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September 21, 1797 Regarding heavy anchors for the USS Constellation James McHenry Tench Francis Directs correspondence regarding heavy anchors for the USS Constellation in Baltimore, to be transported the moment they are ready (if not yet completed, instructed to order one from Portsmouth).
September 18, 1797 Request for heavy anchor to keep frigate Constitution from accidents during heavy squalls [not available] Tench Francis Request for anchor to keep frigate Constitution from accidents during heavy seas. Author reports he is getting better.
June 6, 1798 Heavy Cannon to Their Several Destinations Samuel Hodgdon Joseph Elliot Hodgdon compliments Capt. Elliott for the dispatch with which he has sent the heavy cannon to their several southern destinations. He notes that Elliott will soon be asked to superintend a laboratory to be established in New York.
June 8, 1798 Heavy Ordnance for Posts in Your State Samuel Hodgdon Daniel De Saussure Hodgdon discusses the arms and military stores shipped to De Saussure as well as heavy ordnance intended for posts in his state.
November 13, 1787 Regarding Heavy Cannon & Defenses of Rhode Island Jabez Bowen Henry Knox Letter, asks for compensation for heavy cannon; discusses defense of Rhode Island.
June 7, 1793 Discussion of Field Artillery, Including Cannon Required A Fenner Henry Knox Letter, discusses corps of artillery; asks for brass field pieces; mentions foreign affairs.
December 1, 1792 Application for Patent of a Steam Engine Oliver Evans Thomas Jefferson Evans applies for a patent for an engine powered by steam which he claims can propel heavy land carriages.
May 6, 1794 General dimensions of the heavy cannon Henry Knox Alexander Hamilton The Secretary of War transmits the general dimensions of the heavy cannon which are required for the fortifications and for the frigates.
June 21, 1798 The Practice of Firing a Morning & Evening Gun & Sundry Other Issues Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon addresses multiple supply and ordnance questions.
October 2, 1794 A Heavy Requisition from Elliot & Williams, Etc. Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Alexander Hamilton Notes are being prepared for remittances to General Miller and Mr. Williams. $90,000 will be transported to Fort Cumberland for the pay of the Army. Heavy requisitions have been made of Contractors Elliot & Williams based on their contract with the Army. General Knox is expected soon.
December 21, 1794 Tents & Arms Exposed to Heavy Rain Peter Hunt Samuel Hodgdon Hunt announces his arrival with the Jersey Brigade. He is supposed to receive his stores from the Jersey Militia but the tents and arms have been exposed to heavy rain and cannot be received until the tents have been dried out. Perhaps the arms and bayonets should be oiled to prevent damage from the rain.
September 21, 1797 Request for more persistence in corresponding with person delivering the heavy anchor for frigate at Baltimore [not available] Tench Francis Request for more persistence regarding the person delivering the anchor for frigate at Baltimore. If not yet completed, order one from Portsmouth New Hampshire. Frigate cannot get near the wharves without heavy anchors and is exposed to much danger. Expresses thanks for attention to frigate United States and exertions to assist the sick on board. Requests that Francis exercise judgment and...
December 10, 1798 Rate of Freight to New Orleans Dan Coxe Samuel Hodgdon Coxe discusses the cost of freight to ship goods to New Orleans. He notes that iron, brass, and lead shipments will entail a steeper cost and will be loaded in the bottom of the boat.
January 21, 1793 Petition of Monsieur Louis Garranger Henry Knox United States Senate Petitioner, Monsieur Louis Garranger, states that he and his brother entered into service of United States in December 1776 conformably to contract made by Silas Deane with Monsieur Du Coudray. The petitioner was experienced in artillery, but could not be accorded any rank for fear of exciting discontent. Congress informed the petitioner that it could not employ him in the army. Knox closes by...
September 18, 1797 Request for Anchor for Frigate Constellation James McHenry Tench Francis Frigate Constellation required a heavy anchor to "keep her from accidents during heavy squalls or spurts of wind,". McHenry requested an update on the one he requested had been transferred from Portsmouth to Baltimore.
June 30, 1793 Heavy Rains Affecting Winter Crops John Harris Samuel Hodgdon Harris briefly relates personal and fort-related news to Hodgdon, mentioning the army's readiness to engage the Indians in war and the effects of the heavy rains on the winter grain crop.
September 18, 1797 On recovery from bilious yellow fever; Captain Truxton's request for extra expenses and delivery of heavy anchor [not available] Captain Thomas Truxtun Author suffering "billious yellow fever." Will converse with President John Adams over the matter of claim for extra expenses during building of frigate. Has been sometime since he order Tench Francis to have brought a heavy anchor from Portsmouth New Hampshire to Baltimore.
December 20, 1798 Inspectorship of Artillery, Etc. Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton provides an enthusiastic recommendation of Lewis Tousard for the position of Inspector of Artillery.
October 5, 1793 United States Relieved from a Heavy Expense William Blount Henry Knox After being warned of the danger of the fever at Philadelphia, the Chickasaw delegation have cancelled their trip to meet the President which saves the United States the expense of their journey.
February 3, 1790 Receipt of clothing for Corps of Artillery Henry Knox [not available] Reciept of clothing for Corps of Artillery.
1800 Regulations Pertaining to the Artillery Unknown Author Unknown Recipient Discusses the progress of the work as it pertains to the regulations for the artillery. No Image.
April 11, 1798 Views on Protection of Commerce and Defense of Territory, with Cost Estimates James McHenry Committee of the Whole House of Representatives McHenry advises Congress on measures necessary to assert and defend U.S. rights against the encroachments of European powers. Lists these measures, including expansion of Navy and Army, increased fortification of ports, and additional revenues and military stores; then goes into more detail about the specific requirements of each. Appended are itemized cost estimates for building additional...
September 20, 1794 Ration Shortages, Fort and Road-Building in Indian Lands, and Expectation of Further Action by British & Indians. Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Notes continuing ration shortages. Describes Legion activities in last several weeks, consisting of improving fortification at Fort Defiance and cutting a wagon road between it and a new fort at "the Miami villages," Fort Miamis. Cannot explain the inaction of the British and Indians, supposing that they are perhaps waiting for reinforcements, but surmises that the British will be hard-pressed...
December 22, 1798 My Ideas on Military Arrangements Alexander Hamilton James Gunn Due to the current state of international affairs, especially the temporizing conduct of France, Hamilton advises against any immediate augmentation of the Army. Still, he lists a number of steps that should be taken--especially regarding the addition of military arms and supplies--in case the interntional situation should darken. Plans for a military draft should be considered in case of...
January 15, 1799 Articles wanted to complete the contract and the order for additional Regiment of Artillery [not available] [not available] Articles listed include overalls and shirts for infantry and artillery privates and sergeants. Items are articles wanted to complete contract and order for additional regiment of artillery.