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March 24, 1784 War office salaries John Pierce Philip Audebert Discusses the salary of the gentlemen in the war office. Also discusses family matters.
May 18, 1786 Pay of a Regiment's Officers John Pierce Henry Godwin Pierce discusses the documentation necessary for certain gentlemen to claim their pay as officers of a Revolutionary War regiment
November 18, 1799 French Instruction on the Use of the Sword Alexander Hamilton William S. Smith Hamilton assures Smith that he has no objection to officers being taught the use of the sword by French gentlemen as long as there is no expense to the public.
November 8, 1788 Proposed collection of official papers Noah Webster Samuel Hodgdon Webster proposes a printed edition of a collection of official papers, which he claims Philadelphia gentlemen desire. Requests that communications be made with Francis Childs, the printer.
July 26, 1784 Cover Letter Charles Thomson Commissioners for Treating with the Indians South of the Ohio Cover letter forwarding a letter from General Clark.
January 5, 1784 Pay of the Hospital Department John Pierce John Cochran Requests a list of the gentlemen of the Hospital Department entitled to the commutation of five years full pay under the 1781 resolution of Congress. Asks whether officers who resigned are entitled to the commutation pay. Requests information about the resignations or service positions of several doctors who served in the army hospital.
June 28, 1792 Smith asks Knox for a larger salary James Smith Henry Knox Letter, asks for raise in pay because he has a large family. Asks to be placed on an equal scale of pay with the rest of the young gentlemen under Knox's direction.
July 30, 1798 Candidates for Military Promotion James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry solicits Hamilton's opinion of each of the gentlemen who are on a list of candidates for military promotion.
March 4, 1784 Appointment as Indian Commissioner Thomas Mifflin George Rogers Clark Appointment by Congress of George Rogers Clark to be Commissioner for holding a Treaty with Indians.
August 23, 1799 Query: Expenses to move the Accountant's Office to Trenton James McHenry William Simmons Simmons should inform McHenry of the sum needed to move him and the gentlemen in his office from Philadelphia to Trenton to avoid the present epidemic fever in Philadelphia.
May 29, 1798 Requests Appointment as a Navy Surgeon Thomas Reynolds Thomas Evans Reynolds wants to obtain a place as a surgeon on board one of the armed ships of the United States. Even though he is not personally acquainted with Thomas Evans, he has been recommended by gentlemen who know Evans who will attest to his qualifications as a surgeon. Enclosed is a letter from Doctor Griff.
August 21, 1786 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Pierce Unknown Recipient Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts and Paymaster General. Pierce was appointed by Congress for settling the pay accounts of the Revolutionary War Army. Mentions money and accounts in Maryland, South Carolina, and Virginia.
July 19, 1788 Instructions for the Issue of Stores Henry Knox Jeremiah Olney Letter, directs requirements to issue stores.
November 22, 1792 Probability of a Lasting Peace Israel Chapin Jr Henry Knox Although the Western Indians have stated that they wish to attend a council in the Spring, Chapin reveals that the British agent is skeptical that a lasting peace can be achieved under the present circumstances.
October 18, 1787 Joseph Howell discusses army accounts with the Board of Treasury Joseph Howell Board of Treasury Joseph Howell reports on unliquidated claims to the Board of Treasury.
January 27, 1795 Notification of Arrival Leander Neale Samuel Hodgdon Salutary note stating baggage arrival and that the gentlemen are ready to obey Hodgdon's orders.
January 12, 1783 Accounts of French and American Engineers Timothy Pickering John Pierce Pickering sends accounts of issues charged to the department of engineers. Mentions extra articles furnished to the French gentlemen by special order.
March 13, 1799 Names Mentioned for Expresses Jonathan Williams Samuel Hodgdon Of all the gentlemen likely to provide proper names for expresses, perhaps Captain Singer of the Mississippi troop is the best.
January 13, 1784 Pay for Officers of the Army Hospital Department John Cochran John Pierce Encloses a list (not found) of the gentlemen of the Hospital Department entitled to the commutation of five years full pay under the resolution of Congress of 17 January 1781. Pierce must judge from the language of the resolution whether officers who resigned are entitled to the commutation pay. Provides information about the resignations or service positions of several doctors who served in the...
April 12, 1789 Federalist Politics Henry Jackson Henry Knox Letter, describes John Adams tour.
February 9, 1785 Money owed by Mr. Johnson; money from Mr. Weyman George Reid Joseph Howell Mr. Johnson has indicated that he already paid Howell. Received from Mr. Weyman $40 for warrant. Presents compliments to gentlemen of the office of Owen's family.
April 1, 1791 Desire for Meeting Henry Knox Thomas Jefferson Letter, directs Cabinet meeting.
May 31, 1790 Sherburne solicits an appointment from Knox Henry Sherburne Henry Knox Letter, advises re ratification of Constitution by Rhode Island; asks for recommendation to Office of Collector.
October 27, 1789 The Baron solicits an appointment from Knox Baron de Glasbreck Henry Knox Letter, asks for appointment.
November 17, 1794 Pay and Subsistence of Various Officers and Gentlemen Joseph Howell Nathaniel Gorham Funds will be remitted to Gorham for the pay and subsistence of Capt. William Eaton and his recruits, Ensign Benjamin Rand, and Monsieur Bechet Rochefontaine, at Salem, who is charged with the compensation of Nicholas de Finiels at Marblehead.