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June 24, 1800 Purchase of imported gun locks for muskets Samuel Hodgdon Israel Whelen Letter, discusses the purchase of imported gun locks for muskets. The locks are stamped with US and therefore unsaleable to other parties.
February 6, 1799 Purchase of Charleville musket locks William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Reports that 402 Charleville musket locks have been purchased by order of the Secretary of War.
February 6, 1799 Certification of payments; John Annelly for the sale of Charleville musket locks William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; $696.80 to John Annelly for the sale of Charleville musket locks.
February 2, 1799 Requests for Blankets and Musket Locks Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Requests pieces of Hessian for baling blankets for public store. Someone from New York has musket locks for sale. They have been examined and approved by Mr. Nicholson. Requests approval to buy them for a lower cost than from a contractor.
February 6, 1799 Certification of payments; John Annelly William Simmons James McHenry Payment of $496.80 for 403 Charleville Musket Locks furnished the United States.
June 28, 1800 Regarding the Settling of Accounts with Gunlock Agents George Harrison Samuel Dexter Informs Dexter that attempts are being made to obtain and pay for gun locks previously contracted for the "Military Department;" asks that Dexter keep the current purveyor informed of the situation.
February 23, 1798 Delivery Of Musket Supplies Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Orders to deliver musket locks, barrels, bayonets and ramrods to Lancaster.
February 8, 1796 Payments Thomas Holt Samuel Hodgdon Holts asks Hodgdon to make payments out of money that Hodgdon will receive from Simmons. New London is nearly out of gun locks, and need to know whether some will be sent or they should make some.
March 26, 1796 Reports Stock, Tools Joseph Perkin Samuel Hodgdon Reports that they are doing as well as can be expected. Believes to have a full stock within 8 or 9 months, if he can send the locks as requested. They have had peace since Mr. Miles left. Reports prices for Indian corn. Requests an inventory of his tools because they are wearing out quickly and it will be difficult to ascertain their value. Intends to send a new gun design that may benefit the...
April 7, 1791 Issue of Arms Henry Knox Isaac Craig Knox say the issue of muskets justified, communicated that to the Governor of Pennsylvania. Hodgdon to forward locks requested by Craig.
May 23, 1798 Delivery of Arms to Francis James McHenry John Harris Order to deliver muskets, musket barrels, bayonets; and locks to Tench Francis all of which to be returned to public stores.
July 22, 1799 Certification of payment; James Nicholson for services and assisting in the inspections of muskets, musket stores, musket barrels, locks, bayonets, ramrods, at Public Stores in Philadelphia William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $90 to James Nicholson for services and assisting in the inspections of muskets, musket stores, musket barrels, locks, bayonets, ramrods, at Public Stores in Philadelphia.
November 14, 1799 Procuring a Large Iron Press of Suitable Construction David Ames Samuel Hodgdon Ames observes that a large iron press of suitable construction would be useful in punching locks and mounting and patterns might be cut with less trouble. Since it is very difficult to obtain good castings, Hodgdon is asked to procure one made after the pattern of Mr. MacCarmoth in Philadelphia. If it is constructed for strength and usefullness it can be sent it to New York or New Haven as soon...
December 5, 1798 Report on the progress at Harper's Ferry Joseph Perkin Samuel Hodgdon Perkins reports to Hodgdon that, with four exceptions, the company has arrived at Harpers Ferry. Several men are fixing the tools and three forges are now operable. Tools are still needed to build the locks but morale among the men seems very high.
July 10, 1794 Materials for fortifications at Baltimore Samuel Dodge Henry Knox Transmits to the Secretary of War a statement of materials brought to the fortifications and barracks at Baltimore. Includes timber, plank, shingles, shovels, casks of powder, gun carriages, picks, axes, crowbars, wheelbarrows, nails, locks, and bolts.
June 20, 1798 Agreement for House for Naval Department between Hodgdon and Charles Kenley. George Washington [not available] States Kenly will repair house currently occupied by Tench Coxe and that Coxe will return the house in the state which he received it.
November 15, 1799 Certification of payment; James Nicholson, for services inspecting muskets, bayonets and ramrods of the public stores Philadelphia William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $90 to James Nicholson, for services inspecting muskets, locks, bayonets and ramrods of the public stores Philadelphia.
March 26, 1800 Armorer's Tools Necessary for a Regiment John Nicholson Samuel Hodgdon A list of armorer's tools essentially necessary for a Regiment.
July 19, 1799 Employing an Assistant Inspector of Arms James McHenry Jonathan Nicholson Nicholson is empowered to employ someone to assist in inspecting muskets, stocks, musket barrels, locks, bayonets, and ramrods at the public works in Philadelphia. He will paid at the rate of one dollar per day.
September 4, 1799 No Horseman's Tents in Store William Bass Samuel Hodgdon Bass warns that although he can comply with orders for hats, private's shirts, linen overalls, and woolen overalls, and shoes, locks, and blankets, he has no horseman's tents in store because Mr. Harris took them.
February 6, 1799 Delivery of Muskets & Flints to Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Ebenezer Stevens Stevens is directed to deliver 25 cases containing 500 muskets with locks mounting and two casks containing 63,500 flints to the order of Samuel Hodgdon, Intendent of the stores of the United States.
January 1800 Returns of Quarter Master's Stores issued in the month of January at the Post of Southwest Points Tennessee [not available] [not available] Returns of Quartermaster stores for month of January 1800 from the War Department of Tennessee, specifically at Southwest Point. This includes receipt of a horse for the use of an agent for the Indian Department in the Cherokee Nation
January 29, 1799 Request for Issue of Musket Components for Manufacture James McHenry John Harris Issue of various materials to be made into muskets and then returned to the military storehouse.
April 7, 1800 Duplicate Returns (issued) of QM Stores [not available] [not available] Return for sundry articles wanting in the Quartermaster's Department at the post of Southwest Point. Documents note return of wagon wheels and ploughs for the use of the Cherokee Nation.
June 16, 1797 Articles to Complete the Pistols for the Three Frigates James McHenry John Harris Harris is directed to furnish the Purveyor with the following to complete the fabrication of the 200 pistols for the frigate "United States": pistol barrels, pistol stocks, pistol mounting, pistol locks. The same materials are needed for the frigates "Constitution" and "Constellation."