be sent immediately and the pack horses will be provided for as well. He has nothing to say about prices but...
December 25, 1794 Horses and Arms Peter Hunt Samuel Hodgdon Horses sold, arms arrived in disorganized manner, return for arms to be made out shortly.
March 12, 1793 Delivery of Public Horses Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Bearer will deliver two public horses.
November 17, 1798 Receipts for Horses Elisha Hall David Henley Noted Hall's purchases and exchanges for horses.
November 16, 1794 Horses Suitable to My Weight James Jones Samuel Hodgdon Jones has seen the horses discussed by Hodgdon and one of them will do well as a baggage horse but neither of them is equal to his weight. Because of the deepness of the roads, two horses will not be able to carry him and his baggage to his destination so he will need two more horses and a hired carriage.
April 18, 1793 Maintenance of Superfluous Pack-Horses Alexander Hamilton Henry Knox Hamilton questions the expenditure for 450 pack-horses when there are a considerable number of such horses that survived the St. Clair campaign and are available for use. The maintenance of a superflous number of packhorses should be considered a waste of public money.
May 24, 1790 Horses Stolen Christopher Greenough Harry Innes Greenough thought that horses stolen from settlement could have been prevented.
July 13, 1794 Orders to Return Horses Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Mentges has horses rented for $1.00/day. To prevent accruing additional costs, Hodgdon ordered horses returned. Advised returning accoutrements from horse rental for Smith.
August 24, 1791 Horses and Transport of Supplies Arthur St. Clair Wilkes No one arrived to make arrangements for transportation of contractor's supplies, so the letter writer did it himself. Mr. Ernest appears to have duplicated his arrangements.
July 10, 1793 Discusses Horses James O'Hara James Wilkinson Refers to guide for the movement of the army and Wilkinson's superior knowledge of the local area. Worries that articles will fall short. Has instructed wagon masters at Fort Hamilton how to care for horses and oxen in their charge. Seeks approval for saddle horses. Discusses sending pack horses to Fort Hamilton with corn.
June 27, 1791 Letter from John Acheson to Samuel Hodgdon on delivery of horses John Acheson Samuel Hodgdon Acheson discusses the forwarding of horses. The boats for transport are ready, but the Monongahela river is too low. Will embrace first opportunity to forward horses to Pittsburgh.
June 15, 1799 Requests Return of Stolen Horses David Henley [not available] Asked Mr. Hilterbrand, who resides in the Cherokee Nation, to request stolen horses to prevent trouble, that there may be peace with White neighbors. If the horses aren't returned, they will stop delivering supplies to the Indians.
April 20, 1792 Pack Horses, Kettle, and Bridle John Smith Samuel Hodgdon Smith admits that he cannot do justice by Hodgdon's horses so he will send 16 along with the pack horses. He is also sending by the bearer the kettle the lard was sent in and the bridle that was left with Hodgdon.
November 5, 1795 Order to Maintain Horses Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon Horses to be housed by Hodgdon for Colonel Rochefontaine.
September 13, 1794 Account Respecting Certain Horses William Bradford Samuel Hodgdon Bradford needs to arrange accounts respecting certain horses that he purchased during his journey to the westward.
August 27, 1791 Pack Horses [not available] Arthur St. Clair Account, pay due Army officers.
August 28, 1792 Stolen Horses Returned and Indian Relations with U.S. John Kinnard [not available] Stolen horses retrieved from the towns of Cheehaws and Telhuanas, assured "brothers" that head men do not send Indians to steal white mens' horses. Horses sent to Capt. Fleming who will return them to rightful owners. Thought it appropriate to pay Indians who collected horses.
April 1, 1798 Horses Needed to Transport Public Goods Alexander Anderson Samuel Hodgdon The load of public goods are at Witmers in the wagon that brought them up. Since the wagoner Isaac Philips was unable to pay the balance for the team he bought from a neighbor, the man retrieved his horses and took them home. Having no horses, Philips was unable to go on so the goods are now safely stored at Witmers until horses can be obtained to continue the journey to Tennessee.
June 22, 1795 Request for Horses Peter Hunt [not available] Orders from War Department to collect all horses and other public property within the state, Hunt informed that recipient of letter is in possession of some items.