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September 25, 1797 Shipment of Six Pounders & Nine Pounders Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon The nine pounders will answer the purpose for which they were manufactured and should be sent though Hodgdon should judge whether they should examined, cleaned and proved before they are shipped. If they meet our needs, the six pounders should also be shipped under the direction of Mr. Francis since they will appear in his account of the frigate.
September 15, 1794 Guns for state militias Alexander Hamilton Samuel Hodgdon Secretary Hamilton provides a list of necessary materials to the Supervisor of Military Stores. The Virginia and Maryland militias need 6 six-pounders, 3 three-pounders, and 2 howitzers. The Pennsylvania militia needs 6 six-pounders, 4 three-pounders, and 3 howitzers. The Jersey militia needs 3 six-pounders, 3 three-pounders, and one howitzer.
September 22, 1797 Obtaining Cannon for the Frigate Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon Wolcott considers the prospect of obtaining the six pounders from Mr. Hughes to be remote so the question arises as to whether the short six pounders on hand can be mounted with the long nine pounders that Hughes has cast. If this is the case, then it must be determined if a suitable and uniform assortment of nine pounders can be obtained. Mr. Francis has made arrangements for the colors to be...
June 21, 1797 Delivery of Flannel and Thread James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver flannel and thread for making cannon cartridges.
1798 Articles Wanted for the Frigate "Constellation" Unknown Author [not available] A list of materials needed for the Frigate "Constellation."
June 1, 1798 Articles to Captain Decatur for the Ship of War "Delaware" James McHenry John Harris Harris is asked to deliver the listed articles to the order of Captain Decatur of the ship of war "Delaware."
August 19, 1794 Arrival of Six-Pounders & Three-Pounders John Bray Samuel Hodgdon Bray announces the arrival of 15 brass six-pounders and 10 brass three-pounders with carriages. He has arranged for the use of 24 two-horse wagons to convey them on.
December 8, 1797 Request for Delivery and Sale of Cannonballs James McHenry John Harris Letter, directs issue & sale of cannon balls.
September 25, 1797 Nine Pounders & Six Pounders for the Frigate Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Tench Francis Mr. DeCosta informs Wolcott that the nine pounders produced by Hughes' furnace are of sufficient quality for the frigate though they still should be cleaned and proved. If the six pounders are also adequate they should be shipped with directions issued relative to the carriages. A considerable portion of the articles stipulated in the treaty apparently can be shipped on the frigate.
November 26, 1798 Receipt for Ordinance of the Algerian Brig and Two Schooners Timothy Pickering [not available] Acknowledges receipt of round shot and bar shot for six pounders, nine pounders, twelve pounders, and eighteen pounders, agreeable to an order from the War Office, for the use of the Algerian brig and two schooners, to be paid for by the Secretary of State.
May 14, 1798 Disposition of Brass Twenty-Four Pounders Samuel Hodgdon Melancton Smith Hodgdon discusses the disposition of the brass twenty-four pounders ordered from Albany and transported to Smith via York.
May 18, 1798 Dimensions of Weight of Iron Four-Pounders George Fleming Samuel Hodgdon Fleming discusses the weight of the ship and garrison iron four-pounders which will be ready to transport on the sloop the following day,.
June 8, 1798 Nine Pounders to be Sold at Auction Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon notes that two long nine-pounders are to be sold at auction and inquires as to whether they should be purchased for public use.
February 25, 1797 Request for Paper to be Used in Proving Cannons James McHenry John Harris Directs furnishing paper for cartridges to be used in proving cannons.
November 12, 1798 Request for Brass Six-Pounder Cannon Arthur Fenner James McHenry Letter, asks for cannon; asks for brass six pounders.
June 12, 1797 Stores Wanted for Three Frigates. James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon Military Stores wanted in the Requisitions of the Three Frigates.
April 12, 1797 Orders to Deliver Cartidges for Cannons James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver cartridges and tubes to Fort Mifflin on Mud Island.
September 7, 1798 Forwarding the 24 Pounders to Savannah Samuel Hodgdon Benjamin Stoddert Hodgdon informs Stoddert of the means by which the 24 pounders were forwarded to John Habersham in Savannah.
April 20, 1798 Forwarding Twelve-Pounders & Shells to Philadelphia Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon recommends that recently forged twelve-pounders and shells be brought to Philadelphia immediately.
July 23, 1798 Transport and Delivery of Stores Daniel Morel Samuel Hodgdon Mentions shot sent with the teamster and price for hauling shot, balls, and shells.
May 18, 1798 Shipment of Sundry Ordnance to Charleston Samuel Hodgdon Melancton Smith Hodgdon discusses the shipment of cannon and carriages to Charleston, South Carolina.
March 28, 1798 Estimate for building, rigging and equiping ship of war of 22, 20 and 16 guns [not available] Senator William Bingham Estimate to senator Bingham of ship construction and pay for officers of the navy and Marines. Estimate encompasses the building of 20 vessels, and ranging in armament from 22 pounders, 20 pounders, 16 pounders and 6 pounders; manning and provisioned for 12 months.
May 14, 1798 The Other Five Four Pounders at Your Post Samuel Hodgdon George Fleming In reference to the ten four pounders at West Point, Fleming had indicated that five are uniform in length and weight. Hodgdon wants to know whether the other five are a medley or uniform in any degree and whether they can be used on board a ship.
December 13, 1800 Gauging the Caliber of 24 Pounders George Fleming Samuel Hodgdon Fleming discusses, at length, the appropriate caliber for 24 pounders, noting that the French allow for windage in calibrating their pieces.
July 8, 1794 Request for inquiry regarding availability of cannon for Algerine frigate Josiah Fox Tench Francis Josiah Fox conveys Secretary of War James McHenry request as to whether any ships guns, 26 nine pounders and 12 six pounders, can be purchased for the Algerine frigate, and their price.