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August 22, 1798 Your Superior Genius & Talents Timothy Pickering Alexander Hamilton Pickering affirms his unqualified support for Hamilton's appointment as second in command of the Provisional Army.
June 29, 1799 Regarding Hamilton's Plan for Military Supply, with Consideration of the Measure of a Powerful Nation in the Eyes of the World James McHenry John Adams Forwards General Hamilton's plan for connecting the U.S. military supply system. McHenry recommends it as taking into account regulations, examples from the Revolutionary War period, and the current situation of the country. Lists three things essential to being held equal by the other nations of the world: 1) an army, with adequate means for its support; 2) a system to keep that army regularly...
November 28, 1796 State of Political Affairs, 1796 Charles Carroll James McHenry Carrol ruminates on contemporary politics and worries that the election of Thomas Jefferson may prove damaging to the federal government.
September 4, 1790 Knox comments on Sayre's proposal to the President Henry Knox Stephen Sayre Letter, discusses Sayre's plan; mentions expectations of war between Great Britain and Spain.
August 20, 1798 Letter from Loammi Baldwin asking that Major Jeremiah Clapp be given a position in U.S. Army Loammi Baldwin James McHenry This letter recommends Jeremiah Clapp for a position in the U.S. Army. Major Clapp was in the First Brigade of 3d Division Massachusetts Militia and has conducted with great military propriety in that office. He has natural genius and talent. Baldwin vouches for Clapp's federalist political credentials; he is strong supporter of the government and the constitution.
July 3, 1799 Count Rumford's proposed visit to the US, etc James McHenry Rufus King Responds to the request from Count Rumford to visit the United States, where he was born, if possible, for the purpose of donating his collection of military materials to an academy. McHenry forwarded the request to the President, with recommendations, and conveys the President's response. Mc Henry also thanks King and Trumbull for items sent from England.
April 13, 1794 Bauman solicits appointment from Knox Sebastian Bauman Henry Knox Letter, asks for appointment; discusses fortification of American ports.
June 7, 1799 No End to the Folly of Potentates, Etc. Alexander Hamilton George Washington Hamilton reports to the Commander in Chief on the status of the recruiting service, the appointment of officers in the northeast, and the distribution of officers in the western army. He also has information on events in Europe resulting from the publication of the Treaty of Camp Formio.
August 14, 1787 Views of the Constitutional Convention Henry Knox George Washington Alludes to Constitutional Convention; worries that matters will leak out. Believes state governments to be an unnecessary evil; discusses qualities of Federal Government; alludes to Philadelphia Convention. Refers to the death of their young child.
February 21, 1790 Jackson advises that Knox's militia plan is not well received Henry Jackson Henry Knox Letter, discusses plan for militia.
April 3, 1789 Fales discusses land sales with Knox David Fales Henry Knox Letter, mentions fortifications; discusses Thomaston petition; discusses land sales.
April 2, 1794 Public service and naval power Jonathan Williams Henry Knox Letter to the Secretary of War, discussing the building of a frigate and the functions of a Naval Department.
February 24, 1793 Letter from James Seagrove Indian Agent, to James Holmes, acting as as an assistant amoung the Creeks James Seagrove James Holmes Letter from James Seagrove, Indian Agent to the Creek Nation, to James Holmes, acting as an assistant among the Creeks, at St. Mary's Georgia. Acknowledges receipt of letter from Flint river. Attends to what Holmes says but not at liberty to do so at the moment. If Red friends think it necessary, Seagrove does not oppose their will. Galphin gives alarm on his arrival. Galphin reports that the...
March 22, 1793 Wayne discusses officers with Knox Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Letter, describes problems concerning promotions and some inept officers.
July 17, 1792 Indian Relations and Troop Status Henry Knox James Wilkinson Secretary Knox discusses peace with Indians and white aggression with General Wilkinson. Details on recruiting service, desertion, and discipline.
February 13, 1792 Disposition of the Indians in This Quarter Reverend Samuel Kirkland Henry Knox Reverend Kirkland reports on sundry councils with representatives of the western tribes and assesses the prospects for peace or war on the frontier.