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March 13, 1795 [COPY] Protection of Frontier Arnoldus Vanderhorst Timothy Pickering Proposal of military guard for the protection of the frontier from Indian attacks at the expense of the Federal government. Requested reimbursement for money advanced to commissioners for Indian treaty.
March 10, 1791 Knox discusses frontier defense with Peters Henry Knox R. Peters Letter, discusses measures for frontier defense; discusses state levy.
September 25, 1797 Certificate of monies for the Indian frontier James McHenry [not available] McHenry certifies that he has received $1320 to be applied for the promotion of United States' interests on the Indian frontier
October 8, 1797 Recruits for the western frontier James McHenry Henry Glenn Directs Henry Glenn to join Philip Schuyler in taking charge of a party of recruits for the western frontier.
May 12, 1794 Conflict with Indians on Georgia frontier George Mathews James Seagrove The Governor of Georgia writes the agent of Indian Affairs in Savannah, regarding the latest unpleasant situation on the frontier with the Creek Indians. According to the governor, a small party of Usechees have set off to steal horses on the frontier, and other groups are determined for war.
August 13, 1796 Peace on Frontier James McHenry John Sever Views of Sevier in line with those proposed by Congress and the President for seeking peace among the frontier inhabitants. Mentions militia.
November 3, 1792 Temporary Nature of Frontier Defense Henry Knox Henry Lee Noted use of state militia for protection of frontier should be temporary and any permanent measure must be enacted by Congress.
July 16, 1796 Discusses troops for frontier protection James McHenry Timothy Pickering Discusses troops for frontier protection and the potential withdraw of Ellicot from duties.
August 30, 1796 French movements on the frontier Zebulon M. Pike Thomas Pasteur Concerning French movements on the frontier and their relations with Indians.
September 27, 1797 Report on Invasion of Cherokee of Frontier Secretary Smith Henry Knox Smith recounted invasion of frontier settlement, Knoxville, by Cherokee Indians. Many were killed and Smith believed that much more suffering is in store for the settlers of the Northwest due to the Indian "infestation".
August 30, 1799 Writes about Army of Western Frontier James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Writes of the army of the Western frontier.
November 1, 1792 Amounts Owed for Protection of Frontier Joseph Howell Henry Knox Details of expenses incurred and reimbursed for the defense of Virginia's frontier.
July 7, 1794 Delivery of Supplies Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Per request of Governor Mifflin, loan of military supplies for defense of frontier.
August 29, 1799 Discussion of Clothing Supply for Northern and Southwestern Frontier James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Discusses correspondence with General Wilkinson and Massac about clothing on the northern and southwestern frontier. Refers to failure of contract and his perception of the role of commanding general. Discusses responsibility of paymasters and quartermaster.
August 2, 1791 Protecting the Frontier Major General Richard Butler Arthur St. Clair General Butler reports on the measures he has taken to protect the frontier.
February 25, 1792 [A Copy] Advised Dispatch of Scouts Henry Knox Major McMacken Travels of Indians incited Knox to advise immediate dispatch of scouts to protect frontier settlers.
July 6, 1791 Expedition to Frontier Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Expedition report by General Scott submitted. Other news from post.
June 17, 1799 Forwarding of Correspondence with Pinckney Concerning Actions on Southern Frontier James McHenry John Adams Forwards correspondence with General Pinckney, which relate Pinckney's movements and actions on the southern frontier since he received his instructions.
October 14, 1792 Defense of Frontier Henry Knox Henry Lee President does not see need of Virginia Legislature to call up additional forces for the defense of the frontier. The militia should be sufficient.
April 1, 1796 Pay & Subsistence of the Virginia Militia William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $6,310.03 is due the state of Virginia, being the pay and subsistence of the militia while protecting the frontier in the year 1795.
June 5, 1794 Payment Virginia militia for defense of frontier 1793 Jaquelin Ambler Henry Knox Payment to militia called into service in defense of Virginia frontier.
May 1, 1791 Developments on Frontier Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Informant told St. Clair that Wyandots joined Shawnees and Delawares in alliance. Further details on military operations on frontier.
April 15, 1790 Copy of letter forwarded to Lieutenant of Washington County Pennsylvania regarding protection of frontier from Indians Henry Knox Thomas Mifflin Transmits a copy of letter forwarded to Lieutenant of Washington County Pennsylvania. Discusses plans for protection of frontier, but the means has not been decided upon by congress.
October 6, 1789 Calling forth militia of nearest counties for protection of frontier Henry Knox Thomas Mifflin Mifflin reports that he has been directed by President Washington to transmit an extract of law enacted by congress on 29 September, and is further directed to inform Knox that it is necessary to call forth militia for protection of frontier inhabitants.
January 15, 1791 Protection of Virginia's Frontier Settlers Henry Knox George Washington Although Knox agrees that the western frontier of Virginia should be defended at the expense of the United States, he does not approve of the methods for providing that defense set forth by Virginia and provides his own recommendations to the President.