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July 19, 1791 Garrisoning at Fort Washington Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Letter, discusses garrisoning Fort Washington.
April 29, 1793 Extracts from depositions indicating likelihood of general war, construction and garrisoning of blockhouses, and measures taken to secure help from Governor of South Carolina Governor Edward Telfair Henry Knox Georgia Governor Telfair cites some depositions [extracts follow letter] which he says support notion that a general war is imminent with Creeks and Cherokees. Is building and garrisoning block houses. These he considers expedients until the President of United States General George Washington can better provide protection for the settlers. Plans to coordinate with governor of South Carolina...
1794 British fort at Sandusky [not available] [not available] General Israel Chapin informs Knox that the British have begun to erect a fort at Sandusky. The British are much alarmed at the garrisoning of Presqu' Isle, and endeavor to persuade the Indians that the property at that place was fraudulently purchased.
May 5, 1794 Indian affairs and British activity on frontier General Israel Chapin Henry Knox Letter from General Chapin to Secretary Knox; discusses Indians, garrison at Presque Isle, Indian land sales. Also advises Indian claims to Presque Isle, and the threat of Indian attack. Mentions shortage of arms & ammunition. Also discusses frontiers and pioneer life; asks for arms.
December 5, 1784 Monthly Return for Pennsylvania and Jersey Troops near Fort Pitt Josiah Harmar Richard Henry Lee Josiah Harmar sends a monthly return of troops to the President of Congress for the Pennsylvania and Jersey troops. Reports visit of Commissioners for Indian Affairs to hold a treaty. Awaits orders to evacuate the British posts