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July 7, 1784 Documentation on militia detachments Morris Graham John Pierce Requests the pay rolls of the militia detachment he commanded in the Revolutionary War along with a warrant from General Washington for the payment of his militia detachment.
September 25, 1791 St.Clair speaks of militia support to his campaign Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Letter, mentions Harmar's Court of Enquiry; describes state of provisions; discusses Kentucky militia re St. Clair's campaign.
August 14, 1797 Following Instructions to Raise Militia Oliver Wolcott James McHenry Response to request to raise a militia. Has issued orders for detachment and to hold in readiness such militia. Has assigned such matters to the Adjutant General, with the request to communicate with the War Department.
December 5, 1791 Pay and Subsistence for Militia Henry Knox Henry Lee General (Federal) government can only promise pay and subsistence for militia called up to protect frontier counties.
January 1, 1788 An act to amend the several acts respecting the Militia A. Blair [not available] Outlines governor's role in calling up, regulating, and using militia.
May 9, 1800 Supplies of New Jersey Militia Peter Hunt Samuel Hodgdon Hunt recounts stores given to militia in 1794.
March 18, 1786 A Plan for the General Arrangement of the Militia of the United States. Henry Knox Congress of the United States Letter, encloses plan for Militia. Discusses the nature of government and a republic, and how to convince citizens of the raising of a militia. Outlines Advanced Corps, Main Corps, and Reserved Corps, as well as responsibilities of staff. Discusses terms of service, pay, and provisions.
November 13, 1788 On the calling up of Virginia Militia Arthur St. Clair Ebenezer Zane Notes that it has been a long time since Virginia called up one thousand militia. Inquires as to whether this is practicable.
December 22, 1793 Jackson discusses organization of the militia with Knox Henry Jackson Henry Knox Letter, discusses management of Knox's lands in Maine; advises on organization of Militia.
October 17, 1797 Monies advanced to paymaster Presley Nevill paymaster general to militia William Simmons Paul McDermott Monies advanced to paymaster Presley Nevill paymaster general to militia called out to suppress an insurrection in Western Counties of Pennsylvania in 1794. Mr Paul McDermott, late paymaster to Virginia Militia Cavalry stands charged with sums of money paid, as no vouchers have been transmitted. Requests immediate attention in consequence of Resolution of Congress on 3 March directing Simmons to...
June 19, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Constant Freeman Simmons asks Freeman to provide the circumstances for calling out the militia in Georgia.
January 11, 1793 Money Charged to General James Wilkinson's Account Caleb Swan Joseph Howell Swan explains the $553 that have been charged to General Wilkinson's account. $500 was to go to Major Adair's militia who were to be discharged following their defeat with St. Clair.
January 10, 1795 Letter from the Secretary at War Timothy Pickering Presley Nevill Letter, discusses pay of Pennsylvania militia and cavalry.
September 29, 1795 Account of advances made by Samuel Hodgdon esquire to the Wagoners employed by the militia on the expedition against the insurgents. Samuel Hodgdon [not available] A list of names made by Hodgdon and yet to be accounted for who were employed for the militia on the expedition against the Insurgents in the Western Counties of Pennsylvania. Advances were charged to General Henry Miller, Quarter Master General of the Militia Army, who made the stoppages.
February 12, 1790 Lincoln states that Massachusetts will not adopt Knox's militia plan Benjamin Lincoln Henry Knox Letter, discusses Lincoln's opinion of Knox's plan for militia.
May 19, 1794 Enclosed Act Regarding Militia Henry Knox Henry Lee Form letter authorizing the arming and calling up of militia. Pay and ration information included.
May 19, 1791 Requests Congressional Law to Raise Militia Henry Knox Winthrop Sargent Refers to need for a Congressional law to outline the raising of a militia. Discusses security of upper settlements along the Ohio. Reports need to compensate Colonel Sproat.
July 15, 1793 Unconfirmed reports of whites killed by Indians Henry Gaither Henry Knox Major Gaither informs Knox of possible hostilities by Indians against white families [30 dead] vicinity of upper part of Georgia, not far from Ft Matthews. Source of information militia General Twiggs. Gaither questions veracity. Reports that citizens fully behind the militia; has heard that militia plans to cross into Creek nation about the mouth of Shoulderbone.
August 8, 1794 Pay Due the SouthWest Territory Militia Joseph Howell Henry Knox General abstract of pay due the Militia for the defense of the Southwestern Territory under the command of Governor Blount.
October 9, 1792 Ordering of militia into service Henry Knox Henry Lee Letter, directs movement of Washington District Militia to be dispatched to Miro district on Cumberland River under Brigadier General Roberston to put brigade into best possible state of defense.
June 11, 1793 Georgia Militia Not Discriminating between Creek Friends and Foes Henry Gaither Henry Knox Gaither reports that [contrary to guidance from Federal authorities] Georgia militia General Twiggs does not intend to discriminate between Creek friend and foe, with the exception of Cussetahs. Gaither surmises that this will do mischief to United States strategic intentions. Reports that many militia are in open rebellion against federal government since 1 November 1792, violating the [Treaty...
November 21, 1798 Abstract for Pay Due Militia David Henley William Simmons Due to "multiplicity of businesses" Henley resubmitted the documents so militia can be paid.
February 7, 1796 Receipt of Pay Matthew Ernest Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Matthew Ernest, acting Quarter Master General of militia under appointment of General Miller receipt for compensation 3 per cent on all his disbursements. Note indicates acting with the army under the command of General Morgan, after the troops left the country, 5 per cent on $50,000.
May 12, 1792 Staffing of Militia Henry Knox David Shepard Discussed Biggs and militia.
March 19, 1791 Supplies for the militia Presley Nevill Major General Richard Butler Presley Nevill notifies Major General Richard Butler that he had sent a cask of powder and lead for the militia due to their want of ammunition. The militia are to scout the Virginia frontier for Indians that injured settlers.