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February 8, 1792 Request for money to a little girl James Wilkinson Samuel Hodgdon James Wilkinson asks Col Hodgdon to give 3 shillings and 9 pence to the "little girl" who bears the note. Hodgdon notes that he made the payment.
March 2, 1799 A Worthy Girl from New Brunswick, Etc. Thomas Jones Samuel Hodgdon In what appears to be a personal letter, Jones discusses his life and prospects. He is grateful that he married a most worthy country girl from the County of Brunswick. He has rented his storehouse to a worthy Quaker who keeps a store of goods worth 2000 pounds (currency).
February 6, 1786 Pay for an Orphaned Sister of an Officer George Tudor Joseph Howell The author encloses a letter from Amos Taylor who is interceding on behalf of the orphaned sister of Lieutenant Weaver, an officer who was killed in service to his country. An allowance for travel was omitted from the amount provided by the government to the sister and it is requested that it be granted to her because she is in dire need of subsistence.
June 15, 1791 List of 41 Indian Prisoners Josiah Asheton [not available] List of the Indian prisoners taken by the army under the command of Brigadier General Scott, on the Wabash River, at the Ouiatanon town and neighboring villages, June 1st, 1791.
June 8, 1790 Deposition of Joseph Barnett taken before Michael Campbell James Barnett [not available] Sworn testament of Indian attack with details on murder and capture.
October 1, 1798 Good Health though Surrounded by Death, Etc. Cornelius Comegys Samuel Hodgdon Comegys is grateful that Hodgdon and his family are well despite being surrounded by death. He has recovered from a severe illness and is joyful that his good lady has presented him with a charming little girl. He had hoped that a change in the weather at Germantown might be beneficial but there have been several recent cases as well as a death
January 15, 1791 Enclosed applications A.W. Dunscomb Joseph Howell Encloses for the Commissioner of Army Accounts two applications; mentions deficiencies that will need to be redressed.
December 28, 1794 Certificate of Indian Boundaries from the President Unknown Author [not available] Outlines laws governing boundary between Cumberland and Chickasaw Nation. The various prisoners to be exchanged are discussed, some by name. The Crier of Nickajack is trying to recover his daughter, a prisoner in Kentucky. Discusses conditions for peace, relations between the Cherokee and other tribes, property stolen by Indians.
April 3, 1793 Letter from Edward Telfair Governor of Georgia to Secretary of War Henry Knox on robbery and murder at Traders Hill on St Marys Governor Edward Telfair Henry Knox Telfair reports to Knox the details of murder and robbery by Creeks at Robert Seagrove's store at Traders Hill on St Marys River. Others were killed, Telfair reports. Volunteers found 3 men and a girl murdered; they were settlers. Horses stolen; women and child taken prisoner. Settlers are defenseless in Camden and Glynn Counties and must leave settlements. Governor taking temporary measures ...
March 17, 1793 Alarming & Melancholy Account of Creek Depredations James Seagrove Henry Knox Seagrove provides a detailed account of depredations apparently committed by renegade Lower Creeks.
March 28, 1793 James Seagrove to the Chiefs, Head Men, and Warriors, of the whole Creek nation regarding Creek murder of white men at Trader's Hill near St Marys River James Seagrove [not available] Letter from James Seagrove Indian Agent to Creek Nation at St Marys. Seagrove refers to last time they met in November with hopeful prospects for peace that has been broken by unprovoked murder and robbery by Creeks against peaceful inhabitants of United States. Reports that on 11 March 1793 about twenty-five to thirty Creeks entered store of Robert Seagrove at Traders Hill on St Marys River, and...
March 15, 1792 Creeks and Cherokees will Join in War David Craig William Blount David Craig reports, in considerable detail, to Governor William Blount on the state of Indian affairs on the southern frontiers. There have already been depredations and Craig believes that the Creeks and Cherokees will join the Shawnees and will commit many more acts of violence and may indeed engage in a general war against the whites in their territories.
March 17, 1793 Letter from James Seagrove Creek Indian Agent, to Henry Knox Secretary of War describing the robbery and murder at Robert Seagroves' store at Traders Hill St Mary's River James Seagrove Henry Knox James Seagrove Creek Indian Agent gives an account of the murder and robbery at his brother Robert Seagrove's store at Trader's Hill on St Mary's River on the night of 11 March 1793. Mr John Fleming [Captain Fleming] and Mr. Daniel Moffett were killed and another was missing. About 2000 lbs sterling in goods stolen. Also reports on party of Indians inhumanely butchering 3 men and a girl on 13...
December 22, 1796 Abolition of This Species of Servitude, Etc. Joseph Whipple George Washington Whipple discusses his efforts, at the direction of Mr. Wolcott, to restore to Mrs. Washington her escaped servant. He notes that many servants have escaped from the southward into Massachusetts which is injurious to many valuable estates in that region. For the good of society and individual interests, he wishes that some means be adopted of a public nature to prevent the growing contemplation of...
February 19, 1784 Exchange of notes and Society of the Cincinnati. Henry Jackson John Pierce Discusses exchange of notes for the pay of the Army and other financial matters. Mentions a dinner of the Massachusetts Society of the Cincinnati.
March 13, 1791 State of the Creek Nation James Casey Henry Knox Comprehensive treatment of every aspect of the culture and lives of the Creek Nation of Indians in 1790-1791. Includes transcript of a journal. 132 page document.