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December 22, 1799 Death of General Washington Alexander Hamilton Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Hamilton expresses his grief at the death of Washington, encloses a copy of the General Orders of December 21 relative to mourning and funeral honors.
September 29, 1798 Jacob Death: An Industrious Joberman Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Craig express his approval of the work of Jacob Death who has recently returned to Philadelphia after the demise of Mrs. Death. He has been paid in full for his services. He is very industrious joberman and a good and useful merchant.
October 16, 1798 Forty Dollars for Jacob Death Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Hodgdon alerts Craig that Jacob Death has been paid is is returning to his post.
February 12, 1799 Sendsd Accounts; News of Jacob Death Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Sends store accounts by Mr. McConaky with a copy of the wagoner's advance to enable Craig to settle accounts. Nothing new has transpired with the War Department--no new appropriations. Refers to Jacob Death, now working in Baltimore. Hopes to recover money from Death.
February 15, 1799 Report of Investigation into Jacob Death; Muskets Samuel Hodgdon John Kilty Response to report on Jacob Death with information from Isaac Craig about how Death only worked for three days, then left town with a woman of irreputable fame. News from Levi Hollingsworth about shipment of muskets, promising to investigate.
February 11, 1799 Responsibility for the Claim on Jacob Death James Wheden Samuel Hodgdon Wheden declares that he assumes responsiblity for the forty dollars that Hodgdon claims is owed to the United States by Jacob Death. This was the sum paid to Death for work at Pittsburgh that Hodgdon maintains was not performed by him.
August 31, 1798 Mrs. Death's Monthly Allowance Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Though possibly mistaken, Hodgdon has provided Mrs. Death with her usual monthly allowance.
December 27, 1799 Death of Washington Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig laments the death of Washington in a letter to Samuel Hodgdon.
October 1, 1798 Good Health though Surrounded by Death, Etc. Cornelius Comegys Samuel Hodgdon Comegys is grateful that Hodgdon and his family are well despite being surrounded by death. He has recovered from a severe illness and is joyful that his good lady has presented him with a charming little girl. He had hoped that a change in the weather at Germantown might be beneficial but there have been several recent cases as well as a death
February 12, 1800 Discourses on the Death of George Washington Uzal Ogden Alexander Hamilton Ogden sends two discourses occasioned by the death of George Washingon and asks Hamilton to point out any defects in the Publication as it may be reprinted.
February 1, 1799 Seeks Return of Pay Advance for Jacob Death Samuel Hodgdon John Kilty Jacob Death was selected to go to Pittsburgh to assist building galleys. He performed well until his wife and a child died and he took furlough, requesting an advance on his pay. Upon his return to Pittsburgh, however, he did not return to work. He is now in Baltimore, working for Mr. Price, a ship builder. Now needs to solicit the account forwarded to Death and seeks assistance. Requests Kilty...
March 22, 1799 Reports that Isaac Craig will Settle Accounts with Jacob Death Samuel Hodgdon John Kilty Reports that Major Craig is present and consents to the balance due from Jacob Death.
September 7, 1799 Death Can Run Faster Than He Can, Etc. John Murray Samuel Hodgdon Murray expresses his concern for Banger who ran away from death not realizing that, when commissioned to take him, death can run faster than he can. The citizens of Philadelphia seem to be flying in every direction to escape the yellow fever and he is happy that Hodgdon believes that their fears are groundless. The governor's sister is miserable because she has heard nothing from him (possibly...
August 9, 1793 Death of My Cousin David Alexander Cornell James Seagrove Cornell observes that, despite the death of his cousin, a lasting peace is still obtainable if the talks with the chiefs gives them satisfaction.
December 23, 1799 Response of the Cincinnati to the Death of Washington William North Alexander Hamilton William North discusses the arrangements made by the Society of Cincinnati regarding the pageantry surrounding the death of George Washington.
December 20, 1799 Payment and Death of Washington Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Assured Craig that payment of the Armourer will fall under settlement with the Quartermaster General. Remarked on the extraordinary nature of troops moving from Pittsburgh Eastward. General melancholy over death of "the immortal Washington."
July 5, 1799 Money and Death Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Negotiation of compensation, Lyman's returns enclosed in last letter. Alarm related to three Indian deaths has subsided, yellow fever not linked to death.
October 6, 1798 Upon the Death of Dr. Hodge, I Mourn for His Friends, Etc. Winthrop Sargent Samuel Hodgdon As usual, Sargent has much to say but his untelligible scrawl renders his letter meaningless except for the following: the death of Dr. Hodge; looking glasses.
December 23, 1796 Death of Wayne Isaac Craig James McHenry Letter to Shawnee received and will be forwarded. Death of Anthony Wayne at Presque Isle noted.
September 23, 1793 Death or Glory, Etc. Joseph Shaylor Samuel Hodgdon The army moves within two days for God knows where toward the Miami in high spirits. Whether for death of glory will be known in two months. Shaylor asks Hodgdon to forward in a safe way his letter, which contains some money, to the gentleman to whom the enclosed is directed.
June 12, 1799 Rendering a Sentence of Death Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton reviews the legal procedures for rendering the death sentence in a General Court-Martial. He refers specifically to the case of Sergeant Richard Hunt who had been sentenced to death by a Court-Martial on April 16, 1799.
May 2, 1800 Death of Public Purveyor James McHenry John Adams Informs Adams of the death of Tench Francis, Purveyor of Public Supplies; notes that a replacement is needed as soon as possible. Recommends Jonathan Williams as replacement, who is currently acting as provisional purveyor.
September 7, 1796 Request for Date of Death of Cornelius Van Tessell William Keteltas William Simmons Date of death of soldier in the 2nd New York Regiment Commanded by Col. Ian Cortland and what pay was due him so Tessell's representative can receive was is due him.
May 20, 1795 Certification For The Death of Samuel Poor Nathan Hill Griffith James McRee Certification for the death of Samuel Poor, a soldier in Captain McRee's company, listing dysentery as the cause of death.
September 7, 1798 Death Is Still Making Havoc Samuel Hodgdon Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Aside from noting that the Charleville muskets to be used as a pattern have been forwarded, Hodgdon laments the losses due to the fever infecting Philadelphia.