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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
January 1, 1799 A Man of Much Honor & Integrity Charles Carroll Alexander Hamilton Carroll reaffirms his recommendation of the Count de Moelien, a man of honor, integrity, and good sense.
November 24, 1793 Neutrality Henry Knox George Clinton Threats to neutrality.
July 7, 1798 Nomination as Commander-in-Chief John Adams George Washington President Adams notifies Washington of his nomination to be the Commander-in-Chief of the Provisional Army. Adams assures Washington that the Secretary of War would assist him while Adams is traveling.
February 23, 1798 Receiving Money from Young Clifford Samuel Hodgdon John Wilkins, Jr. Letter, asks for help collecting money from young Clifford.
November 5, 1790 Concerning Rumors of Alcoholism Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Josiah Harmar thanks Knox for his letter, and expresses distress that the president believes that "the bottle" incapacitates him. He defended his conduct and expressed firm belief that he acted as a soldier should.
July 12, 1791 Avoid an Open Rupture with the Crown Henry Knox Major General Richard Butler Knox warns against incidents that may incite the British since the present situation of the United States inhibits actions against them unless the honor of the country is at stake.
May 20, 1790 Joy makes recommendation to Knox George Joy Henry Knox Letter, recommends applicant for command of a Cutter.
December 24, 1799 Funeral Arrangements in Honor of George Washington William North Unknown Recipient Orders of Alexander Hamilton regarding the funeral arrangements to be made at all military stations and offices of the Army in honor of the late General George Washington.
September 24, 1790 Enclosed Letter to Governor of Virginia John Stagg Beverley Randolph In absence of Sec. of War, Stagg enclosed letter from him to Randolph.
June 17, 1787 Thanking Knox for a Commission W P Henry Knox W.P. thanks Knox for the brevet lieutenant colonel's commission which was issued to him.
May 8, 1794 Recommendation for appointment Henry Jackson Henry Knox Henry Jackson recommends to the Secretary of War Capt. Constant Freeman for appointment in corps of artillery/
July 25, 1798 General Wilkins' Power of Attorney B. Wood Samuel Hodgdon "Pursuant to your request, I have the honor to transmit the enclosed copy of General Wilkins' Power of Attorney."
October 31, 1791 Manifestation of Your Zeal George Washington Senate of the United States Washington thanks the Senate for their kind words in response to his message of 10/25/1791 and assures them that his efforts on behalf of his country will continue unabated. He congratulates them for their contributions to the welfare and progress of the United States.
May 26, 1800 [COPY] Sanction the Appeal in Captain Ellery's Case Alexander Hamilton James McHenry "I have the honor of sending you the enclosed papers in order that you may be apprised of the subject of them. I request that you will add your sanction, lest the want of it should be an obstacle with the Comptroller."
April 30, 1787 Return of Soldiers from Post St. Vincennes Charles Thomson Edmund Randolph Congress disbanded the soldiers currently posted at Post St. Vincennes. Thompson requested that this public act be private knowledge until the Sec. of War could make arrangements for the mens transportation.
February 16, 1793 Instructions for Treating with the Hostile Indians Henry Knox President of the United States Knox provides general ideas on how the Commissioners should treat with the hostile Indians
December 23, 1790 Proctor invites Knox to ceremony for the President Thomas Procter Henry Knox Letter, asks for attendance of New Years Day ceremony.
April 18, 1799 The Organzation & Manning of My Regiment Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Rice informs Hamilton of his progress in organizing and manning his regiment.
April 22, 1786 Indian Treaties Signed Charles Thomson John Langdon Letter to the President of New Hampshire covering copies of treaties signed by the commissioners of Congress with the Shawnee, Cherokee, Choctaw, and Chickasaw Indians.
July 27, 1787 Talk of the Fat King to His Honor Governor Mathews of Georgia and his Council [not available] George Mathews Have seen the talk sent by commissary Mr. Barnard. It is the whites who have forgot the talks at Shoulderbone, not the Creeks. Laments the hasty revenges taking place. Cannot be accountable for measures of Upper Towns; they can answer for themselves. Refer to promise made to southern Indian superintendent Mr. White. Make demands for satisfaction, life for life; and equal number for twelve people...
September 29, 1792 Knox writes to Washington about Mr. Penn Henry Knox George Washington Letter, Knox informs Washington that Penn was well received.
November 30, 1799 Claims of Refugees from Canada James McHenry Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Claims and supporting documents of refugees from Canada and Nova Scotia enclosed.
March 8, 1790 Information on Lieutenant Armstrong Joseph Howell Alexander Hamilton Agreeable to Hamilton's request, Howell informs him that Lt. Samuel Armstrong, Paymaster to the 8th Massachusetts Regiment, received the monies for the four months pay of the Regiment in the month of September 1783, on which a balance remains due from him.
September 4, 1788 William Knox conveys Congressional resolutions to Martin William Knox Joseph Martin William Knox forwards copies of the resolves made by Congress on 1 September 1788 to Joseph Martin.
August 18, 1784 Rendezvous for the recruits being raised by the Executive of Pennsylvania Joseph Carleton Robert Morris Informs Morris of the place of rendezvous for the recruits being raised by the Executive of Pennsylvania and recommends that temporary contracts be put in place to supply them with provisions. [Jos. Carleton to Robert Morris] War Office, August 18th, 1784 Sir, I do myself the honor to inform you that the Officers [?] appointed by the Executive of Pennsylvania, have Orders from their...