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August 7, 1790 Speech of the Commissioners prior to Signing of the Treaty of New York Commissioners for Indian Affairs in Southern Department [not available] This is the speech of the the Commissioners of the Southern Department prior to the signing of the Treaty of New York with the chiefs of the Creek Nation.
October 22, 1786 [Talks given by the King's Headman and warriors of the Great Nation.] King's Headman [not available] Punishment for murders of white people committed by Indians to be administered. Indians seek peace with white people. Blamed A. McGillivray for seditious and murderous acts and advocated for his murder. Creeks offered to advise their people on the boundaries around the Oakmulgey and the St. Mary's rivers, discussed several land disputes.
August 29, 1785 Receipt of the books of Captain Bird Joseph Howell Mr. Woodhouse Received the books of Captain Bird. Money is ready for Howell; order must be drawn by Mr. John Pierce, pay master general.
May 29, 1787 Claims of Lieutenant Wild's widow Charles Pettit John Pierce Petitt writes on behalf of widow of Lieutenant Wild of Delaware Regiment. Wild reportedly received not pay for service from 1 August 1777 to 1 August 1778 when he resigned his commission, being unable to perform his duties as an officer because of wounds received at the Battle of Germantown. Sometime later, he resigned his breath. The widow made no application. Now she is told she must make an...
April 8, 1800 Transfer of Pay to Pay Master General William Simmons Thomas Underwood Pay of subsistence was received and forwarded to appropriate authority, Pay Master General. Amount sent by Underwood to Office was forwarded to Swan.
January 25, 1793 Quarter Master Stores and Clothing; Shortage of Musket Powder Isaac Craig Henry Knox Encloses returns of Quarter Master stores and clothing. Discusses shortage of musket powder and the need for large supply prior to campaign.
October 15, 1800 Threat by the Master Armorer Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Williams alerts Hodgdon that the Master Armorer has threatened that those giving evidence in the court case against the Superintendent will lose their employment at the works.
January 27, 1790 John Mason discusses militia training with Knox John Mason Henry Knox No man shall be permitted to keep school in any of the United States who among other qualifications is not prepared for instructing his male pupils with great exactness in the rudiments of Military Art; every such school master shall be bound under severe penalties to devote every day for that purpose one half hour of the time allowed his boys for play; parents or master shall be compelled to...
November 15, 1793 Advances and estimates; Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Discusses estimates and advances in Quarter Master's department.
February 21, 1798 Requested Warrrant to Pay Drafts of the Quartermasters Department Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Letter, asks for warrant re Quarter Master's drafts.
April 1, 1794 Report on accounts; duties as Muster Master, and lack of free time due to work Colonel Robert Hays David Henley Discusses accounts and pay as a muster master. Laments how busy he is; cannot devote a day in a month to private business. Mentions muster rolls and procedures. Indians have done a good deal of mischief. Mentions the matter of settlements and General Robertson.
July 21, 1796 Request for Correct Accounting to the Quarter Master Samuel Hodgdon Daniel Haragan Hodgdon requests that the previous quarter master general's accounts be made up to April 1, 1796. Any monies or bills received after that date will be posted to Hodgdon's account.
January 13, 1801 Extension of Functions of Quartermaster General Alexander Hamilton Aaron Ogden Discusses disbanding of additional army and necessity of Deputy Quarter Master General and assistant and Deputy Pay Master General continuing to exercise their functions. As for Odgen's compensation, he should be paid according to allowances, including pay in the line and office rent.
June 3, 1796 Submits Clothing Needs John McClellan Samuel Hodgdon Col. Tousard requested that McClellan write to say that West Point is in great need of summer clothing. Lists items needed by men before they leave the garrison. Col. Rochefontaine requested an estimate of necessary clothing for six months.
March 15, 1800 Notification of Future Actions by Pay Master General William Simmons John W. Patterson Settlement of William Colfax, Contractor, showed Patterson drew extra rations therefore the Pay Master General will hold Patterson accountable for cost of extra rations. Simmons advised Patterson to be more careful in the future.
October 31, 1797 Dispute over Account, Money Due United States Samuel Henley William Simmons Henley is upset by the suggestion that he owes the War Department money. He carefully lays out his accounts since 1792, and asserts he only ever received his pay and not money for any other purpose.
July 14, 1790 William Knox discusses Indian affairs and politics with Henry Knox William Knox Henry Knox Letter, discussses Indian expedition; mentions French settlers; mentions House of Representatives.
October 7, 1792 Enclosed Letters to Indians William Blount Henry Knox Enclosed letters from Cherokees for the past month. Contains information on movement of various tribes.
April 1, 1791 Gratitude to the Great Chief Little Beard [not available] Little Beard expresses his gratitude to the Great Chief, General Washington, for the grant of lands given in perpetuity to his people.
March 2, 1798 Paying More Drafts on the Quartermaster's Department Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Letter, discusses drafts on the Quarter Master General; asks for money to pay drafts.
April 26, 1795 Muster master for the Washington District George Farragut David Allison From Knoxville, copy of letter to Secretary of War discussing the services and duties of the muster master. David Henley agent for War Department has complained of George Farragut's work and inaccuracies as muster master.
April 10, 1793 Money drawn for use of Quarter Master Department Major John Belli Henry Knox Informs Knox of money drawn for use of Quarter Master Department.
March 27, 1800 Copy of Letter to Quarter Master General William Simmons James Miller Copy of letter to Quarter Master General on regulations issued by Secretary of War for the government of Miller.
June 28, 1794 Appointment as Constructor and Master Builder Henry Knox Joshua Humphreys Knox appoints Humphreys Constructor and Master Builder of a forty-four gun ship to be built in Philadelphia, with a compensation of two thousand dollars annually. The compensation is backdated to May due to Humphreys' work on drafts and models for the ship.
June 22, 1798 War with the Great Republic, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Hodgdon discusses sundry items including the infamous "Aurora" [newspaper] and war with the Great Republic [France].