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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
June 8, 1790 Deposition of Joseph Barnett taken before Michael Campbell James Barnett [not available] Sworn testament of Indian attack with details on murder and capture.
January 3, 1783 Certification on Greene's Conduct John Banks [not available] Banks certifies that Major General Greene never had nor did hold any commercial connection with him and that Greene never expressed an interest or desire for such a connection.
December 7, 1797 Stop the Holy Insurrection, Etc. David McMechin James McHenry McMechin discusses regional politics and reports the results of the election. Mr. Henry's election as governor leaves a Senate seat vacant. He speaks of those who are rallying around Mr. Jefferson and feels it is imperative to stop what appears to be a "holy insurrection."
July 8, 1786 Affidavit of Doctor Joseph Savage John S. Woodcock Unknown Recipient Woodcock testifies that Doctor Joseph Savage swore under oath his previous service in the Army.
March 4, 1799 Depostions of John Mackey and Robert Whittel John Mackey [not available] John Mackey makes an oath on the holy Evangelist that he never has had, or intends to have, a partnership with the Commissary in the supply of provisions. Under oath, Robert Whittel affirms same. Justices of the Peace Abraham Shepherd and George North validate these two statements.
May 13, 1788 Affidavit of John Kumel Jeremiah Wool Unknown Recipient Affidavit of John Kumel regarding a horse stolen from John Story.
September 4, 1796 Captain Chapin discusses Indian affairs with Secretary at War Israel Chapin Jr James McHenry Letter, discusses Indian murdered at Venango; discusses legal precedent for murdered Indian; discusses preemption rights of State of New York; discusses state rights and the Federal government; discusses Indian welfare; describes increase in Indian murder rate; describes dependance on annuities; describes account of murder.
February 2, 1783 Difficulty of Providing for the Southern Army Nathaniel Greene Benjamin Lincoln Reports that Lieutenant Colonel Carrington has closed a contract with Mr. Banks for the subsistence of Greene's army. Greene reports the difficulty of finding merchants willing to contract with the army. Greene states that he will be able to adequately cloth his troops but at high cost. Most of the goods are in the hands of British merchants who were allowed by the government to ramain in the...
October 25, 1797 On Family Matters, and Appointment to the Legation to Berlin John Adams John Quincy Adams Adams mentions that he has only learned of his son's marriage through newspapers, but nonetheless wishes him and his bride a happy life together. Expresses surprise at Quincy's being "less than pleased" with his posting to Berlin [as part of the Legation to Prussia], and lists reasons why he should be enjoying it. Tries to ease any fears Quincy might have of nepotism from his father. Mentions...