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October 4, 1800 Detention of the Frigate "Portsmouth" Peter Hagner Samuel Hodgdon General Wilkins mentioned a report in circulation in Richmond that the consuls had detained the frigate "Portsmouth" at Havre. As a consequence, insurance in London on American property has increased five to ten guineas. It is not known whether this is true.
August 6, 1784 Salary of the secretary to Indian commissioners Charles Thomson Jonathan Bankson Discusses the salary of the secretary to the commission for treating with the Indians and the copying of the commission.
February 24, 1784 Account settlement John Berrien John Pierce Discusses the settlement of his account for service as Brigade Major to the North Carolina Brigade in the Revolutionary War.
August 17, 1792 Discussion of Communication and Transportation of Supplies James O'Hara Henry Knox Discusses communication between the Secretary of the Treasury and Samuel Hodgdon, as well as estimates of supplies. Outlines lines of communication and transportation.
January 10, 1784 Delivery of Mail to West Point William Bedlow John Pierce Discusses postal arrangements for the mail between Bedlow and the army's general officers at West Point. Discusses private monetary affairs.
November 11, 1782 General Greene's Report on Clothing for the Southern Army Nathaniel Greene Benjamin Lincoln Greene informs Lincoln that he is taking measures to obtain clothing for the troops. He reports that he has on hand only a small part of his army's winter clothing. After issuing clothing to the troops going to the north he will have only a small pittance left. Greene discusses his financial arrangements for paying for the clothing through bills drawn on the Continental Army's Financier.
May 20, 1790 Report of the Petition of Henry Emanuel Lutterloh Henry Knox [not available] Reasons for receiving allowances listed in great detail. Lutterloh petitions for a pension and reimbursement of his passage to America. He left the Duke of Brunswick's guards to join in the Revolutionary War, but served during that war in a staff capacity, not as an officer. Knox offers his opinion on the propriety of pension and reimbursement.
February 2, 1783 Difficulty of Providing for the Southern Army Nathaniel Greene Benjamin Lincoln Reports that Lieutenant Colonel Carrington has closed a contract with Mr. Banks for the subsistence of Greene's army. Greene reports the difficulty of finding merchants willing to contract with the army. Greene states that he will be able to adequately cloth his troops but at high cost. Most of the goods are in the hands of British merchants who were allowed by the government to ramain in the...