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December 4, 1794 Plea for peace Unknown Author Anthony Wayne Copy of a speech from an Indian chief stating, "I will tell all my warriors to lay down their hatchets, and not strike any more upon you, and I hope you will do the same with yours." Still, the chief warns about his people, "there may be some foolish young men, such as those that have no home, do mischief to you; for those I cannot answer."
November 12, 1792 Indian Attack Against Mr. Byram William Blount Henry Knox Blount describes an Indian attack on the house of Mr. Byram in which one attacker was killed and another wounded.
October 31, 1785 Table of company equipment Henry Knox Unknown Recipient The Secretary at War issues a standard table of camp equipment for a 70 man company. An equipment allowance is made for officers' servants. Ordinance is not included in camp equipage.
October 12, 1791 Supplies for Militia John Harris Samuel Hodgdon Newly arrived militia required supplies, specifics listed.
January 1, 1795 Formal Peace Alliance with Tribes at Sandusky Anthony Wayne Sachems Formal acceptance of U.S. to discuss peace with tribes of Sandusky. Hopes to create an alliance against those who caused mischief.
January 6, 1795 Return of work executed in the armory of New London and tools and stores on hand for the month of November 1794 Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Return of work executed in the armory of New London and tools and stores on hand for the month of November 1794.
June 7, 1794 Examination of two Pattawatamies Alexander Gibson Unknown Recipient Examination of two Pattawatamies, captured by Captain Alexander Gibson, on the north side of the Miami of the Lake; Discusses the British and various Indian tribes, with their relationships with the American nation.
September 2, 1792 Spanish Indian Relations and War Little Turkey William Blount Notified Blount that five towns on the Big River plan to make war against U.S. and their hostility is not the sentiment of the whole Nation. Spaniards provided ammunition to Indians and blames Spaniards for war, not Indians. Little Turkey promised friendly relations with U.S. and will keep U.S. informed of all Indian activity.
August 1, 1793 Goods Needed Annually for the Chickasaw and Choctaw Indians Andrew Pickens [not available] "Estimate of goods necessary to be furnished the Chickasaw and Choctaw Indians annually."
September 2, 1792 Indian Relations and Settler Unrest John Thompson William Blount Attempts to persuade Blount that the Spaniards are behind Creek hostilities and murder against white settlers, and that the peaceful towns will "do their part" in keeping the peace. Thompson asked on behalf of peaceful Indians if it is safe to remain in their towns for fear of attacks from white settlers. Requests letter be burned after it is received.
June 20, 1793 Clothing Stores for Capt. Pratt's Command John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon This is a return of clothing, military and quartermaster's stores wanting to complete a detachment of recruits, under the command of Capt. John Pratt, on their march from Trenton to Pittsburgh. The articles should be forwarded by water to Trenton to the care of Abraham Hunt, the contractor.
November 20, 1798 List of Articles to be Delivered to Armoury James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver tools to armoury at Harpers Ferry
1792 Estimate of Supplies required in the Quartermaster's line for 1792 Quartermaster General's Department [not available] From Quartermaster General's Dept. and Commissary of Military Stores Dept. Account Book. Estimate of supplies required in the quartermaster Lines for 1792. Lists equipment with required numbers.
November 21, 1800 Request for Issue of Carpenter's Tools for Artificers at Schuylkill Laboratory Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Directs issue of carpenter's tools for the use of artificers employed at Schuylkill laboratory. Two notes are appended -- one, presumably from Hodgdon, states that the purveyor has been directed to purchase the above supplies, and one presumably from Harris confirms that the items were delivered on November 25.
August 22, 1793 Indians Have Been Commonly in Our Settlements General Robertson William Blount Robertson reports on the hostile actions of the Indians which, though frequent, have been committed by small parties which can be confronted by companies of cavalry.
January 9, 1795 Recommendation for Peace Treaty to be Signed by the Sachams and War Chiefs of Sandusky Anthony Wayne [not available] Promises of peace by war chiefs of Sandusky and the U.S. military. Promises of protection by U.S. for Indian Nations who act peacefully but are attacked by hostile nations or settlers. Enclosed letter from Lord Dorchester, Governor of Canada.
May 14, 1795 Extract of a talk from the Chief of the Oaksuskies to James Seagrove [not available] [not available] This document is a copy of a talk between White Lieutenant, Chief of the Upper Creeks, and U.S. Indian Commissioner, James Seagrove. The date of the talk is 1 May 1795. The copy of the talk arrived in Savannah on 14 May 1795. Peace agreement.
August 6, 1792 Estimate for the supplies wanted for Major Henry Gaither's Command at the southward Quartermaster General's Department [not available] From Quartermaster General's Dept. and Commissary of Military Stores Dept. Account Book. Estimate of supplies wanted for Major Henry Gaither's Command at the Southwards.
November 4, 1791 Return of Articles Lost on 4th November 1791 Robert Buntin Samuel Hodgdon The return of the articles lost during the action of the 4th of November 1791.
October 1792 An Abstract of Indian Affairs Shaw [not available] Shaw discusses affairs with the southern Indians and the machinations of the Spaniards to turn the Indians against the United States.
May 11, 1798 Estimate of Quartermaster Supplies for Army of 20,000 Men Samuel Hodgdon [not available] A thorough estimate of the supplies needed for an army of 20,000 men, not counting contingent expenses such as repairs, transportation, etc.
June 10, 1795 [Copy] Talk from the Choctaw Nation to the Creek Nation Choctaws Creek Chiefs Friendship between nations of Indians after peace talk and smoking of tobacco. Noted conspiracy of Americans selling land and Indian people. Proposed alliance against Americans. Seeks peace with Cherokees, requests Chickasaws talk with Cherokees to sway them towards peace with Choctaws.
May 12, 1786 Report from West Point on Quartermaster Affairs, Garrison Affairs, Equipment Upkeep, & Artificers' Work William Price Henry Knox Report on Quartermaster affairs and business at the West Point Army garrison; discusses repair of muskets; hiring of a carpenter; manufacture of nails; oiling of arms; reports forwarding inventories of ordnance and military stores; list of equipment forwarded.
1794 Account of Articles returned by the Militia on the late Expedition against the Insurgents. Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Stores, list of articles returned by the Militia after the expedition against the Whiskey Rebellion Insurgents.
March 5, 1794 Estimate of Quarter-Masters Stores James O'Hara [not available] Stores, estimates of QM stores for the Western Army in 1794.