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May 7, 1797 Expresses Concern about Attitude toward French William Hindman James McHenry Reports recent change of attitude toward the French. Expresses his own opinion about the French.
May 13, 1800 French Version of the Pace Alexander Hamilton Vicomte De Noailles Hamilton delves further into the French system for measuring the pace during a march. He wants to know why the French maintain a uniform pace regardless of velocity since it would seem that paces should increase according to velocity.
August 7, 1793 Notification of Agreement Between U.S. & France Concerning French Ships in U.S. Ports Henry Knox Samuel Huntington Informs Huntington of a recent agreement between the U.S. and the French minister regarding the rights of French ships in neutral U.S. ports.
August 31, 1784 All is Well at French Creek Frederick Foose Samuel Hodgdon Reports that all is well at the magazine at French Creek and requests one month's pay to be given to the bearer, Henry Smith.
March 13, 1794 Payments of the French debt Edmund Randolph [not available] Letter from the Secretary of State to the Attorney General, Secretary at War, and Secretary of Treasury. Randolph had a discussion with French agent Mr. Fauchet concerning French requests for a million dollars instalment payment of the debt. Randolph attempted to convince him the impracticability of the request, but Fauchet urged that the French government was in a desperate fiscal situation and...
June 12, 1798 Requests Defense of US Merchant Ships against French William Hindman James McHenry Outlines clerkship duties. Refers to bills of direct tax and to authorize defense of US merchant ships against the French.
April 13, 1795 Legal opinion regarding declaration of French minister that vessel belong to France William Rawle Timothy Pickering Presumably in reference to effects of Jay's Treaty. Refers to declaration of French minister that the vessel in question belonged to France. Filed a suggestion on behalf of United States removing judicial power as not amenable to ordinary process of law. Discusses proof of time property came into French possession.
April 1, 1797 Expresses Concern about Attitude toward French William Hindman James McHenry Verifies suspicions when President convened Congress. Questions motives of the French and American attitudes. Seeks protection of commerce. Reports visit with Mr. Perry.
November 15, 1793 French Prize Ships Henry Knox George Clinton Discusses French prize ships.
October 19, 1797 French attitudes toward Americans during the Quasi-War Timothy Pickering James McHenry Secretary of State Timothy Pickering expresses regret to Secretary of War James McHenry that his letter was prematurely published by the Pittsburgh newspaper. Pickering then reports that a source close to him has said that because the French government has gone as far as dragging effigies of John Adams in the streets, many of the French people understand that the Americans are in the right and...
September 4, 1798 Colonel Tousard as Inspector of Artillery John Adams Alexander Hamilton Adams questions the wisdom of appointing Colonel Tousard as Inspector of Artillery. Tousard is a fine officer but he is of French origin and Adams is worried that in a war with the French, Tousard would be the object of suspicion.
September 25, 1800 Regarding French Prisoners Held at New York John Jay Samuel Dexter Letter, discusses French prisoners in New York City jail and their proper treatment.
May 9, 1800 Velocity of the Pace During Marches Vicomte De Noailles Alexander Hamilton [In French.] The Viscomte discusses the French approach to regulating the velocity of the pace during marches.
April 17, 1794 Detainment by French Henry Knox Henry Lee Status of detainees reported as settled between Sec. of State and British Minister.
March 21, 1797 Reports Attitude toward French; Intends to Request Money William Hindman James McHenry Reports return home. Refers to the local attitudes toward the French and to Burke's letters. Plans to visit Perry about prospective money.
August 30, 1796 French movements on the frontier Zebulon M. Pike Thomas Pasteur Concerning French movements on the frontier and their relations with Indians.
January 5, 1795 Payment Request, Translated from French Peter A. Dransy John Stagg Dransy requests $300 payment for allowance. His request was translated from French by Mr. Pourcheresse.
June 18, 1784 Charge of stores at French Creek Frederick Foose Samuel Hodgdon Agreement to take charge of the U.S. military stores at French Creek.
August 16, 1793 Procedure for Returning Ships Brought as Prizes into U.S. Ports By French Privateers Henry Knox Samuel Huntington Referring to the privateers mentioned in the U.S.-French agreement concerning French ships in U.S. ports, Knox directs that any prizes brought by French privateers into Connecticut ports be given back to the command of their sailing masters, or consuls from the ship's country.
September 16, 1798 Letter Concerning A Captured French Privateer [not available] James McHenry Describes incident surrounding a French privateer brought into Hampton, Virginia by the frigate Constitution.
June 16, 1797 Letter from Chief Joseph Brandt Captain Joseph Brant [not available] Letter, mentions French efforts to turn Indians against British and Americans.
August 27, 1793 French Privateers Are Ordered to Depart Henry Knox Joshua Clayton The French privateers should be ordered to depart. If they refuse, Govenor Clayton should find the means to enforce this order.
September 18, 1799 Requests Immediate Attention to French Prisoners in Baltimore James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Encloses copy of a letter from the Secretary of the Navy regarding the French prisoners who arrived in Baltimore aboard the Monteguinai. Requests immediate attention.
August 7, 1793 Rules Governing French Vessels in U.S. Ports Henry Knox Henry Lee Explanation of rules regarding the arrival of "prizes" on French vessels in U.S. ports.
June 17, 1793 Seizure of a French Vessel Henry Knox Unknown Recipient Citizen Genet has written the Secretary of State on the subject of the seizure of a French vessel by the Governor of New York (George Clinton) because it was armed and manned and prepared to prey on the enemies of France. It is Secretary Knox's opinion that French privateers should be required to depart to the dominions of their own sovereign. Document is highly illegible.