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May 16, 1797 Speech to Congress Regarding French Trade Policy and Negotiations John Adams Congress of the United States 5th Congress, First Session: Adams discussed new official policy to be pursued with France due to insult suffered by Pinckney. Outlined naval policy and protection of merchant ships.
December 12, 1798 Presidential Response to Senate Address on French Policy John Adams United States Senate President gratefully received Senate approval of policy to continue defense of sea from French privateers and seizure of merchant goods.
April 29, 1797 Answers to Questions Regarding Foreign Policy with France Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Admits treatment of Pinckney was insulting, but further negotiations with France were possible without harming the Nations image due to the European nation's long history of humiliating policy. Trade policy with England should be used as outline for treaty with France.
April 1797 Advice on Speech Regarding Foreign Policy with France and Trade Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton outlined topics to be discussed in upcoming speech by President regarding naval defense of merchant ships and policy in time of emergency.
August 6, 1798 Concern about Emoluments for General Officers Alexander Hamilton Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Hamilton argues that the policy of suspending emoluments for general officers until they begin active service will force them to remain inactive and therefore will prove to be contrary to the good of the service.
July 22, 1796 Supply of Troops at Forts Detroit and Miamis, Indian Relations After Cession of Land by British Anthony Wayne James McHenry Anticipation of difficulties supplying forts recently acquired from British, U.S.must supply troops, but good policy and humanity dictated Indians should be supplied as well. Request for the Secretary of the Territory Northwestern of the Ohio accompany Wayne to Detroit to handle the politics regarding the cession of land and Indian relations with U.S.
May 30, 1798 Naval Policy, Cannon for Frigates, Etc. James McHenry [not available] McHenry discusses Naval policy; discusses Frigate Constitution; mentions cannon for fortification; discusses cannon for frigate.
January 24, 1798 Circular to the Heads of the Departments on Foreign Policy John Adams [not available] Presidents request to Heads of Department for their opinions on foreign policy. Special notice to be given to relations with France which Washington believed are tied to relations with Spain, Great Britain, and Holland. Instructions on how to conduct themselves overseas and questions on how to proceed with alliances along with asserting political, economic, and military power.
October 29, 1792 Sargent Discusses Indians Treaties with Knox Winthrop Sargent Henry Knox Letter, discusses Indian treaty.
May 1, 1799 Importance of Good Settlers to Maintain Good Indian Relations David Henley James McHenry Reports that all public business is in good order. Heavy rains have detained shipment to Mr. Hooker. The South West Point ferry is not adequate. Wants to rent land to appropriate farmers of good character, for such settlers are necessary to maintain good relations between Indians, military, and government and to keep the peace.
August 20, 1793 Captured French Privateers to Receive Trial Henry Knox John Hancock Alludes to Genet Affair; discusses policy toward interposition; discusses policy re French privateers.
August 13, 1796 Policy on crediting receipts William Simmons William K. Blue Informs Lieutenant Blue of the War Department's policy on crediting receipts for monies refunded.
August 7, 1793 Foreign Policy Henry Knox George Clinton Letter, discusses policy concerning prizes allegedly taken with the limits of the protection of the United States.
April 22, 1793 Letter from Georgia Governor Telfair to Secretary of War Henry Knox on Seagrove's accounts, Creek disavowals, President Washington's policies, and arms and ammunition Governor Edward Telfair Henry Knox Telfair looks at Seagrove's accounts with skepticism, for it is the policy of the Creek nation to disavow all murders and depredations. He does not expect the murderers from the incident at Traders Hill at St Marys to be turned over to Seagrove. Perhaps at best, some of the property will be returned. Looks to the President of the United States to take serious measure of this situation. He will...
April 15, 1797 Troops Camped on East Bank of Mississippi Lieutenant Piercy Smith Pope Don Manuel Gayoso de Lemos Correspondence between two parties addressed. Per Gayoso's advice, Pope camped his troops on bank of Mississippi and received good treatment from Spanish.
May 11, 1791 Indian Relations Henry Knox George Clinton Indian relations and peace keeping efforts.
December 14, 1798 Presidents Response to House of Rep. Address on Foreign Policy John Adams House of Representatives Adams acknowledged House desire to strengthen defenses and adopting policy that would allow for a quick rally of troops. Adams assured Congress he would remain vigilant to nations ideal of independence.
July 11, 1791 Speech of Good Peter Good Peter [not available] In his speech, Good Peter discusses the peace talks and Indian settlements.
[not available] Notes on Good Peter's Speech Good Peter [not available] In his speech Good Peter discusses White aggression and Indian aggression.
November 27, 1800 Prosperity of New Nation John Adams House of Representatives Hopes current negotiations with France are fortuitous for the United States. Agreed with Congress maritime defense should not be relaxed in the current climate of foreign hostilities. Believed that profit of commerce is directly related to defense and that the U.S. would soon rival foreign economies.
August 19, 1793 Captured Prizes Henry Knox George Clinton Policy toward Naval prizes.
August 12, 1788 Disputed Territory Alexander McGillivray Unknown Recipient Disputed land in Georgia and Indian policy addressed. McGillivray noted the removal of settlers from land priority in negotiations with Indians.
February 2, 1796 Changes to Policy Regarding Indian Land James McHenry George Washington Cover letter enclosing opinions of Attorney General regarding the threatened intrusions on Indian land (as stated in Gov. Blount's letter). Noted additions to 5th section, but the AG has added additional improvements.
July 23, 1799 Request for Policies on Regimental Surgeons & Chaplains John Adams James McHenry Mentions deluge of applications for regimental chaplains and surgeons; asks for McHenry's statement of policy on this. Also asks for a list of the surgeon applicants for Col. Rice's regiment; and for policy on appointing of regimental surgeons vs. hospital surgeons.
May 2, 1792 Speech made to the Oneidas by Congress and the Board of War September 1781 and overdue claims for service during late Revolution made by Good Peter and Skenandoah Timothy Pickering Henry Knox Pickering informs Knox that Good Peter handed him a speech made to the Oneidas by Congress or the Board of War in September 1781. According to the Reverend Samuel Kirkland, Good Peter and his friend Chief Skenandoah [both of whom are present at the conference in Philadelphia], say they have not received their rewards. During the Revolution, Good Peter and Skenandoah were sent to Niagara by the...